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When we are tired of glossy, bright, agressive pictures in our life and on the photofilm, our eyes turn towards the different art - sincere and pure.

Here we have a really huge selection of exactly such photos. Most of them, by the way, have a very humble amount of faves - under 50 and even under 10.

inside by lunariya :thumb132002153: spiderman II by prismopola T i n y  d a n c e r by S-Banh it's strange by 6igella .sublimazione. by introvertevent at the beach by quadratiges :thumb138652101: :thumb138753357: 116 by picadolly .3. by introvertevent :thumb140198511: :thumb140189329: :thumb140015990:

:thumb127518668: :thumb130578865: Sunny by Tatiannna Old card from USSR by CopyCopy family by 6igella just some spring flowers by 6igella A small crack by Cogaion 43 by alwayslate4school :thumb140166642: :thumb140180293: :thumb140201761: Untitled 492 by ErosTurranos :thumb140221803: A Confusing Parking Space by justinjovellanos Light at the End by justinjovellanos A Lazy Afternoon Ambiance by justinjovellanos Native Chocolate by justinjovellanos Just sitting and thinking here by 6igella S and D by 6igella Abstraction by ennil marie darling III by prismes Sunlight by 6igella Dior street by 6igella :thumb139920767: z-87 by S6ltuvus evening window by 6igella Sis by 6igella :thumb127622118: :thumb130679215: :thumb134435579: :thumb132330647: cherry bowl. by CaitlinWorthington :thumb134706175: :thumb135401795: fell through holes to another by CaitlinWorthington I Lived On the Moon by Furrrka Backstage by natualia 40 by bhrzby metropolitan clouds by parchatek The Information Age by BLinekPhotography :thumb136376890: :thumb138933357: Laura by Mhir Golden Town by villk timestops. by musicandphotography gone but still here by BeautifulHarlequin :thumb128763733: 39 by bhrzby 44 by bhrzby Last train home by Ruzarxo Aren't you? by Ruzarxo soffocante by RedRiBBoNinYouRhAiR gare a l'ancienne by lupinbushi montreal by VeraAda The tree girl by 6igella street ornament by 6igella :thumb130166585: Gold by 6igella feet by 6igella blues by 6igella but I see you. by musicandphotography :thumb93348642: :thumb129397160: .36 by littlegirlblue Nyr dagur by DeBally always i by corollary :thumb96893841: feel the river sand by 6igella metro 1 by 6igella dad by 6igella The air. Piter. by 6igella Bad hair day by ScarletteDeath hh we by corollary c by corollary last spring by 6igella lomo summer 2 by 6igella k by corollary hthigh by corollary Smile by victorstd8 The Three Cats by 6igella the sunlit yard by 6igella rock steady by Jahblessme + by corollary the yard by 6igella the spirit of spring by 6igella 0033. by angelcurls :thumb128591445: My sister and her boyfriend by aprelka Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad by venicequeenf A walk to remember by disposable-heroX stay by lunariya :thumb72013151: salata by pinchbeg as if to say by theres-no-end I'm with you by archlover e a t. g o o d. c o f f e e by GildedAgeBoy :thumb140282000: T-2 by marialittle 2.2 by mohsink U jesen... by vedran-f Sincere Emotion Involuntary by Victims-of-Knowledge :thumb136742202: :thumb136742051: ola11 by Chasyd HD9.1a by Hypnogen ... my name is MAX by Armando09 sweet sweet by Megson :thumb140335578: Molecules by PukeChrist decrepi by naexii dreaming of water by kuru93 expired Tree by VeraAda

A Wild Sheep Chase by 6igella Sasha 2 by 6igella   beautiful sound by RedRiBBoNinYouRhAiR ribes by RedRiBBoNinYouRhAiR Masha by 6igella waiting for h a l l o w e e n by oreogasm :thumb67259468: :thumb69574172: netnte by stefa-zozokovich sf by stefa-zozokovich 9765 by LondonBreakfast Never been perfect by MissHeroin ___ by anja-onopiuk :thumb132357628: :thumb133323608: :thumb133244850: sleepless in seattle by Husckarl smoG by Orevivre :thumb87734890: Hypnotize by retrodiva88 Martina... v2 by MaComiX :thumb129011599: because by bagnino garden gates by 6igella a small hut.. by nilgunkara :thumb137343109: uhi by grezelle grey gardens. by lydiahansen :thumb138873744: :thumb139315758: Simple Things by P0RG :thumb139693034: :thumb139776970: SHOUT by zw6 :thumb120061181: Light by negruta :thumb131096396: :thumb136231615: :thumb109008753: katrin... by suo-me view by jenny-fur-tography :thumb126608963: :thumb136697904: touch. by moonpixx 3,14... by mheuf Two by 6igella Still Life 4 by tkhr :thumb138625188: small dose world 3 by jamborzsofi Gosku kiev by joannarasta :thumb136224488: mystery by kopita 029 - ev hali by burcoz p.flo by SnjezanaJosipovic :thumb62369537: Luke. by peacefulchaos :thumb124588573: :thumb132202667: Dream Theatre by intao I-D by c-time King by Alannah-Hawker :thumb109558128: Fly by ColdSubject :thumb111489631: brother -3- by Your-Testosteron

