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The Phantom of Azshara

By 6kart
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My stage, is the shadow of the light.
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This is such an amazing piece of art... All your Warcraft-art is awesome, though sadly I can't really enjoy what would've been huge favourites (such as this one), because of the overly obvious asses; they are kind of like that one person who's subconsciously trying to push other people further out of the frame so they get to be the focus of the picture. :P
I personally never -truly- understood the point in mixing booty-art with art of this category; these kind of pieces have so much other coolness and features that just doesn't get the focus it deserves, I feel. (Even though WoW does like to show off booty in-game, this is taking it to another level..!) Like, I think this piece could have more depth to it with that in mind, other than how deeply the g-string is - eh, never mind. Anyway, if one was interested in looking at booty, there is plenty where that came from, and I wish the booties would just stick to pieces where they are meant to be the focus of attention.

But that's one person's point of view :) lots of those out here on the internet!
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Agree with you!~ Bro!
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Excellent perspective on this one.
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Amazing painting, love your lighting and composition
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You have some great art.
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Wonderful background, excellent sense of lighting.

But can't draw a pair of pants. Awful. 
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You're both tools and should be ashamed whilst you GTFO. Also this is beautiful fan art 6kart, don't let the jellys get you down.
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Yeah, how DARE they have a different opinion than you do. :P Their comments should be banned. Actually, let's get this war on freedom of speech going already!
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How's that ironic hypocrisy workin' out for you?
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Wait... is that a question... or a statement of OPINION? I hate opinions. Opinions should die. All except mine and those that I like, ofc. But that goes without saying.
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The lighting in this one is great! n I think that you have a great understanding of the environment of Warcraft since you portray each zone so wonderfully!
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your work is amazing. love it.
Wow. I really like the colours and detail in this, especially the sunlight through the leaves.
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wow you really an amazing artist :D
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Love this one... nice ass and other things =X.
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Great atmosphere. Really cool and fantastic
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Why this art is so awesome? The perspective is awesome, the background is awesome, the concept is awesome, her butt is so f**** awesome (sorry) and the statue in the background, which I just barely noticed, is super awesome. Very well done!
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I like the atmosphere of this one.
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Awesome work! Love the composition and colors <3. Keep on rockin'! 
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amazing atmosphere, ive said it once and ill say it again, chinese artist are on a different level
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