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Ethengar hex 1 N

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The next in line of the 6 Ethengar 1 mile hex maps

This 1 mile hex map is under construction, Yet As I enjoy input from other gamers, I place it here so it can be reviewed.
It will be regulalarly updated, changed and altered during the process. (which can take several weeks to months)!!.. So downloading can be done, but will not be very useful for either DM or Player.

Problem issues; 
1    The detail map of the Court of the Golden Kahn in Chagon-nah, and the 8 mile hex map, show a very different area although these should be similar. As the detail map is 1 inch=500 feet, and 5280=1 mile, (1 inch on the map is equal to the length of the bridge to the storage island and southern coast) there is a clear discrepancy to be seen. I am unsure how to resolve this. Thus far I have kept the shape as in the 8 mile hex map.

2    As gazetteer Ethengar says canon;  the area is a plateaux tilted towards the southwest and is very low in flow angle of the rivers, I decided to place these in a so-called erosion bed, where the rivers continuously flollow their curving and changing path without really altering the environment. to enable this the rivers must be somewhat lower than the river sides, and in a sand bed. This sand can thus erode with the flow, following the river, and be deposited in Chagon-nah, along the way or in the depression (former Anur Lake) near the Broken Lands. New sand, or dust(from world mountain) can originate from dust of the plateaux blowing Northwest (canon according Trail Map1) blowing south easteast, captured there by the hills and thus creating a steady flow. The sand ash mixture also tends to cling together hindering erosion and fluvial displacement greatly. all together, this should keep the rivers as they are for a much longer period than normal.  This I have displayed in the map.

3     World Mountain. Gazeteer Ethengar does state various proofs this is and was a volcano. however this can only be a volcano similar to the African  Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcanoe...a so-called cold volcano, producing crystaline ash instead lava. More on this later.

4    Also very important is the eastern source of the Krandai River; being volcanic hot geysers, these also bring new sediments. The Krandai river is thus high in nutrients and seeping water in the areas next to the river will have a higher production rate; ie more plants, diversity and size.Source Krandai River

5 the fanon maps displayed in the Ethengar History maps time maps a former forest/woodlands in the eastern section; I am going to use the broken trees icon from my Hex Legend

08-01-2019; enlarging, and overlaying with 1 mile hexes until correct fit, copy paste earlier (not with hex overlay) material so much restoration work. basic work mainly. Probably working and repairing a few times till I get the base right.
09-01-2019; Did the main part of the sides of the sea of Flowers, Streel River and Heldann Hills. more detail will of course be added.
10-01-2019; Created Flow patterns and general altitude in the Heldann Hills, sources for the Streel River, Geological disturbance zones where cliff and rock slides break the lower northern Heldann off the higher Ethengar Plateaux., and a large section of the cliffs around the Sea of Flowers.
I also brought I a lot of detail to the old and new Streel River. more in the upcoming days.
12-01-2019; Finished the tedious labour of creating the Sea of Flower Cliffs. Added detail in Heldann along the 2nd source river of the Streel(name still unknown,,,however the valley it flows through is known Bolor Khavtsal(Ethengerian), Kristalschlucht (Heldann) Crystal Canyon(Thyatian) after examples here; c1.staticflickr.com/5/4733/394…
bigfive.com/wp-content/uploads…. Even the name of the canyon seems to bring life. nice.
I also fixed the Overlap issues with the Ethengar NW map and the Ethengar South Map.
19-01-2019; Today I started implementing the Seasonal research results(see www.deviantart.com/6inchnails/…) in the Sea of Flowers, then I filled in the blank locations, restored the shifted hexes on the below and on the right of World Mountain, then I added more detail to World Mountain, implemented the 3050BC structural Effects of Sturm's work (Grassdale and the Radiance Line Pillars), and also the 2300BC work of Chimpman (Kairhyeld), I feel some more 3050BC minor ruins should exist, yet no larger than a village. Several sources spoke of mages after the 1750BC disaster and before the rule of Moglai Khan, which could have either been spies, adventurers, or researchers...eitherway the eventually all left or perished...however, some towers might still exist.
04-02-2019 Shifted the Whole map a few hexes south (where that section is addd to the Ethenghar south map) to allow more clearance on the Heldann Hills, Streel River and so on. I placed thus more Heldann teritory, and hexed it as far as possible now.
02-03-2019; worked a bit on the NW of this map. Created the Hyavik region; Castle(ruin), village and new (temporary) camp...in reflection to the canon described attacks in 926AC and 919AC, and a more recent one in 983AC responsible for some territorial changes (forest cutting for example, and logging left behind, as hinder to the horses) The camp is now fully stocked with a massive load of arrows, ballisat's and hasd three mages with magic missiles under control of the local clergy.
Also created a new small wooden fort named Ethieschlachtung (aka Ethengar Slaughter) With some thing special ...and brought in more detail  like rapids, currents, small villages, mines, trails and minor trails. Also done the eastern side of the Hyavik trail the Heath and moors of the hills, which had not been done...more detail will follow of coarse.
03-06-2019 Again building on the Heldann Hills. Filling in the small highmoors, heath hills, the whole Aral Lake and the new other lake (as of yet unnamed) but suggested by Seer of Yogh and his original map.
Filled in more detail and logic pertaining the battle locations on the Ethengar 8 mile hex maps to explain why the combat was there. more of these will follow. I also expanded the heath on the hills bringing more detail
21-06-2019 Added way more detail to the Heldann region
24-06-2019 beginning to add detail, following ecolgy rules

Even Though the map is far from ready, some of you might desire to look at it in more detail or even download it...that's ok...use the green download button on the right.
The new screen give the picture which can be enlarged at will or downloaded as it is.

Please give comments if you do so
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