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Spider suit Texture set 02

Second set of diffuse color texture for ice-boy's Spider suit [link]

webspinners from Bluto [link]

Utility Belt [link]

Hood from Urbane [link]

wrinkles were created by*Nadino-Designs

Custom Lens by me

specia thanx to Nadino and josephquick

I will post more soon

Ps "Big time" render are edit in photoshop for the glow effect

first set [link]
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Thanks :-)

I was looking for something like this for the M4 Bodysuit, but this will do just fine.
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are these models rigged?
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good quality textures!!!!But the hood link is break...
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Hey.. about your Spider suit Texture set 02 , the scarlet spider with the hoodie.. the link is not working for his hood or utility belt, u think u can send me the right link?
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i like the ben riley costume.
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I can't even start to express how amazing these are. Thank you so much! <3
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Hey, I used the Miles Morales texture in an image of mine. These are really great dude, thank you for making them.
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One question, how did u drop down the hood of the urbane hood? There is no built morph for it, atleast I can't find it :( I'm not good at magnets either :(
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Are those lens in the download this suits are awesome
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Make others I found these really cool this work is amazing
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Great work, maybe you could do the tarantula, carnage, and venom?
LadySythe's avatar is dead... :-/ Good looking belt. And excellent work on the textures!
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love it great work
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Are these free models?
Wow, these are very awesome! Nice Work!! What 3d program did you use?
guhzcoituz's avatar
I LIKE'it good costume dude
mrspiderdoom1623's avatar
Oh man, nice, Spider suits. Nice job on the "Big time/stealth" suit Spidey and the 2nd Scarlet Spider costume those two are just my favorites.
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thanks for these
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Purfictly-Flawed's avatar
I like the first 3.
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