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The Snake Swallowed Merchant Magolor by 685eric685 The Snake Swallowed Merchant Magolor :icon685eric685:685eric685 2 3 A Cuff-Headed Sock Snake by 685eric685 A Cuff-Headed Sock Snake :icon685eric685:685eric685 1 0 A Snake and Merchant Magolor by 685eric685 A Snake and Merchant Magolor :icon685eric685:685eric685 1 0 An Anatomically Redesigned Snakey by 685eric685 An Anatomically Redesigned Snakey :icon685eric685:685eric685 4 0 The Cimex Carnage by 685eric685 The Cimex Carnage :icon685eric685:685eric685 3 0 Ace's MP7A2 by 685eric685 Ace's MP7A2 :icon685eric685:685eric685 2 0 The Mimic by 685eric685 The Mimic :icon685eric685:685eric685 2 0
The Prominent Weaknesses of the Vexorion Military
Vexoria is known for having the best synthetic military in the galaxy, capable of conquering an entire planet within one month if need be. It can even rival similar synthetic militaries in many ways. That said, even the Vexorions have their downfalls and weaknesses.
For starters, all basic troops are not EMP-hardened. while the effects are temporary, it can last for up to an hour if even a singoe one is hit by it.Any kind of EMP device can work on them as long as they're within the radius of the source. Another weakness is their vulnerability to armor-piercing ballistic bullets made out of tungsten. Their armor may be immune to jacketed lead bullets, but tungsten is the perfect alloy to counter what would otherwise be their strongest metal ever used: Even a 9mm version of this bullet can pierce into the bodies of any troops and potentially damage the vital internals within their chests and heads.
And while their nanomachines are specifically designed to bypass the immune system, there
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A Cartoon Snake Swallowing some Socks and Dolls by 685eric685 A Cartoon Snake Swallowing some Socks and Dolls :icon685eric685:685eric685 4 3 This Toy Bob-Omb of Mine by 685eric685 This Toy Bob-Omb of Mine :icon685eric685:685eric685 4 2 Valerie the Villain-Wannabe Living Doll by 685eric685 Valerie the Villain-Wannabe Living Doll :icon685eric685:685eric685 3 4 Eric, mad4pokemon99's Voracious Cradily by 685eric685 Eric, mad4pokemon99's Voracious Cradily :icon685eric685:685eric685 4 27 P-Chan in Magnum 3.0 by 685eric685 P-Chan in Magnum 3.0 :icon685eric685:685eric685 3 3 Post-Atomic War M29 by 685eric685 Post-Atomic War M29 :icon685eric685:685eric685 1 0 Post-Atomic War M586 by 685eric685 Post-Atomic War M586 :icon685eric685:685eric685 1 0 Post-Atomic War Colt Python by 685eric685 Post-Atomic War Colt Python :icon685eric685:685eric685 2 0


