Who is your least favorite villain from the Powerpuff Girls? (Comment Below If Your Least Favorite Villain Isn't Listed or Just To Tell Me Why You Don't Like A Certain Villain)
52 votes
Mojo Jojo
The Gang Green Gang
The Amoeba Boys
Fuzzy Lumpkins
The Rowdyruff Boys
Femme Fatale
Princess Morbucks
Major Man

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I guess Major Man...

Everyone else kinda just cracks me up.
Or they have their own little episode quirks that make me love them. <3

Major Man didn't really have anything special for me. :/
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Femme Fatale...also Major Man.
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Well, I actually don't like that gnome guy from the musical episode. I don't know why, but just seeing that guy makes me want to punch his face in!
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Yeah, he was pretty creepy, then again gnomes freak me out so I'm kind of biased on that issue, lol.
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Personally, he didn't freak me out. He irritated the hell out of me! ><
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Princess is a obvious choice, the Rowdyruff boys were cool until they started going from "Badass and mean as shit" to "Sexist and obnoxious." a change that happened very quickly really, they still had some cool scenes though.

Major Man's a monster who isn't afraid to endanger innocent lives to improve his image.

Femme Fatale is just as sexist as the Rowdyruff boys but she's always like that while the Rowdyruff boys did have those rare occasions where they were cool and not obnoxious.
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Oooh, huh, I never really thought of the rowdyruffs as sexist, mostly cause little boys at that age are always a pain in the butt, lol, but I do agree with you on Femme Fatale.
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Lots of boys that age are like that, but it still takes away their likability. I think they should have kept the emphasis on them being a major threat to the PPG (They were one of the few or only villains able to consistently beat them in a direct fight.) rather then putting so much emphasis on them being boys. For example, the Powerpuff girls are thought of as heroes more often then as little girls. (They have girlish moments, but they're more known for their heroism.) So why couldn't the Rowdyruff boys have a similar treatment? Just my opinion though, plus it's been a long time since I was able to watch the show. (My DVDs are in storage.) So I could be inaccurate on a few things.

Think about this, she still made a lot of money AND was able to get away with it for a time by preaching to the PPG. Plus, I remember one character noting at the end of that episode that she wasn't above attacking other women to succeed in her crimes. So it's possible she wasn't JUST a lunatic, but a manipulative lunatic. Some criminals in fiction and probably real life to a decent extent, are able to take advantage of people by having some excuse for committing their crimes. Whether the excuse is honest or JUST a excuse is sometimes hard to tell.

Which actually fits into the name "Femme Fatale" because I believe characters with that classification are notorious for being extremely manipulative.
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the rowdyruff boys for a multitude of reasons

also holy shit major man having the most votes already gpgfifhgds
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I know, I was like damn, it's only been five minutes. :O_o:
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I just don't like the amoeba boys, they are trying hard to be evil..
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Lol, I think it's cause they know their not evil so they try that much harder to be evil, which just ends up blowing up in their face. XD
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