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What I draw?

-any fanarts and original characters, canon x oc

-NSFW, yaoi, yuri, hentai

-kinky stuff (but not too hardcore)

-custom commissions

-simple backgroung is free

-complex bg +10$

-I can do commercial commissions (which include private commissions too), but it costs more

-If you commissioning me you will get drawing in my style; I'm not going to copy any other style of drawing.

-no refunds

-don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question or special demand. ;)

-You will get sketch to accept and then you'll get finished drawing

What I don't draw?

-rape/abuse scene




- PayPal

- I don't start working before I get paid
The price depends on each commision. Things like complicated attire, complex bg are taken into account.

Black & white (with raster shading)

CM for Narumiah by 6night-walking9 CM for EefaCapricorn by 6night-walking9 CM for Sirenabonita by 6night-walking9

- bust: 15USD

- 1/2-3/4 body: price start from 25 USD

- full body: price start from 30 USD

- additional character +15 USD

Cell shading 

CM for PsychoDespair by 6night-walking9 CM for Kaguyahime862003 by 6night-walking9  Commission for LayDeDeadpool by 6night-walking9
1 character:

- bust: price start from 25 USD

-1/2-3/4 body: price start from 30 USD

- full body: price start from 37 USD

- additional character +20 USD

Soft shading 

Hua Cheng by 6night-walking9 Commission for RaisloverSakura III by 6night-walking9 CM for Vinsfeld123 by 6night-walking9

1 character:

- bust: price start from 30USD

- 1/2-3/4 body: price start from 35USD

- full body: price start from 45 USD

- additional character +25USD

Lineless painting

CM for Vinsfeld123 III by 6night-walking9 CM for Vinsfeld123 IV by 6night-walking9

1 character :

-bust/ half body: price start from 45 USD

-3/4 / full body: priece start from 60 USD
2 characters :

-bust/ half body: price start from 70 USD


Chibi VR GIF by 6night-walking9 CM for Micalf5 no III by 6night-walking9

-1 character

-full body:price start from 30 USD

-additional character +20 USD

- no background

- for animated eyes + 10 USD

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@6night-walking9 are you still accepting points?

6night-walking9's avatar

Yes, I can accept (I'll make commission widget, if you would choose this kind of payment). Please send me a note, if you would like commissioning me^^

Archaeologist92's avatar

Are you still open for commissions?

6night-walking9's avatar

Yes, I'm open. If you would like something from me, please send me note :)

419pm's avatar

Hello! Are your commissions open??

6night-walking9's avatar

Hi! Yes, I'm open for commissions, however queue is quite long now (you can check it there

but if you don't mind waiting on your turn, fell free to send me note and tell me what would you like^^

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*Definitely thinking about getting a bust commission of three of my OC's owo*
6night-walking9's avatar
I think you shouldn't stop yourself:D
Charlies-Doodles's avatar
Heyo! So I got paid do I DM regarding commission info?
6night-walking9's avatar
Yo!:) Sure! you can send me note with info and ocs refs^^
Charlies-Doodles's avatar
oof maybe monday XD That's when the money comes in XD If you're still open by then lol
6night-walking9's avatar
Ok^^ It's open all the time xD
Charlies-Doodles's avatar
Ooooh Yay! when I get paid then uwu
DopaminePills's avatar
How much would a cell shaded couple be?
6night-walking9's avatar
Full body- 55USD, 1/2 to 3/4 body 40USD (+paypal fee). If you would like something, please send me note^^
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Hi, how much worth of :points: would my OC  Nova Lee Redcloud by Nova-Lee-Redcloud  full body? Heard it's 3,200 :points: from the comment below me right? 
6night-walking9's avatar
Yes, in cell shading style 3200 points or 32$+ paypal fee
Nova-Lee-Redcloud's avatar
Thanks so much! :heart: Before I start with the details gotta ask which outfit you like better?  Nova Lee Redcloud by Nova-Lee-Redcloud  Do you use Discord?
6night-walking9's avatar
Could you send me details in note?
Nova-Lee-Redcloud's avatar
I so glad to hear!! :heart: Did had the left outfit in mind since you are great at drawing feet but gotta know what you like about the left one better? :heart: 

Almost got the details ready but can I please ask for outline before color? 
6night-walking9's avatar
I like details on this one- like legwarmers and print on her top, but why you ask?I'll draw her in whichever outfit you would like:D

I work in this way: first, you will get sketch to accept (and this is the time, when you can tell me what you want to change), after that you will get finished drawing.
Nova-Lee-Redcloud's avatar
Yes the designs of the legwarmers and print on top is my way to make a modern wear of my culture if you heard of my culture.. :heart:  I ask cause I love to hear opinions of which of Nova's outfits are liked most...
Okay I get it.. ;) Send you the :points: so you can start on the sketch ASAP and tell me it will be done during the summer... I am in that big time summer mood 
CM for Henry88 by 6night-walking9  as I would love a summer related background with the open sea.. :heart: Summer is my favorite season since I love the sea...
6night-walking9's avatar
Yes, it's interesting to see these kinds of designs included in modern outfit^^

I have just one YCH commission to finish and right after that I can start drawing for you c:

Ahh, btw , you sent me 1500 points, but it should be 1600 (since full price is 3200).
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Both looks good, but I like more that one on the left^^
No, I don't use it.
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