Qna 11 by Darkman777888 Qna 11 :icondarkman777888:Darkman777888 2 6 Sandra cup design by LawendowyOscypek Sandra cup design :iconlawendowyoscypek:LawendowyOscypek 15 2
Masika Rab Ch. 2 - A new home
"But just what IS this place, guys?" - asked Masika as both she and her friends stood up.
They were surrounded by buildings a lot higher than the houses and other buildings that were in their homeland - but not bigger than the palace or the pyramids - cars were passing by, strange creatures walked the streets, that seemed humanoid, like them, but didn't have any animalistic features on them.
"I don't know, princess." - replied Turo - "This place is just as new and strange to me as it is to you and Canopus."
"We must be on our guard." - suggested Canopus.
"I agree. Any of these ..... strange folk can attack us at any given time." - said Masika. She opened her wing cases and started flying up to the sky, so that she can get a better view at the new world.
"These buildings sure are taller than in Egypt." - she remarked as she looked at the skyscrapers. A flock of ravens flew by. She approached one of them and thinking it can speak, she greeted it. To that, the ravens looked at her in shoc
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blue sea Mikotsuhime by LazyLatiasLover blue sea Mikotsuhime :iconlazylatiaslover:LazyLatiasLover 18 8 Born Again by Bonniecakes Born Again :iconbonniecakes:Bonniecakes 8 1 Buy Me A Coffee by AlannaArtroid Buy Me A Coffee :iconalannaartroid:AlannaArtroid 13 8 Tuckered Out by AlannaArtroid Tuckered Out :iconalannaartroid:AlannaArtroid 10 4 Alanna Smiling Animation by AlannaArtroid Alanna Smiling Animation :iconalannaartroid:AlannaArtroid 12 7 New Friends by AlannaArtroid New Friends :iconalannaartroid:AlannaArtroid 9 4 My Own Alvin by AlannaArtroid My Own Alvin :iconalannaartroid:AlannaArtroid 10 3 Alvin's Tongue by BrokenWingsOfLight Alvin's Tongue :iconbrokenwingsoflight:BrokenWingsOfLight 26 6 Alvin [Flat Colors] by BrokenWingsOfLight Alvin [Flat Colors] :iconbrokenwingsoflight:BrokenWingsOfLight 2 0 Alvin [2017 Reference] by BrokenWingsOfLight Alvin [2017 Reference] :iconbrokenwingsoflight:BrokenWingsOfLight 72 42 Altering your wishes by BrokenWingsOfLight
Mature content
Altering your wishes :iconbrokenwingsoflight:BrokenWingsOfLight 16 370
Alvin the Jester Doll [2014 Reference] by BrokenWingsOfLight Alvin the Jester Doll [2014 Reference] :iconbrokenwingsoflight:BrokenWingsOfLight 55 65 Little Tune by AlannaArtroid Little Tune :iconalannaartroid:AlannaArtroid 5 0
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The Snake Swallowed Merchant Magolor
With Magolor fully hypnotized, the snake began to swallow him whole, starting with the top of his head. Magolor felt the snake's teeth latching on and pulling him into her digestive system. when almost completely swallowed, Magolor wondered why he didn't consider researching the carnivorous wildlife before setting up shot where he did. Eventually, he was fully engulfed by the snake and is being "walked" to her stomach by her esophageal muscles. The snake enjoyed every bit of Magolor and begin top slither off. But then, right when the hypnosis wears off, she noticed that, from the feeling of hands making contact with her scales followed by looking down at the bulge from herself, Magolor's hands weren't swallowed with the main body. She wonders why it's so, but eventually stopped caring, as she's certain she doesn't need to eat those along with Magolor himself to live, so she continued to slither away as he struggled to crawl out of her to no avail.

Now, as a sequel to this:, this was drawn over my curiosity over the possibility that Magolor's arms are non-existent despite him not moving his hands far out from himself after seeing Kinkysheep's version of the initial drawing. Some snakes may care about it due to being use to digesting the entirety of their own prey's bodies while others care more about digesting the main portions of the body, like with this snake. Now I ask you: Are Magolor's arms really intangible? Hope you like it either way.

Magolor (c) :iconnintendoplz:

The snake (c) me
Me in PPG Character Creator
While I still wear my talking derpy hat, I figured on making myself in tifu's PPG Character Creator. And Yes, I really love Berserk's ribbons to the point of putting them on my persona, but conviniently for Berserk, these ribbons are my own as bought from a magic store (I made sure they're pink to differentiate the ribbons). Other than that, there's nothing uniquely new. Hope you like it.

Eric (c) me

PPG Character Creator (c) tifu

NOTES: I've removed the ponytail to fit with my new real life hairstyle. Also, for my PPZX special attacks, I use Electric Bolt, in which I launch a self-explanatory projectile; Focus, which lets me gather energy for meter recovery; Wide Slash, in which I generate an energy sword and slash at close range (I use the bokken for a non-lethal variant outside of the game); and Firebreath, which is self-explanatory.
I would like to see a vore story where Razor the Seviper: eats an unsuspecting and unaware Bellossom, who's obliviousness to her environment and tendancy to run into it from fear would have her be the first to be swallowed; a shy but energetic Elgyem who tends to be distracted by amusing sights (kind of like an autistic individual like me), and a self-confident and at times cocky Azumarill who thinks he can defeat any predator that attacks him and/or his friends. They tend to stick together due to them being friends, so Razor would resort to a plan to separate them from each other as they explore a forest so he can individually devour them one by one without the others attacking him in the process.

He decides to target the Bellossom first, as she tends to go deep into places where long sight lines are obstructed by trees or tall grass when frightened, taking advantage of a convenient scaring of her by another Pokemon that makes her separate from her companions before using his envenomating moves to attack her until she faints and then swallowing her headfirst before her friends can find them. After swallowing her (and maybe digesting her if the writer wishes), he'll then target the Elgyem, noting how easily she can be distracted even when looking for someone or something more important, like when she chased after a shiny Caterpie while looking for the Bellossom. With that in mind when he finds a particularly shiny toy he found that seems to be abandoned, he uses said toy to attract the Elgyem while the Azumarill is going elsewhere and, once the Elgyem is all alone, Razor will either attack or, if the Elgyem turns out to be gullible, trick her into thinking that he is a living sleeping bag and that his esophagus and stomach are actually harmless no matter how wet they feel when she gets the chance to enter and convinces the Elgyem to give it a try.

