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Batman New 52 Toon Texture

Batman new 52 Texture for roguepilot’s superman new 52 suit.

in the image:
My custom toon morph + some custom props...

credit goes to roguepilot and Isikol for this great suit!

here [link] u can find the suit
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Looks like a fortnite champion 
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I have never seen ur work b4 awesome so I assume after appl;ying ur textures I can color? I d/l file I have 2 imgaes
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Awesome! Thanks for sharing your wonderful textures
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Great textures, thanks for sharing.
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Fantastic work!
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Woah! :O That is some mind blowing work! :O
What cape is that?? Its so perfect!
zergmarex's avatar
Yeah the face is completely wrong
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Nice design but... his face. Something is wrong with it in my opinion. Eyes look to close to each other and are tiny making his face look odd.
HectoRage's avatar
where's the D =))) nice work by the way =))
Purpleground02's avatar
Nice work! Great model =)
Jack-O-Lantern's avatar
he has bad proportions and his suit makes no sense. Poor attempt in making him look cool. Easily one of the worst batmans I have seen.

It is well executed from the technical point of view though.
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opinions are always welcome
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UUgh I don't like the new 52 look of batman or superman (I'm not familiar with the looks of other heroes) They both have these ugly lines going all over their suits, it looks like lazy suit design. For batman they could have simply added a few pads on his arms and legs to give them some shape or gone with a slightly more realistic/functional look. And same with supes, they took away his undies (which makes sense) but in doing so they threw off the red/blue balance that he had going on and then they threw up those fuckin' lines all over him.

God damn I want to smack DC so hard.
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well i understand what u say...but i'm a fan of this new 52 style....:) I like the fact that they have standardized the style of suits
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It's good that they standardize the suits. I just think they could have been a bit more creative.
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looks cool, the new batman cgi series looks like its going to be horrible, would have been great if he looked like this though
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