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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
With a difficult life, I searched and covered my own roads. I've travelled all over Europe, and even ended up in Siberia and Beijing.

I Write especially fantasy stuff which can be found on or on the site of the D&D world Mystara. read also this site where many ideas for Mystara sprout;…, not only from my mind but of many others.

I Draw my own art with different tools, I am also a poet, teacher and avid collector of weird books, stuff and knowledge. (Comicbooks, Smurfs, Science books, fossils, shells, biology research stuff, weird potion bottles, magic stuff, teddybears, and D&D stuff, recipies, overall knowledge).
As of 03-09-2017 I have 3 kittens born 28-04-2017, 4 goldfish of born somewhere in may 2016, and a 4year old (april 2013) white-ish bunny, which hopps on my grasscovered balcony and eats a lot ;) and a lot more animals in my history (Multiple Cats (35 in total), Dogs (4), Horses(2), Hedgehogs(11), Marter(1), Weazel(1), Ferret(1), Russian Dwarf Hamsters(4), Mice (400+) Rat(2), Guppies(100+), Red-neck tortoises(2), Raccoon(1), Mus(5+), Swan(1), Ducks(12+), Blackbird(3), Crow(4), Sparrow(2), Owl(1), Pigeon(20+), Bill)2), Carp(3), Bass(2),and 4 young goldfish to replace late Pixy, etc.)
I also design Gagaesk shoes, clothing and other fantasy stuff for theater/film or Elffantasy fair or Castlefair in the Netherlands.
I also did some theatre with Adelheid Rosen and Ola Mafalaani in " Zina neemt de wijk" (dutch for Zina takes on the suburbs).
I've been the Devil for 5 of my 9 years as a professional dancer, at House parties like Loveparade, Sensation, Mysteryland, etc. which was very fun to do.

For those interested; Yes these were my own nails. Through an accident I now have to rely upon plastic nails of 6inches long, as I can't function without.
Through corsetry I have trained my waist to be 54 cm circumference and intend to go much smaller. My great-great-great-great-great-grandmother of 1877 had a 15inch waistline at the age of 24 and that after 2 kids;) , before she even had 11.5 inch , I intend to approach that with a minimum goal of 45cm(17.7inch) --every inch more is welcomed, as my ideal would be 16 inch or less.
I walk daily several miles on my 6 inchheels, but as a catwalk trainer and dancer, I keep my feet flexible and healthy.



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GREAT Over 10.000 views...That gives me a feeling my work is somehow liked. I will continue in creating until my chest closes.
Hope ya'll will continue to enjoy my D&D Mystara creations.
I THANK YOU ALL!!:happybounce: Hug Love :squee: 
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar en Fijne Yuletiden iedereen (21-12-2017 17;28 winterwende feest tot middernacht 02-01-2018)
Happy Newyear and Fine Yuletiden everybody  (21-12-2017 17;28 wintersolstice, party till midnight 02-01-2018)
This I wrote in my diary several years ago, when I lived in a outer suburb of my town. I like this piece of text that much I dare to share it to the world.
Though completely different from anything else I did here (or elsewhere) here it is....hope you like it.

I take a deep step onto the half grassy half bare ground. When I take the other, behind me the door closes and the bus drives away.  The sky has darkened, and the first drops already fall. I have forgotten my umbrella, so rapidly I look around to find my direction. A thin path of bare earth between the grass leads along the fields into the suburb. The rain now falls steadily. Drop after drop, coagulating into a murky stream before my feet, every new drop warping outward in a miniature spray bringing up the wet mud a few inches. Splashing on to the black patent leather of my high heeled boots, smudging the leather, dirtying the metal heel. Which each step the droplets glide off, leaving traces of mud behind on the relief of the boot, only to be washed away and replenished with new droplets every second, every step.

Each step I take my boot hits the mud, I feel how it glides underneath the thin sole, pushed outwards revealing some harder pebbles underneath. The muck pushed outwards by my weight, is pushed up a bit around the edges of the sole, seeping into the sewn ridge between the sole and the boot. The thin 7 inch steel heel penetrates the soft underground with ease and goes much deeper. Slowly each step drives the steel shaft into the ground like a pile driver. Each time I need strength to pull up my feet. To keep my balance I place more weight onto my forefeet, driving that section deeper into the mud, pushing more dirt around the boot and into its crevasses. Some sticky wet earth or clay keeps clinging to the heel, making it thicker, heavier and clumpier, while other clumps make the boot heavier. Each step forward I thrust my piles into the ground preceded by the small triangle of my forefeet, leaving a bizarre zigzag pattern of small triangles followed by tiny holes, slowly filled by the onslaught of water from the sky.

Yet I stride forward, step by step, the sucking sound of sticky earth and wet muck is almost hidden by the splashing sounds of raindrops on leaves, branches, grass, in puddles, on the ground and on my head. The water makes my long hair heavier and causes it to cling to my wet face. I am happy for my heavy waterproof make-up, as I notice my 1 inch lashes cling together like the roaring sixties, so no panda eyes this time. Water seeps along my cheeks , over my shiny red painted lips and I taste the sweetness of the water and the faint salt of my face.

The rain has no penetrated my coat unsuited for rain, and here and there I feel cold droplets of water glide down on my bare skin. From my hair, into my neck, and underneath my clothing onto my back. On the front it seeps down my face, my chin, my neck, and between the fullness of my breasts. I did not notice the droplets hanging on my nose, but they have become more  bothersome now, resembling a dripping nose. Water has now penetrated my boots, as the rain washes down my short skirt onto my legs and into my thigh-high boots. I feel my panty becoming adhered to my legs, both my feet and finally even the boot itself.  

Then I notice the familiar shape of the house, and in front of me the tiles of the pedestrian walkway. Each step becomes a typical click, as each heel hammers into the stone. At first still somewhat slippery, I lose more mud with each other step. and a trail of muddy blobs I leave behind on the Pavement. I turn right onto my own path to the door and grasp for my key, handing it forward, water seeps over my arm, underneath my jewellery onto my hand, along my red painted six-inch long nails, and even over the key into the lock. I twist, and turn and when I open the door slightly, a beam of warm light hits me from above, and warms my face. The sun has finally broken through the dark cloud, the last drops of rain become smaller and smaller till no more falls down.
I step in, look out happily and close the door. A warm shower awaits me now.

The boots I walked on in this real story no longer available, and worn out long ago, I do miss these ;'(


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Flying-Tiger-Comics Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2017  Professional Writer
Just found your DA from a OD&D forum! Great to
"meet" another Mystara etc. fan!
6inchnails Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
always welcome
there goes nothing above BECMI D&D or OD&D Or how you call it.
AD&D2 was ok, but 3rd sucked greatly, 3.5 was awful, 4th commercial crap, and 5th is I stay on Mystara and BECMI
Enjoy my maps of Mystara and keep an eye out here, on my blog and Piazza… for any new stuff i compile or create
btw , just out of curiosity which forum you spoke of?

have fun and enjoy ;)
Flying-Tiger-Comics Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2017  Professional Writer
Piazza I believe it was.

I've just got the licence to do an OD&D book using one of THE original authors of science fiction behind D&D, so I am beyond excited!
6inchnails Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah Piazza...the great D&D forum,..Yes I post a lot there, especially on the BECMI Mystara pages.Piazza Mystara 
and from there a lot of my work is posted on Pandius;

i am curious what you're gonna make of it.
keep me informed.
JimHaart Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
Oh how I wish for more submissions of photos of your Beautiful waistline and rack. :*
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