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Red Hood Mask OBJ

Jason Todd mask inspired by the cartoon "Batman: Under the red hood."
The attached file is a OBJ created in Zbrush. It's my first attempt with this program so be merciful.

Render in Daz3d + Photoshop
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esta genial/ nice job! 
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Very Nice. and Thank you for the file. I am going to add a zipper to the object and change the texture. I need a creepy killer mask. I hope you don't mind. : )
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Sure :) show me when u have done :)
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I will be posting it sometime later today. : ) Trust me it came out really good.
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Love this! Jason is my favorite out out all the bat kids, his story just breaks my heart. Good job!
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Awesome :D.
I saw this and my immdediate thought was jadon going ' come at me bro' xD
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great job on this. looks awesome
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Thank you for this!
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hey!first off, iwant to say that this is incredible work! one question, do you have a simpler 3d model of this, im trying to convert it to pepakura, and its way too detailed for that xD

if not, thats cool

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Thanks, mane, this mesh ROCKS!!!. Used in the link below, as well as many dozens to be released for the contest.

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Freaking awesome~!!!
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This story is actually cannon in the classic comic book series.
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The movie was based on the story arcs "A Death in the Family" and "Under the Hood"
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yeah I'm familiar with them.
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