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Spider suit Texture set 01

Just my first set of diffuse color texture for ice-boy's Spider suit [link]

webspinners from Bluto [link]

wrinkles were created by*Nadino-Designs

Custom Lens by me

specia thanx to Nadino and josephquick

I will post more soon

second set [link]
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How where you able to get the sculpted body on the Spiderman. Through the M4 body or the iceman suit?

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Superb work ☺
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just superb, did you create the diffuse maps?
and what 3d software did you render it in, the renders came out amazing, if you could render a spider man swingin or jumping then we could do an awesome work on it
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Una curiosità, ma perchè hai usato la suit di Ice BOy, e non quella di Joequick?
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era per me più comoda per modificare le texture
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superb, is that 2099 or your own version
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This is really good, you should be proud.
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Very interesting!
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Hey man!!! excellent work!!!
Could i ask you one favor??? please!!!!
In this package you are sharing
i only found 3 textures.
The first one is not there...
Could you please share it !!!!
Thanks again a lot!!!!!!!
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wow great models, please i want share your models, in my site, i give you the credit for this i will put your name like contribuitor i want??
its my site: [link]
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TASM Model looks as if it was taken from the iPad game
Ben Riley's suit is better.
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omg it looks so good :D
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Hi, I used this image here [link]
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May I request a Spiderman Noir texture set
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Spiderman Noir please! XD
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I usually don't take much more than a glance at this sort of thing, but you've really impressed me with this. Using the new movie costume was a stroke of genius, because I like the design of it despite some of its imperfections and you've improved quite a bit on it, it seems. The Future Foundation costume isn't too bad, and I'm hoping Spidey still has a place with them now that Johnny Storm's back in town. The Ben Reilly suit is well-designed, too, and the external web-shooters look great. Your black-suit design is possibly the best of them all for how streamlined it is, but that's just my opinion. Speaking of that, one thing I particularly like about your textures is how you give all of them different eye shapes; it really makes the impression that they're different costumes and not just recolors or repaints.
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hi your model is really good. i want share your model in my site ? all the credit is for you your name be present . waht you say ?
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