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M4 BodySuit Textures Captain America

M4 BodySuit Textures Captain America

wrinkles were created by*Nadino-Designs

M4 Bodysuit [link]
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Thank you very much.
The correct link to the bodysuit for M4 at the moment is:
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What program are you using with this?
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Thank you very much!
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Very nice thank you!
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Wow. Awesome
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hey 6and6, nice costume, thank you !
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wow, that is very impressive!
hey 6and6 thanks for the textures...i've made a captain america using your textures..nice work..btw see it here: [link]
Thanks buddy.
Here is some thing for all!

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any chance to get the helmet?
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i would be more than happy to look at the helmet to see what i might be able to do to help you out with it
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ok , so spill the beans , where did you get the cap movie helmet?
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Realy cool Textures! I there a chance to geht the Helmet? Very cool!
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I like your Captain America battle suit. Inspired by the upcoming Avengers movie, perhaps? Even so, it actually looks slightly better than the movie version, as far as the helmet goes. In the movie, it looks more like an expensive novelty mask. Your version has it actually resemble a helmet, and the armored gloves and boots are necessary for a character whose powers are mainly human abilities boosted to their absolute peak potential, which obviously does not include being bulletproof. The texture of the suit reminds me of tactical body armor, which would also be appropriate for a super-soldier character like Captain America. Great work.
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thanks 6and6...we would be grateful if you could share the helmet and the nodes connection as well (the mat file) if not its ok..we thank you anyway! ;)
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Hi, I gave the helmet to joequick hoping he can turn it into a content.Unfortunately i am not able and i can't even convert my own texture in material :( I'm hopeless
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its ok..i can't Joe is on to it?
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mmmh i hope he is on it...but it's better if u ask him :)
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this is a noob question, but where u get the star? comes with the texture?
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it's an obj imported :)
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wow that's cool !
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