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Aengmor/Oenkmar Study by 6inchnails Aengmor/Oenkmar Study by 6inchnails
As thus the History of Aengmor/Oenkmar becomes as followed;
BC 3000 The Great Rain of Fire obliterates Blackmoor; the planet shifts and the ice caps recede from the steppes. Spirits are drawn in to merge with the world.
BC 1700  Elves in Glantri trigger a cataclysm that has a profound affect on the lands of the steppes. The Land of Black Sand is formed.
BC 1420 Outer-world Shadow Elves called the Schattenalfen, following the guidance of the Immortal Atzanteotl, complete the construction of their [u]underground[/u] city of Aengmor, in the Caves of Lower south Gnollistan (current name) over the old ruins of Mictlan.
BC 1290 The outer-world Shadow Elf city of Aengmor is "destroyed". During a underground volcanic eruption the cave is filled with Magma, surrounding the city and making it uninhabitable; many Schattenalfen escape, burrowing deeper into the crust of the earth. Actually, this is part of a grand scheme of Atzanteotl, their patron. The city erected upon a huge rock of Pumice (volcanic Floating stone, a fallen down stop in the surface inactive crater) is pushed up towards the old volcanic crater  in the cavern's vault opened by Atzanteotl. The city was then thrust upward, allowing Aengmor's temple, the city's highest structure, to fill the bottom of the shaft exactly. Lower South Gnollistan is mostly filled by Magma. Aengmor/Oenkmar  is “locked” in its current position, with only the Temple surfacing within the crater. Nearby Shadowelf structures are either crushed in the disaster by pressing it against the ceiling, or are buried between the Floating Rock of Oenkmar and the Ceiling. The Plateau of sun’s Anvil is pushed upwards very slowly(reaching +800feet in 1000AC)
BC 1190Descendants of the Great Horde resurface in the Broken Lands. The Tribes meet again and discover the Rock of Oenkmar within the crater, the city of Oenkmar on it, and a knife they mistake for one of their legendary artifacts. End of the Quest for a Blue Knife. Truce proclaimed.
BC 1050 Odious experiments in Nithia turn Black Moon trolls into Gnolls. Gnolls rebel; they escape and later invade Karameikos. Nithian priests visit the Shamans of Oenkmar. Atzanteotl is increasingly offended. Nithians and Humanoids create new structures next to Aenmor/Oenkmar.
BC 500 Nithia destroyed. Remaining Black Moon Gnolls scatter east and west.  The Twin volcanoes become active, and their giant magma chamber breaks through the floor of Lower South Gnollistan. The original soft magma there has solidified and crystalized in the last 700 years (turned into a crystaline sand like sediment), flows down, (melting into the Magma) and as thus release the upward pressure against Oenkmar rock, which sinks into earth, back to the Lower South Gnollistan, and deeper still, through the sinkhole into the Magma chamber. At the same time two new chambers are created (West of Orcus Rex, South-east of Yellow Orkia and a small chamber in Ogremoor), lowering the level of magma in the Great Chamber.  As thus stopping any volcanic activity from this chamber in the nearby future (as there is air in between, there is no more possibility to pressure build up..until the magma chamber is fully filled again. Aengmor/Oenkmar will thus reside within the magma chamber until it is fully filled again.  
1012AC The Shadowelves rediscovered Aengmor, liberated it from the occupying humanoids, and invading Dwarves. Soon thereafter they start guiding the city upwards again. As thus it will reappear in Lower South Gnollistan. The Shadowelves (being vulnerable could decide to “lock”the roch in this position, or guide it further upwards to the open old crater (probably widened to encompass just the Whole city.
Eitherway, this would greatly increase the pressure from below, destroying many caves, tunnels and if surfaced even whole Lower South Gnollistan.  It would also mean that the whole plateau of Sun’s Anvil would again be on the rise.
This wole proces would also mean that all acess caves from the Great Magma chamber are either destroyed by the Magma or closed up (by the shadowelves, Atzanteotl, or earthquakes)....I would assume the latter, enabling the caves to exist.

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