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Dymrak Forest

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For the Threshold Magazine #23 and #24 I made this 1-mile-hex map of the Southeast region of Karameikos, otherwise known as the Dymrak Forest.
Sources Fanon material:
pandius.com/32karamp.html   pandius.com/nekaram.html   by Agathokles (Giampaolo Acosta),

pandius.com/kara1020.html   by Sturm (Francesco Deferari),

mystara.thorfmaps.com/b10-east…by Thorf (Thorfinn Tait),

pandius.com/south_east_karamei… by Robin,

“B10 maps www.users.waitrose.com/~alande… in Campaign Cartographer and GIF formats” 

Compilation research of the area; www.deviantart.com/6inchnails/…
Taymora map overlay 2300BC and 1000AC by Chimpman
Known world map 3050 BC by Sturm
Penhaligon Trilogy inside cover maps
Thyatian family Holds/Keeps/Castles and estates in Karameikos by Simone Neri/Zendrolion

Canon sources;
B1-9; “In search of Adventure”
B10: “Night’s Dark Terror”
DDA4: “The Dymrak Dread”
X1: “Isle of Dread”
TM1: “The Western Countries Trailmap”
TM2: “The Eastern Countries Trailmap”,
GAZ1: “The Grand Duchy of Karameikos”
GAZ6: “The Dwarves of Rockhome”
GAZ7: “The Northern Reaches”
GAZ9: “The Minrothad Guilds”
“Dawn of the Emperors”
“Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure”
PC1: “Tall Tales of the Weefolk”
PC2: “Top Ballista”
PC3: “The Sea People”
PC4: “Night Howlers!”
The Penhaligon Trilogy novels (“The Tainted Sword”, “The Dragon’s Tomb”, and “The Fall of Magic”) by D.J.Heinrich.
Dungeon#42 the voyage of the Crimpshire

Work done in Paint, using this legend; www.deviantart.com/6inchnails/…
Using geomorpholy, flowpatterns, ecology, geology and general sociocultural behavioral/movement known rules.

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SE Karameikos Dymrak Forest with The Barrel Location

Readjusted slightly after communication/advice of Simone Neri/Zendrolion abiout the Karameikan Thyatian family holds. adding Estate borders and Labels, Castles/Keeps where needed and Relocated Kallergan to the right location.

After the discovery of the great discrepancies between the X1 6mile hex coastline and the Gaz1 8 mile hex coastline, had to make a slight, yet important repair in the SW- region of the map.

17-10-19 Restored several minor flaws.
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In the Upcoming Threshold#24 all locations will be detailed and clarified