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Yeah, I know its been a while since I posted anything and even when I did it was only every now and then, honestly guys I don't have any excuses. I just don't have that spark in me anymore that got me started drawing and submitting my drawings onto here, I started deviantart when I was 15 and now I'm almost 20 and have been dealing with a lot of changes.

So I'm going on a hiatus, I don't know when or if I'll come back, if I do I might make a new account and just start over from scratch. I'm not really planning on deactivating this account any time soon but that might change, you guys have been really great and I'm genuinely happy that you took the time to follow me, comment and favorite my work.

Thank you so much guys.

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Well if you do come back under another name, leave a link here so your followers can find you! I think your drawings are very good and I have used one of them for my class blog:  xarcstars.wordpress.com/2015/0… my students love it!
I hope you keep drawing.  You still have the spark, only it has changed to.... light? flame? I dont't know, but keep it burning!
All the best.
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When you come back, we'll still be here.
Good luck and wish you the best.
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Those that care and understand, wish you well
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:cries: Aww :(
Well I hope you find what you`re looking for and may you ignite that spark within you once again
Good luck with everything :D :huggle: