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Darth Vader

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Darth Vader
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Now this is Podracing
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Well the force is clearly with you on this one 😀
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I see you there Anakin. XD
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Looks outstanding.
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darth vader is the best ^^
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I love the Anakin face in his cape.
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It will be better with the Stakiller's face.
tyrannicaltabbycat's avatar
Impressive. Most impressive.
PapiTrooper's avatar
Wonderful work !
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"The Force is strong with this one" AWESOME
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The best villain of sci-fiction
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Anakin was the worst character in the franchise but Darth Vader was the best.
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Anakin can't be any worse than the whiny Star Wars fanboys that complain about everything after the Original Trilogy. I mean, the backlash on the new films is ridiculous.
Daviddv1202's avatar
I can't argue there. :P With all this bullshite of Boycotting Solo is ridiculous. You either like or don't like the film. There's no need to go out of your way to make sure the movie fails. There will always be that one fan who loves it. 
Soundwave364674's avatar
Yep, indeed. They're at it again. This time it's even more ridiculous considering it's about one of the best Star Wars characters and I frankly don't care if it's a different actor. I haven't seen Solo's movie yet but I'm planning on seeing it in the cinema relatively soon. But I certainly agree that this backlash is nothing short of overzealous and ridiculous. I personally think that Anakin is a representation of how obnoxious and whiny the Star Wars fans can be. I've discussed to another deviant about how bad a lot of Star Wars fanboys can be.
Daviddv1202's avatar
Believe me, I'm in a Star Wars group on Facebook. They're seriously unbelievable, even going so far to say that if you're a true fan, you'd be boycotting Solo instead of paying money to support it. I bet 99% of them are basically hypocrites as they're going to see the movie anyway. 
Soundwave364674's avatar
Yes, I've heard about how infamous that group is. They tried to sabotage the ratings of The Last Jedi, which I thought was overzealous and ridiculous. Now they're doing the same thing with this film as well. I personally don't think that they're true fans. They most probably are hypocrites and they're probably just seeking attention. The Star Wars fans are like this with everything new that comes out. Have you seen the Solo movie yet? If so, then what's your opinion on it?
Daviddv1202's avatar
I agree. Just a bunch of hypocritical fanatics with nothing better to do with their lives. I bet some are just joining the bandwagon to be a part of the hate group. It's seriously sad. They're basically turning the Star Wars fandom into one of the worst fandoms out there, among the Marvel fandom, Sonic Fandom, Creepypasta Fandom, FNAF and Undertale fandom, Gaming fandom, MLP fandom, etc. It's overzealous and ridiculous! These fandoms ruin something that is supposed to be great!

Some are basically just homophobes or people mostly saying that the new Star Wars films are filled with forced SJW liberal agenda into them. Now freaking out even more all because Lando is now pansexual. 

No, not yet. However, I am definitely going to go and see it as soon as I can. I mean, a story of how Han and Chewie became best friends sounds like a seriously interesting story! I also hear there is a cameo of a certain badass character. I know who it is but I wouldn't want to spoil it for you unless you really want to know.
ArrogantVengeance's avatar
You hit the nail on the head about the SW fanbase being one of the worst.

The Solo film was great, felt like the most OT trilogy movie we've got so far. If that really matters at all to you, but I enjoyed all eras of SW all the same :p
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Sorry for the late reply, I've been pretty busy. These so called "fans" are a bunch of sheep, frankly. I've heard about how infamously bad the Sonic and MLP fandoms are, but I didn't know that Marvel was also a bad fandom. I've never really liked FNAF at all and I haven't really heard of the other three. Indeed they do ruin it! They're trying to spoil the new films for everybody by forcing their outrageous views on people. There are a lot of fans who only like the OT and outright hate everything else! I'm not saying that they should like every single Star Wars movie, but this is ridiculous! And I thought that the Transformers fandom was bad. They make the Transformers fans look a whole lot better!

What are SJWs, exactly? I've never quite understood the concept? But I've heard that they're a bad group of people that everybody hate and they have something to do with racial/political views. Could you please explain it to me? Btw, I didn't know that Lando was pansexual in this new film. Err, okay?

I know that I've probably already mentioned this, but I'm planning on watching the film sometime relatively soon. I've no idea who specifically cameos in Solo's new movie, but I've heard that there's an article about it. But I will make sure that I won't find out any spoils before I watch the film.
I know a fellow deviant of mine who saw the film recently and wrote a journal entry on it.
Han SoloHis movie was AWESOME. If anyone's thinking twice about watching this...don't. And don't let haters on youtube or anywhere else online convince you it is a 'shit film', most of them are rabid Star Wars fans that are pissed about 'Disney Star Wars' and believe there's a political agenda behind EVERYTHING Disney is doing to the franchise. 
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