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Ryan used to be a warrior, he was a Guard to protect Mulgore and the Thunder Bluff. When the Centaurs invaded Mulgore, Ryan took up arms and fighted against the Centaurs.

One day, Ryan has been surrounded by a team of Centaurs, he fighted and killed them all. But his right arm was seriously injured. There was no way to cure the arm when he came back to the camp. The horde doctor had to cut Ryan's right arm off.

Blood Hoof, the chief of Thunder Bluff, was sad to heard about it. He invited the most famous Goblin engineers from Orgrimmar to help Ryan. They made a prosthetic arm with a cannon attached to it and equiped it on Ryan.

From then on, Ryan has a new lease of life, and was appointed general of the siege legion of Tauren.
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Great picture, I love the use of the iron horde like cannon too.
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Nice! Love these colors!
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Dude I have to look this up! Is this actualy a part of the official lore? Cause I never heard of it even tho I dig taurens.. But great piece anyway :)
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I never heard that bit of lore before. Interesting story and great painting.
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epic ! Are you an official artist at Blizzard ? if not, you should be ! 
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Gorgeous artwork.  I love the Taurens.  My only crit would be that the image isn't large enough for me to appreciate all the detail you put into it. =P
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Man you're awesome!
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Brah, do you even pai- Oh, yes you do. A lot. Jesus man. So gud.
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"The Machine Tauren" :D Ha !
EVC's avatar the lighting...
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hello, your wonderful work has been featured in :icondthemansion:
You are welcome to share with us your amazing talent :D
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It is very well done, but I do have to ask, how the hell can he lift that thing without his spine breaking like a twig?
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Wonderful illustration. I like the story behind Ryan's new cannon arm
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Ok, that is pretty damn amazing xD
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gorgeous just frekaing do commissions????
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Awesome! Very nice render =)
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i think that ive seen this on blizzardfest 2014 contest, its a great artwork, but for me its a bit hard to read whats going on.

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coooooooooooooooool, me encantan los tauren XD
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