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Echeyakee, the Whitemist

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Whitemist, or 'Echeyakee' in the tauren tongue, is the king of the savannah cats.

He hunts with such stealth, they say he's like a thin, white mist on the earth.

He kills so fast his prey have no time for fear or pain.

The tauren say he is both mercy and death. 

Slay or subdue him. 
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VespiasProfessional Writer
Beautiful depiction of a scene I've seen so many times. I've got Echeyakee and Humar on every one of my hunters and named them always, Ghost and Darkness. That was what the lions of Tsavo were called. Now, if I could have them both out at the same time constantly, I'd be in heaven.
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Pitsh Digital Artist
subdue? :) lmao i'd not try that one
Anyway, this is a beautiful painting, I especially love how you turn around your characters. Somehow this gives me a totally different feeling than when a character is actually facing you. 
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Echeyakee was my 1st pet, after of corse the one you tame for a quest(this is going back to pre end of wrath now) and as a level 15 alliance hunter that said ALOT back in the day, I litterally sat on the hill where he spawned waiting for a horde that would let me tame him, well worth the wait, I really hope they update him to Sambas' model come WoD
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MaccyjoeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I allmost resubbed to wow watching these paintings of your. Wery sexy and you capture the feel of wow.
LocNessKodiak's avatar
Wonder if there is one of Humar the Pridelord too?
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VanitasyHobbyist Digital Artist
I enjoy the perky pug she has out with her uwu''
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sevenquestHobbyist Traditional Artist
why every she elf appears from behind in your Drawings?
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warriorneedsfoodHobbyist Artist
I like the perspective.
Money1billion's avatar
why do i see long ears in almost every painting? Its beautiful, besides the ears? haha 
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StretchNSinProfessional Digital Artist
Why not :)
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I'm your fan
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SubWolfSphereHobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic Point of view and caption~
sauravs911's avatar
Hehe....the perky pug makes it even more awesome!
Morhawkee's avatar
I agree. love your work.
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RaffBluffinHobbyist Digital Artist
You are a genius.
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DAVIDARR0Y0Professional Digital Artist
Another masterpiece. I really love your colour palette. It makes your work look so rich and beautiful. :)
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PsewellHobbyist Digital Artist
Man I love how you capture these awesome moments in WoW. Brings me back to the old days when I spent hours camping for Humar in the Barrens. I dont really play wow anymore but the memories are great and your art brings me back. 
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the paint style is refreshing after so much digital hyper realism. Nice
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Supra-RatonStudent General Artist
This was my favourite pet as a hunter!
Everytime I started a new account on a new server, I would firstly level up my ally hunter, then an orc or a troll to lvl 5, get the quest, summon him and then quickly switch characters to tame him as an ally!
Good old times Meow :3 
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好喜欢你的画作啊!!大神!我能跪舔吗?!好怀念wow时候 部落联盟合作抓白狮子的年代啊!
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argontusHobbyist General Artist
I just love the lighting in this :) So warm and vivid, with an explosion of colour.
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TauRiuCau's avatar
TauRiuCauHobbyist Digital Artist
i really like the stile... 
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