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Ethengar Northeast 1mile hex

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Ok Ethengar Northeast
20-01-2019 Major hexing, using the hex mastermold (this really helps) and the Legend work hexes
Also worked on the geological elevations to allow a 4000!!+ feet plateaux to be near the ocean...cripes...only possible with cliffs and droppings.
Also had to copy and restore the section on the Krandai river as I had not done this original with a hex mastermoldd, so all the hexes were shifted...
But alas for 2 days work.Still alot to do, but for the first draw and overall impression, not bad I would think Wink/Razz 

23-01-2019; Continued in adding details;Worked in more detail from the old  Krandai river map. I added more detail in the water of the NordesFjord (including a flood lines <=dark-blue>where it is needed--ie; flooding a large area). worked on the altitude cliffs in the hills of Vestland, Heldann,  I already know the exact altitudes will be a devastation to my mind when I am thus far, so first the other work. I filled in the last of the empty hex fields, and envisioned the Flow Patters of water and human movement. As such I created the major and some minor Trails(which of course will lead to settlements, etc)

I also Created a few nex hex symbols; Safe Anchoring Location/Harbour, Ruined Shrine and Ruined Temple (see here in the Legend)

I have created sand dunes for the Legend

02-02-2019; Worked on the implementing the redrawn Krandai map, 2300BC, 3050BC, and other fanon and canon information on the Vestland region. Created several new settlements based on Real World Nordic villages.
21-02-2019; Implemented the Information Gained by Geoff Gander and Thorfinn Tait.  Created several settlements for the Vestland region and Heldann region, Implemented the Heath/Moor tiers between Heldann and Ethengar. Added Light houses (mostly simple pyres or stone towers with a pyre on top) due the seafahring background of the Vestlanders. 
Added a dot legend for the dot colors used in this series of maps. Added some Illustrations from Gaz Northern Reaches and Crown of Ancient Glory by TSR to further explain the area of the map.
27-02-2019; Implemented much of the 2300BC information by Chimpman, and 3050BC information by Sturm into the map; mosty remains of the vast forests on the Plains and hills, and of course settlement ruins (including the Ruins of the Magical Locations---(these last areas will maybe altered somewhat depending on information by Chimpman)
01-03-2019; Couldn't do much, so I worked on some details of the NE map, shifted the whole map slightly to accomodat a perfect fit with the NW and N maps.
21-06-2019 Updated the Heldannsection with more details. Including the 3000BC Blackmoor village ruin of Vostrup as per Sturm's work ( www.thepiazza.org.uk/bb/viewto…) and overlap from Ethengar North map
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