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mysterious place

practice work

I'm a freelancer and do commission work. (trade card game,posters,concept art,character design,scene design)
send notes to me or email:
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Absolutely stunning. Seeing this makes me feel really calm.
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i like it...!★
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The colorvibration here is ace!
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Hello ! I was wondering if it's possible to use this wonderful on the webzine of my writer's association ? It's called Génération écriture, and we want to make a special issue about writing tricks, planned for this summer (probably August). We are going to make it like a book of magic spells, with a fantasy creature for each part. 
Of course we don't earn any money with this magazine, and we will give you correct credits.

You can check our webzines here :… (it's in french, but this way, you can see that we are giving credits to all the people who allow us to use their work).
Please, let me know if it's ok for you (I would understand if it's not), I'd reaaaaally like to be authorized to use it.

Thank you,
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You can use it.
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Thank you <3 I'll give you the link as the webzine is out !
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Amazing!!! ^^
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Love everything about it.
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This is awesome!
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Love the lighting. Great job
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Oh my god ! Its ... masterpice !!!
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Really enjoy this. Is a perfect candidate for my wallpaper folder, toobad it's not 1920x1080 :{ Wish I could "practice" art that well, I'm lucky if my stick figures don't come out looking more like a jumble of spaghetti lines. Not sure what kind of creature you had in mind, but I do like it. Good work!
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very interesting. my eyes always flow to that spirit on the rocky tower thing. goo'job
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wow, that's really cool
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Practice? o-o I wish.... lol :iconilavplz:
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