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Army doctor page39

Like I promised, new page:3
Many thanks for:iconmidnightbluedestiny:, who had corrected my text so fast!:hug:

PREVIOUSArmy doctor page38 by 6night-walking9

NEXTArmy doctor page40 by 6night-walking9

FIRSTArmy doctor page1 by 6night-walking9

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AlzMarioWolfe's avatar
You might want to put a mature content filter on this page. This is pretty graphic.
6night-walking9's avatar
I never remeber about put mature content filter because of violence... do you think should I put it on new page too?
AlzMarioWolfe's avatar
It's because of the gore of the intestines. 

You don't have to. It's not as bad. The blood isn't really red or anything. Intestines are different though.
OtakuHeaven118's avatar
*pulls intestines out* ha-HA! x'D That's awful! And exactly what I was suggesting should've been done earlier to get info. Really. So slow. >.> :P
Lady1298's avatar
Whole squad loves Rene! Wow, he has a huge harem! Reneee, tell me your secret!
6night-walking9's avatar
Rene- I do absolutely nothing O_O
Lady1298's avatar
Oh, you really do not know that?
Well, in that manner love is a bicht
Sorrowscoldfrost's avatar
Is... he even going to survive that surgery...?

(By the way, I just found this, and it's really good!)
6night-walking9's avatar
Yes, he's going, he's more strong than he looks:D

(Thanks! I hope you'll be continue reading this^^)
Sorrowscoldfrost's avatar
Well, thank goodness. I was kinda worried for the guy. xD

I definitely will continue!
HelenGregory's avatar
The assistant surger is a beast matching Violent. Maybe he is in secret love with him and we've got a triangular? XD
6night-walking9's avatar
Oh, no, it'll be not triangular, Violent is not going to share Rene with anybody xD
HelenGregory's avatar
Well, it seems that I've been a bit misunderstood cause of my English is not so good. My guess was that the assistant surgeon could have some feelings to his patron Dr Violent and that's why he was helping him so eagerly with all his deals and thoughts about Rene! Sweating a little... 
Vale123sb456's avatar
6night-walking9's avatar
Not so nice for this patient xD
LMSW's avatar
Wow! Awesome! More please!
6night-walking9's avatar
Thanks!, I just started sketch of 40 pg c:
Rozelu's avatar
O-oh my - I'm pretty sure that would lead to some issues later on. Poor guy.
6night-walking9's avatar
He should be nice to psycho doctors while surgery...
Rozelu's avatar
I've got to say though, he's sure got guts having a surgery without anesthesia. (Pun totally intended)
AlexsisSimba's avatar
Wyciąganie bebechów na żywca. <3
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