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Ethengar hex 1 NW
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Published: October 23, 2018
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This 1 mile hex map is under construction, Yet As I enjoy input from other gamers, I place it here so it can be reviewed.
It will be regularly updated, changed and altered during the process. (which can take several weeks to months)!!.. So downloading can be done, but will not be very useful for either DM or Player.
To view it in the best detail, click the greendownload button right

22-10-2018 Ok..begun with the next section of Ethengar. the northwest.
First I brought in the upper Northwest corner, belonging to Boldavia (Glantri) from the excellent map made by our Micky
(see here   and here  and here
Created more water flow in the NW which would be logical, and thus creating a flow pattern, also expanded some roads, based on socio-economic migration patterns and geological and biological behavior.
and shaping the Collossus mountains where micky did not reach
detailing will be done later, and maybe some changes will be made to the collossus mountains depending on the fanon material I can lay my hands on
second beginning the major fill-up. the weak grass (yellow) has been done, the good (green)and worse grass (pale yellow) will follow later
and then more detailing, and flaw repair
24-10-2018  Further fillup(only northern Hills, Forested hills and mountains, and east edge to do. implanting Dol-Anur river bed, repairing shifted hexes flaws on the right
25-10-2018; finished the merging of Micky's work and Di Emanuele Betti. Looks smooth enough. Good thing is that Betti did also a large section of Heldann Freeholds north of Ethengar. Also worked on the detailing of the map; The Hakomon locations Adjam-Ugul (aka Lion Castle) , Dzulagazalai, Land of the Purple Grass (Nil yagaan öngiin övs gazar), The Gostai Goblin area, this whole region, now slowly becomes alive, the grass waves in the wind, and the goblins have their caves northwest of Gyangyanjiz (which is a very old meteor impact location, having  fallen from the northwest, and creating a reasonable crater, , but in the impact also spread important minerals and metals in the southeast, making that area very fertile; hence the horsefair site. The crater has eroded to a point, but something is still within (more on this in the Hakomon topic soon).
I also made the internal Ethengar borders in the area having a logical reason why they are where they are, the DolDobromir, (aka Dobromir River)=a long river (not wide, nor deep), slithers slowly and easy through the land. the water give reason for some various trees and bushes (not dense but open)which are warped and bend by the wind.
28-10-2018 worked on the collossus mountains and foothills in the west using Betti's map, also merging Micky's and Betti's edges together, removing some major flaws in Betti's work (there are never trees on frozen mountaintops for example).
29-10-2018 Infused the information from this Topic question responses, and conitued with in fusing betti's work in the west section of the map
30-10-2018 almost infused all of betti´s material, now digging through Micky´s text to see where differences are, and infuse these
31-10-2018 added meteorologal influences depending on height, readjusted mountain chains, mountain tops where needed. added infrastructure which Betti did not have, but in MIcky's information was mentioned
01-10-2018 Infused as much of Micky's Information on the Viscounty of Blofeld, The Free Province of Tchernovodsk, and the Viscounty of Mongolia, and the Principality of Bramyra as possible into the mainly Betti's map. I had to make some changes due canon input from Ghost of Lion Castle adventure, and where the Betti map and Micky's older information clashed, but it seems I got a good result now.
02-10-2018; Added Namgyam-Ugul and a few other Blackmoor colonist settlement ruins of 3050BC, as by Sturm's map of the region in that era.
Main issue now is altitudes and flowdirections. 
Added a change Gecko pointed me on Micky changed Viscounty of Mongolia into Viscountu of Steenwijk. I changed this minor into Steenwijck , as the additional 'c' makes a more Flaemish instead Dutch naming. also changed several other names in this region to give a more Flamish feel read this Linkto know more
06-11-2018 Added Clan names, worked on the reason why the internal border is what it is given (cliff/brokenlands cliff/hills or rivers/creeks), added some crystal and magic locations in the north.
01-10-2018 starting to implement the old streel river remainss of 2300BC...i am not yet sure what it might be, another smaller stream, a mudbed, a dry ditch, a swamp, a collection of lakes, or all of the above,. due the linear north soth line of the new streel i suggest the existence of old canal diging by the ethengar (or Others), but awaiting the 2300bc information of chimpman to be certain
09-11-2018 Went on detailing the western section. added some more creeks, where these would naturally begin , coarse and end. Some of these Spawn from the Hills of the Gostai Goblins, travel several miles and then end...(in a muddy lake) the surplus of the water is too low to create a flow simply evaporatesmostly before reaching these destinations, except in Autumn and Spring .
11-11-2018 Placed several Mage towers in the Glantrian Lands (Pink), and ruins symbols. Beginning study of the Heldann region, and starting to wirk on the upper Streel
13-11-2018; Created the Hakomon Location Ulaan'hai as a cryovolcano, further worked on the old Streel River
30-11-2018; As the Streel River had a very diverse original course, and a fe hundred years later the more know Straiight one....this could only have happened by human influences...I had to place the Old streel as a Drying mudbed in it own riverbed, and the new Streel with hills of dugout material (overgrown with grasses) next to it, functioning as dams.
01-12-2018- Infused more detail, created locations of former hakomon locations, which now ceased to have effect....will write something on this in this topic… later
06-12-2018; Added a new Feature. Hexes with grass & Bushes  and the same on hills (unlike the bare Hill Hexes which also have bushes and nome small trees often) these are grass covered and bear bushes up to 2-8'tall (like Rhododendron, berry bushes, Juniper, Heath bushes). This hex can also be used to display heath. With this new hex I could finish my idea on the Hakomon location Wu'wei huyan
10-12-2018; Began adding altitudes and the fix with the SW map
12-01-2019; Restored overlapping issues with Ethengar North map
08-02-2019; Shifted the whole map, (placed that on the Ethengar SW map,), added  more material in the north to enable the Streel source to be explained Used Micky's map as a main source, and Betti's maps where Micky was missing, added a old glacier in the Mountains west as Streel Source, without altring too much on Bettis map.
10-02-2019'worked in more of Betti's material, added the corrections in overlap to Micky's map, and inseted the Glacier. added more detail thus far...restored some of Betti's flaws and added infrastructure (trails)
12-02-2019; Ok placed most of Bettis material, adjusted to fitting the Micky Maps, removed/readjusted several important Flowpattern flaws of Betti. Slowly more tail is added and te map begins to come alive.
I am a bit anxious on the placing of altitudes, as this will be a crime to my mind...hundreds of valleys between alternating mountains and hooks and bends. AAAARGHHH!!!
15-02-2019; begun adding details...working on more 
17-02-201; added bridges, and much more Alpine meadows, added more names of locations.
19-02-2019; The last two days I added more detail river/creek names (from Both Bettis and Micky's source material), added altitudes of mountains and passes, Mines, Crystals, and much more detail on the Heldann region. 

One very important Ruling I use in these maps; as by biology, the oldest correct source will be the dominant one until proven flawed, then the next oldest will be used. I deem the same value to D&D maps.
As such I deem the Mapping Work of Micky(see above sources) more dominant than those portrayed in the mapping Work of Di Emanuele Betti. Thus I have to merge these maps sources into one, where Micky's work is dominant in the case of area conflicts. Especially the western Collosus Mountains (described and basically mapped by Micky) and the far east of Northern Boldavia (not mapped by Micky) thus will more reflect the work of Di Emanuele Betti, and the northwest will thus be fully Micky's work.  Of course I will try to merge these as best I can, and also infuse gelogical/sociological/biological petterns where this was not complete.
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