Double exposure: the simple magic
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Published: October 23, 2009
Best double (or more) exposed shots - analog or digital. Enjoy the simple magic and peculiar feeling of multy exposure, when two realyties meet. :star:


don't mind by fabrizio-infrared sun shades by zuckerfuss double me by marfia Double exposure Yellowstone by Herrspecht Double Green by 12ne double by Lomomaniac Double Landscape by Lomo440 double V by marfia Dom Grim by Black-Crusader Store Double Exposure by WNicholas Double by gecko-polip Stunt Double by alltheantics :thumb118227350: Holga- Double Take by paisleac Double Exposure 6 by xspyfishx Double Exposure 2 by xspyfishx double exposure by herbstkind Ghosts by jessethebuilder :thumb118756049: je t'aime by philiipp :thumb88285543: Fuego Latino by baccanteinvasata :thumb112442136: Inside you by aasa-bergem star by kyiaia ACcROSS THE WATERrrr by anjusha :thumb112441242: il mondo con altri occhi by kilit x2 by Santina n x 2 by bloody-riddle :thumb89327625: La difficolta' . by Steal-Midnight finding ashle by bloody-riddle :thumb137661697: centrifugal introversion. by Dronevil hjfg by Santina Ghost by pauline-greefhorst :thumb138271103: I ate a taxi by copcocuk Drifting on the water by CR1STYLOGR4PH Le Vingtieme Souffle by Vinc6


:thumb110071491: Lana by Hengki24 :thumb111102204: Holga 011 by Nullermanden By the factory wall by StephanePellennec HOLGA 14 by buhoazul What Happens At Night? by FourPumpkins :thumb43750890: Double Exposure by SilentDistractions :thumb25633611: Double Vision Amsterdam by futurowoman Double Exposure by Plainsong Miranda is a cat with 6 legs. by Fohat :thumb82416597: 148-11 : autotronche by benoiton Deadly Kiss by MissVickies Everyday route by VicDaR3n Portes sur le reve by herzeele Alter Ego or Warhol Revisited by Art2mys lith-osci by xvadix Two Faces by MissVickies Holga 13 by xxlogre Upside-downside by VicDaR3n 'theory of ghost' by fatmind1999 L'esprit by natdia image 50 by nikom I was lying. by gloeckchen :thumb118733768:


White Rabbit hole by 6igella Alice or Mary Ann by 6igella Fisheye Moscow by 6igella Fish eye Moscow by 6igella last spring by 6igella lomo summer 2 by 6igella Gold by 6igella just some spring flowers by 6igella evening window by 6igella splitting by 6igella white-flower august by 6igella the endless field by 6igella 100 g by 6igella novgorod by 6igella A sheep in your head I by 6igella A sheep in your head II by 6igella A Wild Sheep Chase II by 6igella Hairy tale by 6igella self portrait by AnxieTee It happens IV by jup3nep double exposure by Polishhippy Double Prints VI by fugginsteve :thumb126123710: Vladivostok by frida-vl Dana's Boudoir Photo by BurlapZack NYC double by isobscura Home by Viscosa light through by gonzoust :thumb107062625: :thumb48333613: :thumb85618201: Double Exposure by gaaraofthechocolate Double... by xxqueenxofxskemexx Kenzie Double Exposure 3 by StolenSecrets DOUBLE EXPOSURE by JacquiVanGrootel Double Exposure by nirvanaqueen15 double III by marfia double. by moumine Double by lucky-charm Out of phase by Jamers either side of sophie by Piers-Erbsloeh Vodka Visions by kutchiara Public Transportation by jalchemy i got bees by agent229 sunday mornin comin down by AnalogPhotographers :thumb40617706: oktograph 0004 by trewda Dylan's Double Exposure by hail2dkingbaby :thumb141145443: PrestoConFuoco by tarlocat analogue troublebath II by mirdaX blue moment by hazeofdoom nice light by matew analogue troublebath by mirdaX :thumb88060576: Broadway by ironist :thumb123866005: box 001 by nikom :thumb104263613: I'D 5 by jiwaki Ghost people 2 - Pinhole by ygnaz :thumb85112919: Metambiose - 2 by fbern :thumb105951617: :thumb109580197: thought-conclusion by heditsku kai danguje nebelieka vietos. by martynas it's notlike it seems by dododoraemon :thumb43640122: :thumb103932586: la sola che ho visto by hanselbender non e' vero by hanselbender let down by TakkYou ZX by fabrizio-infrared phantom by wakemeupinlondon bijou by momomilk :thumb88638070: remember by dozhdlivaya angels dreams by dozhdlivaya :thumb136315356: Carpates Escape by MoiMM reading trains. by pickaredballoon


Strawberry field by 6igella Don't trust the small bottles by 6igella The air. Piter. by 6igella Dior street by 6igella lomo summer 1 by 6igella Geta by 6igella A Wild Sheep Chase III by 6igella Take Air by happysho3s Hide from the world by Frall Double Prints IV by fugginsteve fly on - double exposure by LightOfThe80ies :thumb94925220: double jeu by comteskyee Double 03 by Sodapop77 DarkStar-double exposure by LightOfThe80ies double sun by privatedanser experiment 08 by ispucian -This is not a - Chandelier by uh-whatsthat inside by aliot17 Double NY 02 by MelvinHAZE :thumb109481258: double hennissement by lupinbushi :thumb137857514:

Now, I ask you to explore all theese magical pieces and give them some :+fav:

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yours, 6igella :blowkiss:
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noirwhisperHobbyist Photographer
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heldenriffHobbyist Photographer
very nice features!
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Merci ...
belles découvertes que les autres photos!
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they are all so gorgeous!!

love them and thanks again
i love your choices!
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VicDaR3nHobbyist Photographer
Thank zou very much :bow: nice collection
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my my im always little late, thank u very much!
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Thank you for using my photo in this article. Great work collecting so many wonderful shots :-)
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6igellaProfessional Photographer
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отличная подборка!
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6igellaProfessional Photographer
спасибо! :tea:
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felibreeHobbyist Photographer
Really insteresting selection :clap:
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6igellaProfessional Photographer
thank you! :sun: