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My Bio

Me....I know a hazy picture, yet this was in the early digital phonecamera times of 2012, and a friend made the Picture while I was holding that young crow I just saved from a cat...It still captures me in most of my essence, while also keeping my privacy ;P


With a difficult life, being Hermaphrodite, I searched and covered my own roads. I've travelled all over Europe, and even ended up in Siberia and Beijing.

I Write especially fantasy stuff which can be found on breathofmystara.blogspot.nl/ or on the pandius.com site of the D&D world Mystara. read also this site where many ideas for Mystara sprout; www.thepiazza.org.uk/bb/viewfo…, not only from my mind but of many others.

I Draw my own art with different tools, I am also a poet, teacher and avid collector of weird books, stuff and knowledge. (Comicbooks, Smurfs, Science books, fossils, shells, biology research stuff, weird potion bottles, magic stuff, teddybears, and D&D stuff, recipies, overall knowledge).

As of 03-09-2017 I have 3 kittens born 28-04-2017, 2 goldfish of hatched somewhere in may 2020, and two ( 29-12-2019 ) white-ish bunnies, which hopp on my grasscovered balcony and eat a lot and a lot more animals in my history (Multiple Cats (35 in total), Dogs (4), Horses(2), Hedgehogs(11), Marter(1), Weazel(1), Ferret(1), Rabbits(3), Russian Dwarf Hamsters(4), Mice (400+) Rat(2), Guppies(100+), Red-neck tortoises(2), Raccoon(1), Mus(5+), Swan(1), Ducks(12+), Blackbird(3), Crow(4), Sparrow(2), Owl(1), Pigeon(20+), Bill(2), Carp(3), Bass(2),and several goldfish(20+), Guppies(4000+), silverstripe snails(10+), etc.)

I also design Gagaesk shoes, clothing and other fantasy stuff for theater/film or Elffantasy fair or Castlefair in the Netherlands.

I also did some theatre with Adelheid Rosen and Ola Mafalaani in " Zina neemt de wijk" (dutch for Zina takes on the suburbs).

I've been the Devil for 5 of my 9 years as a professional dancer, at House parties like Loveparade, Sensation, Mysteryland, etc. which was very fun to do.

For those interested; Yes these are my own nails, I can't function without.

Through corsetry I have trained my waist to be 54 cm circumference and intend to go much smaller. My great-great-great-great-great-grandmother of 1877 had a 15inch waistline at the age of 24 and that after 2 kids , before she even had 11.5 inch , I intend to approach that with a minimum goal of 45cm(17.7inch) --every inch more is welcomed, as my ideal would be 16 inch or less.

I walk daily several miles on my 6 inchheels (or even 7 inch without platform), but as a catwalk trainer and dancer, I keep my feet flexible and healthy.

Favourite Visual Artist
no favorite,some very good; Larry Elmore, Clyde Caldwell, Keith Parkinson, etc.
Favourite Movies
Fantasy (Lord of the Rings etc)
Favourite TV Shows
The Simpsons, Star Trek, Castle, CSI
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Two steps from Hell, Nicky Minaj, Tiesto, Lindsey Sterling, Lady Gaga,
Favourite Books
Donald Duck & Spiderman & Phantasy (D&D) books
Favourite Games
Basic (BECMI) D&D (but not AD&D, AD&D2, D&Dthird, 4th, D20 or fifth edition
Favourite Gaming Platform
currently Forge of Empires, WoW.
Tools of the Trade
Pen, crayon, paper, vellum, ink, Windows Paint, open mind full of fantasy
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I don't know why. yet I can't trust the numbers here on Deviantart anymore. I have 404 Deviations, and at the same time 401 if all are revealed. The Stats page defines the number of views of a specific art as one number, while the art itself gives a lower number of total views, or higher. There is absolutely no explanation on numbers in overall, other than week, month, year and totals, yet even these contradict or are clearly flawed. And then the ridiculousness of making numbers into letters, that way you have 3K...while it is almost never truly that number, yet you can't see that actial number, even while there is enough space to portray the actual number as it should...as a complete actual number. So there is no clarity and only confusion, flaws, and contradictions.
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I have rediscovered several of my oldest pieces of art. Damaged by time and happenings in storage, I try to save these and place them here on Deviantart. One by one, they all will end up here too. I will add some of my personal life there too. Enjoy
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Easy, my male bunny was born early in 2013. I got him summer 2013. Today 22-01-2020 he went asleep not within his lair, I knew something was amiss. and indeed at 16.40 he perished, no shrieking, no convulsions, no pain, just slower breathing, which t...
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although I do not know you enough yet to call you friend. I accept the gesture.

You're very welcome❤️😊.

Can we chat in note????.

Yeah...why not.:happybounce:

I may not be always online here, but keep coming back regularly for posting/checking/updating

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and i hate my pictures used in posts are overwritten with text...this has to be seperate from the onset on

ohw crap Eclipse has been forced down my throat...ok happy it is still gree, yet DAold is much better, and easier

Just found your DA from a OD&D forum! Great to
"meet" another Mystara etc. fan!