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In between classes.

Location  St. Petersburg

Image is part of a photo series - Behind the scenes of the Theater School.

Year of shooting: 2003

Photos of the series can be found at the link:

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That moment of pressure and challenge in blocking a piece - "Have you got the guts to go through with this?" Moments that can make or break a performance -and sometime break or make a human being.

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In life, it is so.


These are actors, and for them, everything IS just a game ...

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I've dabbled there a little. Actors get sucked into the story, and sometime lose themselves. I think Peter Sellers had this problem - at the end, "who am I?"

Each little boundary pushed has an effect. Some boundaries need to be challenged and dismantled. Others are their to protect us from ourselves. Sometimes, we only find out too late. And sometimes the boundary you need to topple in your life is the one keeping me sane in my life; your game is my sanity.

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Previously, actors in theater schools were taught to "get out of the image" that they play on stage. Do they teach today? Do not know. Otherwise, you can really go crazy.

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My acting was a good few decades back. I have worked with actors who moved on to be therapists, and they were aware of the need to "debrief", but I think the impact is very strong, and that some personalities may be more prone to it than others.

Crazy is the word.

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Thank you, I see you are quite deeply immersed in the topic. Your opinions are very interesting to me.

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"The question"

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To be or not to be?😊

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