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Valerie the Villain-Wannabe Living Doll
From within the Supeheroes vs Villains universe of TheRealNatechu and possibly gamerrobot as well, she wishes to be the ichest villain in the world. Trouble is, being a cloth doll from the start, she is incapable of being taken seriously. Not even thr truth of her shins and knuckles containing metal and stones is enough to make her serious to heroes and civiliams alike; even other villains brush her off as the clown among real villains. The fact that she STILL commits crimes is motivated by her desire to be treated as a real criminal. She has all the cloth powers possible that are actual powers known to the world.

Her notable one is the abiliy to control any clothing, even those worn by other people. With it, she can frce people to do what she wants them to do.Her ability to conjure any clothing can help her control people further. She can also use it for when she wants a whip. While holding the whip, she can move it like its a boneless extension of her arm and use it to trip up her opponents, block attacks, and even choke anyone that goes against her. Unfortunately, the whip requires her to put a stone in it manually for it to be an effective bludgeoning weapon or all it can do as such is slap people. Even then, she's always willing to kill anyone who gets in her way. And that's about it. Hope you like it.

Valerie (c) me
By NeoverseMike 

1. You have to post these rules!
2. Answer the questions and make 12 new ones!
3. Choose 12 people!
4. Tag those people!
5. Tag backs are allowed!

1- Lemons or Limes?

2- Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry?

3- What type of bugs do you hate?
The venomous ones, especially bees, wasps, and hornets

4- Favorite Color?

5- Favorite Time of Day?
Night time

6- What type of weather do you prefer?

7- Favorite Video Games.
Battlefield Hardline

8- Fire, Water, Earth, or Air?

9- What is your birthstone?

10- What type of pets do you love?

11- Favorite Animals?
Anaconda, python, and boa

12- Angel or Demon?

My questions:

1. If you could own any three game in the world, what would they be?
Example answer: Star Fox Zero, Kirby: Star Allies, and Mario Tennis Aces

2. Which characters That you know of do you want to exist?
Example answer: The Powerpuff Girls

3. From an evolutionary standpoint, which do you think came first, the chicken or the egg?
Example answer: The egg

4. What superpower do you wish to have?
Example answer: Cloth mimicry

5. What snake do you like above all others?
Example answer: Anaconda

6. How did you come across DeviantART?
Example answer: I was just looking for some PPG fanart on Google

7. Which racing sport do you prefer?
Example answer: Kart racing

8. Are you a fan of combat sports like boxing?
Example answer: Yes I am

9. Who's your favorite YouTuber to watch?
Example answer: Markiplier

10. What is your favorite Pokemon?
Example answer: Seviper

11. If you could wish one world problem away, what would it be?
Example answer: Cancer

12. What is your favorite thing to do?
Example answer: Playing video games

I tag...
Primary weapons: AR57, P90, MP7A2 Magpul PDR-D, SR-3M with suppressor and FN TPS, all with Coyote reflex sight, foregrip where possible, and laser sight.
Secondary weapons: G18, even if it's a converted G17 like in MW2, and Desert Eagle Mark XIX with scope that fits the picatinny rail on top of the barrel.
Sidearms: Five-seveN and P320.

Primary weapons: UMP-9, CBJ-MS, and SR-2M, all with suppressors.
Secondary weapons: SSR-20 with canted red dot sight and 6x Trijicon scope:…, McMillan CS5, and Steyr Scout Ranger, the latter two with 8x scopes, suppressors, and bipods (proprietary with the Scout Ranger).
Sidearms: P320 and HK45C, all with suppressors.

Primary weapons: Mk. 48 Mod 1, Mk. 46 Mod 1 (both variants of the M249, the former using 7.62x51mm NATO as a replacement of the M240 and the latter a short barreled Mk. 48 using 5.56x45mm NATO), L86A2, and Ultimax 100 Mark 5, all with bipods, M145 scopes, and laser sights.
Secondary weapons: M3 Super 90 with full choke and M26 MASS standalone with Trijicon SRS.
Sidearms: MP-412 REX and Marlin Model 1894 Mare's Leg.

Primary weapons: Desert Tech SRS Covert with suppressor, RSASS, VSS Vintorez, and M39 EMR, all with picatinny-mounted PKS-07 or ACOG scopes.
Secondary weapon: RPG-7V2 with various rocket-propelled grenades.
Sidearm: MP9 with suppressor.

Primary weapons: ACR chambered for 6.8, 5.56A-91, AS Val, and L85A2.
Secondary weapons: XM25, M320, and Metal Storm 3GL.
Sidearm: Skorpion vz. 61.

Primary weapon: CM901 with M26 MASS mounted under the barrel and ACOF scope with MRS.
Secondary weapons: FGM-148 Javelin, Mk 153 Mod 0 SMAW, and FIM-92 Stinger.
Sidearms: PP-2000 with a 40-round mag used as a stock and Taurus Model 44.

Primary weapon: MP9 with laser sight.
Secondary weapon: Ballistic shield in conjunction with the MP9 or sidearms.
Sidearms: M1911A1, G18, and 93R, all with laser sights.
<da:thumb id="745092180"/>
There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people on my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends".

