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Ethengar - Krandai River (South)
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Published: September 14, 2018
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This 1 mile hex map is under construction, Yet As I enjoy input from other gamers, I place it here so it can be reviewed.
It will be regulalarly updated, changed and altered during the process. (which can take several weeks to months)!!.. So downloading can be done, but will not be very useful for either DM or Player.

Problem issues;
1    The detail map of the Court of the Golden Kahn in Chagon-nah, and the 8 mile hex map, show a very different area although these should be similar. As the detail map is 1 inch=500 feet, and 5280=1 mile, (1 inch on the map is equal to the length of the bridge to the storage island and southern coast) there is a clear discrepancy to be seen. I am unsure how to resolve this. Thus far I have kept the shape as in the 8 mile hex map.

2    As gazetteer Ethengar says canon;  the area is a plateaux tilted towards the southwest and is very low in flow angle of the rivers, I decided to place these in a so-called erosion bed, where the rivers continuously flollow their curving and changing path without really altering the environment. to enable this the rivers must be somewhat lower than the river sides, and in a sand bed. This sand can thus erode with the flow, following the river, and be deposited in Chagon-nah, along the way or in the depression (former Anur Lake) near the Broken Lands. New sand, or dust(from world mountain) can originate from dust of the plateaux blowing Northwest (canon according Trail Map1) blowing south easteast, captured there by the hills and thus creating a steady flow. The sand ash mixture also tends to cling together hindering erosion and fluvial displacement greatly. all together, this should keep the rivers as they are for a much longer period than normal.  This I have displayed in the map.

3     World Mountain. Gazeteer Ethengar does state various proofs this is and was a volcano. however this can only be a volcano similar to the African  Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcanoe...a so-called cold volcano, producing crystaline ash instead lava. More on this later.

4    Also very important is the eastern source of the Krandai River; being volcanic hot geysers, these also bring new sediments. The Krandai river is thus high in nutrients and seeping water in the areas next to the river will have a higher production rate; ie more plants, diversity and size.Source Krandai River

5 the fanon maps displayed in the Ethengar History maps time maps a former forest/woodlands in the eastern section; I am going to use the broken trees icon from my Hex Legend

18-09-2018 First update; added tree remains as history and local environment dictates (see Ethengar History maps)
26-09-2018 2nd update; inserted World Mountain section
02-10-2019 broke the map up and expanded the territory of both maps thus they cover a much larger part of Ethengar 
Worked on Orkjajinqertu and Nin-Ju-Batu
06-10-2018 after some discussion to resolve the canon differences between the canon Chagon'nah Court of the Golden Khan map and the canon 8 mile hex map, and the canon Gaz12 DM page 7 references on the region. I decided to make of the Chagon'Nah and Sea of Flowers an extra map section displaying the differences between the Wet and the dry season of the region. In Thaumont/Vatermont (Spring) water rises due increase in meltwater from the mountains, in Klarmont/Fyrmont (Late summer) evaporation and flow will have lowered the water., leaving behind many small islands, surrounded by many small lakes and ponds. As the Book says the region is a fertile WET  region, I made large areas as marsh land; however this is an almost flat area (mostly non deeper than a few feet), allowing large tracts of Reet and other high grasses to grow and cover the undeep wet regions. The deeper areas are marshland or water. the book also says great numbers of trees and bushes grow in the fertle soil. and the normal wetness of the climate, this gives credence to larger areas of light forest (birch, willow, poplar and even beech), the unstable wet ground and regular wind prevents these trees growing tall, or they will topple. the region this also has several dead forest areas. all these hexes i have now implied. This is the Spring map where water is highest.
The second map of the same region will thus be Autumn/Winter map where water is lowest; this one will follow soon

I also increased detail to the high walls in the canon map, into the depression of Chagon'Nah. I made these broken Lands as I feel this best suits the territory, with brown lines depicting the sharp edges. and grassy hills (overgrown erdoded sections of these walls) at the feet of these walls

08-10-2018 Updated the hill and region around Bargha according Gaz12 DM page 7, where a ring of trees(yew, ash, oak) and numerous bushes  protect the hillock from the bitter winter winds. As according Sturm's map 3050BC there was a town (blackmoorian) named Ethesh, I placed it North of the hill as Sturm's map placed it a bit away from the river fork , this way I kept all within tange and locic (such a town would have farmlands, and some minor mining in the hills. As this is volcanic uplifted ground, I also placed some caves which lead to lower areas untreaded by the Ethengar (there are some fanon hints suggesting large cave systems underneath --see threshold magazines).
I also implied the same regime I did use for the Chagon'nah depression with the see of flowers depression...broken lands as edges of the steep walls. I feel these walls will not be as steep as the 8 mile maps of ethengar suggest, as when enlarged to 1 mile scale the slanted symbols of the edges covers between 3 to 9 one-mile hexes...As such the broken lands symbol feels more in also enables many small access paths into this depression on many locations.

11-10-2018; trying to implement the canon and fanon information on the Ethengar/Rockhome border and its hills. Worked on the legend, missing hexes on the lake, mountain topridges. creeks, flowpatterns and similar
13-10-2018 Implied proper laws of Nature on the southern Hills. The area slowly comes to life. As the idea of a ruined town combined with the battlefield gave some credit to the battlefields location, I readjusted the region slighly to make a reasonable and logical battlefield location. Succeeded to calculate the average heights of Ethengar. readjusted altimeter lines.
12-11-2018 Readjusted size and covered terrain for better overlapping
12-01-2019'Repared overlap issues with Ethengar N map
15-01-2019; worked on  Chagon-Nah, the summer location of the Court of the Golden Khan as per research earlier ...more detail will come up soon

04-02-2019 As the North Ethengar map has shifted somewhat up, the lost section was addd to this map, to enable all of Ethengar to be available. Some more work on this will follow soon. Also added a side map for the great differences of the lakes in Chagon-Nah.
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