countess_1 by MotyPest :thumb132724260: :thumb130775812: :thumb135312321: :thumb118437078: picking weeds. by CaitlinWorthington new beginning 3 by pstoev :thumb127052260: Iga by franekchrzonszcz reading trains. by pickaredballoon quaint little habits. by pickaredballoon sunday morning II. by pickaredballoon The Veil 01 by CaterpillarOfAngst innocent bones. by pickaredballoon Lantern Street II by WindyLife Splash by LauraCammarata dieblauetuer. by musicandphotography :thumb114392680: air by virginia-ateh :thumb101916307: :thumb109241435: :thumb139916636: :thumb132190477: I am a child, it's too soon. by LadyFreeSoul :thumb130873411: :thumb136666579: :thumb139712179: :thumb139822068: siempre que vuelves a casa by siesta We love you, Kurt by aprelka Ksenana 4 by aprelka Ser by WrappedUpInBooks :thumb118922565: :thumb136057569: Solljus by WrappedUpInBooks Skog by WrappedUpInBooks :thumb139852441: :thumb67790732: :thumb138771441: :thumb139601451: :thumb136125023: ekkt by stefa-zozokovich Svefn-G-Englar by SergeyKomarov :thumb139497752: It's Raining Books by baumwolle :thumb108846378: :thumb138400646: :thumb139054178: Party For Two. by Blutr0t Death by.. flip.. by RokkeR Coyote III by venicequeenf a time to be so small by aimeelikestotakepics Carpates Escape by MoiMM :thumb92215090: :thumb120409818: Pills. by howdarntragic cicale by Krapfen daniella 6 by RobbyP lights by perhydrol you're beautiful by da-bu-di-bu-da :thumb139322134: :thumb139334320: MiliardRaczek. by dziklusek Lu'lu'ah by KalebMinau .maybe cappucino? by immacola :thumb134465766: Olives by HollyBroomhall all we are by Zaratops :thumb139140167: :thumb111806410: :thumb106481638: Deep Water by UnaObsesion :thumb85099569: :thumb119501693: 2 by ploc Wings. by froststick Jurassic Park by iuanka ..and i asked him... by somney Cookie and Milk by Randomglitch elisir by aenimation :thumb138014562: :thumb137335240: Lemon Cookies 2 by bittykate :thumb129457127: m. by quesuu :thumb131334080: :thumb135169619: River's soul by bittersweetvenom Dance, dance, dance by Schneltser vera + linhof by suo-me alex dip. by suo-me ..Breakfast.. by ya7obeelk :thumb134098586: ready by aimeelikestotakepics Sky Is The Limit by kosmodisk Comme un courant by AlexandraSophie ID by ingue :thumb128520434: best friend by AlicjaRodzik Good Morning Day by pincel3d first film scan by rhapsouldize :thumb139998436: :thumb140065051: :thumb139923995: :thumb139906269: :thumb139661917: :thumb139660325: :thumb139346860: :thumb139308602: :thumb139174640: :thumb138687387: :thumb138793204: :thumb138744651:

:thumb103494847: :thumb113304392: :thumb139873012: :thumb139823066: :thumb139678430: :thumb139228656: :thumb139339801: :thumb139180378: :thumb139159788:

:thumb103930614: :thumb135734879: :thumb40487404: :thumb24393211: :thumb77834546: :thumb122550038: :thumb67566206: :thumb72709575: :thumb133083546: :thumb99798664: :thumb100754765: :thumb111669020: :thumb96790412: :thumb126563843: :thumb70500827: :thumb112248724: :thumb104557906: :thumb107192777: :thumb105950792: :thumb138714041: :thumb107035537: :thumb78241956:

:thumb140340723: :thumb97475393: :thumb124560110: :thumb133331091: :thumb111495142: :thumb82897594: :thumb118783566: :thumb118239202: :thumb124256026: :thumb57666068: :thumb34664952: :thumb57419983: :thumb100200271: :thumb138440015: :thumb138271103: :thumb138165809: :thumb129969307: :thumb132101377: :thumb121855195: :thumb138635842: :thumb126016780: :thumb135087865: :thumb116538665: :thumb90729048: :thumb123791243: :thumb120165745: :thumb78097471: :thumb97798484: :thumb104906072: :thumb116578049: :thumb27602419: :thumb43139414: :thumb108363888: :thumb112425315: :thumb95450791: :thumb123775769: :thumb88638070: :thumb124055804: :thumb66578796: :thumb112343474: :thumb115572685: :thumb102534077: :thumb123304562: :thumb123267113: :thumb119860550:

:thumb89138521: :thumb72242146:  :thumb87980011: :thumb85978927: :thumb50734299: :thumb114944301: :thumb128841785: :thumb130621520: :thumb83599255: :thumb118898976: :thumb118638053:  :thumb139912947: :thumb140042367: :thumb140253298: :thumb127671930: :thumb115472694: :thumb121933952:
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Great feature :heart:!
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I'm so sorry for the late comment, but just wanna say thank you so much for putting my deviation! :hug:
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Thank you these are great!
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Gorgeous collection. Thank you for the feature. :heart:
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wow... what a GREAT collection!!!
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Sorry about being so incredibly late, but thank you so much!
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Wow, these are fantastic! :O And so many! Gorgeous!
Thank you for the feature :hug:
Love how you've organised them by shape and kind, too :)
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thank you so much :blowkiss:
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wow. such a great feature.
i love this collection. :love:
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thank you, such a nice thing to hear :manhug:
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beautiful collection of photos i just found myself :+fav: many of them :)
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thank you kindly for your attention! :manhug:

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Lovely feature! Thank you for including one of mine!
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I'm happy you like the work! :tighthug:

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thank you so much!