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The Master by 69PeacefulChaos69 The Master :icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 2 3
L x Reader: Leeks
Misa was innocently peeking around the corner of the detective's door. He slowly turned his head from the cake. "… yes?"
"I probably asked you already… but why don't you eat anything healthy?"
L shrugged. "I don't need to."
"Well isn't that a snobbish thing to say," you declared.
L looked blankly at you. "-chan, what do you mean to say?"
"I mean to say… what if we made you eat something healthy?" As you said that, Misa giggled and stepped completely into the room, showing O a leek.
"… no." L turned away and attempted to ignore you.
"Yes!" Misa said before both of you attacked him. As you pinned his arms back, you looked innocently into L's eyes. "You wouldn't dare kick a girl like you kicked Light-kun, wouldn't you?"
L just quietly looked back at you, calm anger burning in his eyes. You giggled and gave Misa room as she set to work forcing the leek into the sweets-loving man. He sadly complied. No matter how much you annoyed him, he had to adm
:icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 182 52
Jynx Reference by 69PeacefulChaos69 Jynx Reference :icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 4 11 I'm so sick by 69PeacefulChaos69 I'm so sick :icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 5 6 Neko!UsUk :: Request by 69PeacefulChaos69 Neko!UsUk :: Request :icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 0 1 Aaria design 2 by 69PeacefulChaos69 Aaria design 2 :icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 2 2 Aaria design 1 by 69PeacefulChaos69 Aaria design 1 :icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 2 2
Deafness, blindness, and death
Once, I hoped to be deaf,
So that I wouldn't hear the screams thrown at me.
Then I hoped to be blind,
So that I wouldn't see the glares tossed at me.
Putting it all together, I hoped to be dead,
Because why would someone want to be unable to hear and see,
When the cold, comforting grips of death could come over me?
So I sat
And hoped
And did nothing.
And wished for a light rat-a-tat-tat
On my door, wished for my neck to magically be roped,
And be dragged into eternal dark unconsciousness to get away from the bluffing.
But the thought of debts owed,
The feeling of love sewed into my heart,
Prevented me from entering that boat that was by a skeleton rowed,
Kept me from dropping my part.
So I kept on walking,
Hid my face, watched my feet,
Sauntering into the pain of full sight and hearing,
Meandering into a world that still had that stubborn heartbeat…
:icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 6 2
.: Ioten :. by 69PeacefulChaos69 .: Ioten :. :icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 4 6 Tahzara by 69PeacefulChaos69 Tahzara :icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 3 8 New dA ID by 69PeacefulChaos69 New dA ID :icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 3 8
When the sky cries...
Mae's downcast eyes were half-closed as she let the music coming from the pink and black earphones placed in her ears take over her mind.
All that she heard was the chords of the music.
She started when she felt something cold and wet on her head. She slowly looked up, and blinked as yet another raindrop fell on her forehead.
Great. Just great.
She took the earplugs out of her ears in time to hear the thunder, louder this time. She pulled her iPod out and paused the music, towing it safely away into a pocket of her black hoodie. She pulled the hood up and stood up from the park bench as the few drops of rain steadily turned into a downpour.
The girl's pink and black converse shoes splashed some mud onto her jeans as she walked slowly through the park, finally getting herself onto a sidewalk. She reluctantly looked up at the crosswalk. Cars zoomed past, their windshield wipers on, the people inside of them safe.
Mae blinked as she looked through the rain. Two teenage couples were
:icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 5 5
To Run Free by 69PeacefulChaos69 To Run Free :icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 2 0 Free as a Raven: Stock by 69PeacefulChaos69 Free as a Raven: Stock :icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 5 0 Grayson by 69PeacefulChaos69 Grayson :icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 4 4 Horse Stock by 69PeacefulChaos69 Horse Stock :icon69peacefulchaos69:69PeacefulChaos69 2 0

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All of my artwork and stories... small for now, but still growing!


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Mae/Chaos Starrspell
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"I stole your childhood and now I've led you by the hand to your death. But the worst thing is I knew. I knew this would happen. This is what always happens. Forget your faith in me. I took you with me because I was vain. Because I wanted to be adored. Look at you, glorious Pond. The Girl Who Waited for me. I'm not a hero. I really am just a madman in a box. And it's time we say each other as we really are. Amy Williams. It's time to stop waiting."

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What am I obsessed with now?
-Arthur Darvill
-Doctor Who
-avoiding my parents
-genetics (stfu I can be nerd)


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