The initial three already have their own weapon loadouts so the weapons in their loadouts are alternate weapons they use.

the original three conceived by gamerrobot and owned by me

Maya the Wasp Medic: 

Primary weapon: P90 w/ kick proficiency and Coyote sight
Secondary weapon: P99
Lethal equipment: Frag grenade
Tactical equipment: EMP grenade
Blue Perk: Sleight of Hand (decreased reload by 50% and ability to switch weapons faster)
Red perk: Assassin (invisible to UAV Recon, Advanced UAV, Portable Radar, Thermal Scopes, and Heartbeat Sensors as well as immune to Counter-UAV and EMP and doesn't make enemy crosshairs turn red when she's aimed at)
Green perk: Marksman (identify enemies at longer ranges; the longer hold breath ability only applies to when the user uses thermal scopes or sniper rifles)
Strike Package: Support
Killstreak rewards: UAV, Counter-UAV, and SAM turret
Deathstreak perk: Juiced (move faster for 7 seconds after spawn

Ace the Dragonfly Pilot:

Primary weapon: UMP-45 w/ range proficiency and suppressor
Secondary weapon: P99 w/ suppressor
Lethal equipment: Throwing knife
Tactical equipment: Scrambler
Blue perk: Sleight of Hand
Red perk: Quickdraw (reduced aim down sight time by 33% and recovery from grenade and equipment usage faster as well as place and throw them faster)
Green perk: SitRep (detect enemy explosives and tactical equipment and magnifies the sound of enemy footsteps by four times)
Strike package: Specialist (killstreak requards are extra perks with 8 kills granting the user all conventional perks and proficiencies)
Killstreak rewards: Scavenger (replenishes one magazine of ammo for every Scavenger pack picked up and (when equipped as a loadout perk) spawn with max reserve ammo), Steady Aim (reduce hipfire spread by 35% and readies weapon faster after sprinting), and Marksman
Deathstreak perk: Juiced

Bud the Spider Heavy Weapons Specialist:

Primary weapon: Mk. 46 w/ Impact proficiency and Acog
Secondary weapon: SPAS-12
Lethal equipment: Claymore
Tactical equipment: Concussion grenade
Blue perk: Scavager
Red perk: Overkill (allows for a primary to be taken up as a secondary weapon with pro allowing for equipping attachments and camouflage)
Green perk: Steady Aim
Strike package: Support
Killstreak rewards: Recon Drone, Stealth Bomber, and EMP
Deathstreak perk: Martyrdom (drop a live grenade when killed that explodes)

There are new members of the unit, the first two made by gamerrobot, the other two made by me.

gamerrobot's new Bug Commando members

Amby the Amblipygi Militant:

Primary weapon: RSASS w/ ACOG scope
Secondary weapon: MP9 w/ suppressor
Lethal equipment: Bouncing Betty
Tactical equipment: Trophy system
Blue perk: Blind Eye (cannot be targeted by autonomous killstreaks and lack a glow on player controlled killstreaks and shortens launcher lock on time by half (if the user uses a lock-on launcher) and also increases the damage that the user's bullets do to air support by 60%)
Red perk: Assassin
Green perk: Stalker (removes ADS movement penalty and delays detection-triggered explosives)
Strike package: Assault
Killstreak rewards: UAV, I.M.S., and Reaper UAV
Deathstreak perk: Revenge (periodically reveals the position of the last enemy that killed the user)

Scorps the Red Forest Scorpion Poison Crafter:

Primary weapon: ACR 6.8
Secondary weapon: XM25
Lethal equipment: Frag grenade
Tactical equipment: FlashBang
Blue perk: Sleight of Hand
Red perk: Blast Shield (reduce explosive damage by 45% and 50% resistance to flashbangs and concussion grenades
Green perk: Marksman
Strike package: Support
Killstreak rewards: Advanced UAV, Stealth Bomber, and Escort Airdrop
Deathstreak perk: Revenge

My new Bug Commando members

Nikita the Scorpionfly Anti-Air Specialist:

Primary weapon: CM901 w/ Masterkey under-barrel shotgun and ACOG
Secondary weapon: FGM-148 Javelin
Lethal equipment: Frag grenade
Tactical grenade: Concussion grenade
Blue perk: Extreme Conditioning (lets users sprint for eight seconds and climb obstacles faster)
Red perk: Blast Shield
Green perk: Steady Aim
Strike Package: Support
Killstreak rewards: Remote Turret, Stealth Bomber, and Juggernaut Recon
Deathstreak perk: Hollow Points

Harold the Snakefly Shield-Bearing Support:
Primary weapon: Riot Shield w/ melee proficiency
Secondary weapon: MP9
Lethal equipment: Semtex
Tactical equipment: FlashBang
Blue perk: Blind Eye
Red perk: Hardline (lessens the amount of kills to next killstreak reward by 1 with 2 assists counting as a kill and even lessens the amount of deaths before obtaining a deathstreak perk by 1)
Green perk: SitRep
Strike Package: Support
Killstreak rewards: UAV, Counter-UAV, and SAM turret

And that's about it. Hope you like it.

The Bug Commando (c) me and gamerrobot


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United States
Shen the Snake AXG (c) me

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I'm opening up commissions because I'm willing to do it.

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Puffed style: 5 points for one character (5+ points for every extra character in it)

A new design: 10 points per new design (10+ points for every new design for every extra person from one deviant) (on sale ever since I made Carrie, the Powerpuff doll that makes clothing, just notify me when you want a new design from me and Carrie will make one for you (and I'll draw what the design will look like after Carrie made it))

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