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Favourite Visual Artist
Gerard Way/Gabriel Ba/Mark Ryden/Elizabeth Peyton
Favourite Movies
Fight Club/Lords of Dogtown/SLC Punk/Ginger Snaps/Jennifer's Body/Lord of the Rings/Wreck-it-Ralph
Favourite TV Shows
Jackass/Ghost Adventures/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Supernatural/Summer Heights High/anything on Bio
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
My Chemical Romance
Favourite Books
The Dove Keeper/Chasing Red Bird/A Splitting Of The Mind/Fight Club/Lord of the Flies --(woah check it out, [if ya kno the stories] those all kind of go in order--progressing off each other. u can see my thought process..weird)
Favourite Games
Murderer/I am (spoon) Legend/Kick the Cone/That game you play on roadtrips where you try to find a license plate for every state
Favourite Gaming Platform
mmmy brainnnn.
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just sayin hi. Cuz I miss everyone on here and this website in general and want to try to get back on here again.
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so I've been reading over old journal entries of mine, and literally cannot believe that was all me. Its like hearing your voice in a recording or video from when you were little, and being like "did I really sound like that???" Cuz usually its not that its worse than your voice now, but just incredibly different. Almost beyond recognition. I'm feeling so claustrophobic, and I remembered suddenly that I do have this website... Though, it used to be my escape, seeing as not only did nobody know about my account, but at the time, I didnt care if they found out. Now I care. So much do I care ~sighingplz (https://www.deviantart.com/sighingplz) I felt really bad when I tried to p
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I havent been on here in the longest time and I apologize and miss many of you and thanku anyone who's still following me! <3 ugh. But yeah, I have more art to upload, but also I'm not gonna be posting much more fanfiction on here anymore--I'm sorry to people who follow me for that >.< But if anyone still wants me to write stuff for them, or do any fanfic-related art, I am considering making another page, or a tumblr account for it specifically?? So if anyone would want me to do that, let me know, and I'll leave a link to the new pages on here! But again, thanks everyone, I still love all of you and miss many of you guys, and will
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Yo. Long time!
check your notes!!! 
Rainbow Rose Happy New Year !!
Hey tulula its me eric. Listen i just came to saywhen r u gonna come back for one day in lachsa. I know u said around halloween but i justwant toknow. I know youll probably wanna hang with most of your freinds but i know that we are close freinds. I know you dont like it but i still have deep feelings about you still. Thatmoment we kissed i will always keep it as my best high school moment ever. Tulula idk why but since u left i feel empty. I feel as though im lost and i need someone to be at my side. Know that youll be here just for one day. I just want to make sure it counts. Because once we graduate idk what will happen between us. idk what will happen thats y i need to be with you when you return. So if you havwme time reply back. Ill be waiting tulula xoxo <3 :).
Thanks for the fave on my Dean cosplay!
of course! It was an awesome cosplay ^.^