Either way, once she has either fainted from the attacks or has been fooled into being willing prey, Razor swallows her whole. If it's due to trickery, she rest in his stomach for about 2 to 5 minutes before realization kicks in that she was tricked into entering the Seviper's stomach to actually dissolve, and eventually suffocates from a lack of air as Razor's stomach acid dissolves through her body.

After eating the Elgyem regardless, Razor then goes for the Azumarill, who is also searching for said Elgyem at that point. He overhears the Azumarill say that if he saw a predatory Pokemon with his friends inside of them, he'll beat that Pokemon up until they vomit his friends out. Razor, feeling prideful at this point, decides to face the Azumarill head-on, even telling him that he was the one who ate his friends just to motivate the Azumarill into attacking him. The Azumarill puts up a good fight at first, but then Razor uses poison tail when the Azumarill least expected it, which poisons him. Weakened by the ensuing pain, his fighting capabilities are reduced as a result. Eventually, Razor wraps around the Azumarill and bites him, injecting venom into him which will surely make him faint soon. As he does, the Azumarill remembers the times he fought a Victreebel and an Arbok in similar situations and has consideration about how wise it would have been for himself to just not be involved for the sake of saving his own life.

As the Azumarill's senses fade away into numbness as he gets ever so close to fainting, Razor begins swallowing him whole, with his attempts to struggle being futile to the point where his movement is reducd to light wriggling. Razor takes to swallowing the Azumarill slowly, as he enjoys the feeling of swallowing any of the Azurill evolution line whole. Once Razor finally finishes ingesting the doomed Azumarill, he decides that with the feast now done, he'll rest among the foliage for a while before leaving the forest. As the Azumarill enters Razor's stomach in the meantime, he compliments him on how he used his poison attacks as well as the timing of the wrapping of him and congratulates him on being an intelligent predator before finally fainting.
By NeoverseMike 

1. You have to post these rules!
2. Answer the questions and make 12 new ones!
3. Choose 12 people!
4. Tag those people!
5. Tag backs are allowed!

1- Lemons or Limes?

2- Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry?

3- What type of bugs do you hate?
The venomous ones, especially bees, wasps, and hornets

4- Favorite Color?

5- Favorite Time of Day?
Night time

6- What type of weather do you prefer?

7- Favorite Video Games.
Battlefield Hardline

8- Fire, Water, Earth, or Air?

9- What is your birthstone?

10- What type of pets do you love?

11- Favorite Animals?
Anaconda, python, and boa

12- Angel or Demon?

My questions:

1. If you could own any three game in the world, what would they be?
Example answer: Star Fox Zero, Kirby: Star Allies, and Mario Tennis Aces

2. Which characters That you know of do you want to exist?
Example answer: The Powerpuff Girls

3. From an evolutionary standpoint, which do you think came first, the chicken or the egg?
Example answer: The egg

4. What superpower do you wish to have?
Example answer: Cloth mimicry

5. What snake do you like above all others?
Example answer: Anaconda

6. How did you come across DeviantART?
Example answer: I was just looking for some PPG fanart on Google

7. Which racing sport do you prefer?
Example answer: Kart racing

8. Are you a fan of combat sports like boxing?
Example answer: Yes I am

9. Who's your favorite YouTuber to watch?
Example answer: Markiplier

10. What is your favorite Pokemon?
Example answer: Seviper

11. If you could wish one world problem away, what would it be?
Example answer: Cancer

12. What is your favorite thing to do?
Example answer: Playing video games

I tag...
Primary weapons: AR57, P90, MP7A2 Magpul PDR-D, SR-3M with suppressor and FN TPS, all with Coyote reflex sight, foregrip where possible, and laser sight.
Secondary weapons: G18, even if it's a converted G17 like in MW2, and Desert Eagle Mark XIX with scope that fits the picatinny rail on top of the barrel.
Sidearms: Five-seveN and P320.

Primary weapons: UMP-9, CBJ-MS, and SR-2M, all with suppressors.
Secondary weapons: SSR-20 with canted red dot sight and 6x Trijicon scope:…, McMillan CS5, and Steyr Scout Ranger, the latter two with 8x scopes, suppressors, and bipods (proprietary with the Scout Ranger).
Sidearms: P320 and HK45C, all with suppressors.

Primary weapons: Mk. 48 Mod 1, Mk. 46 Mod 1 (both variants of the M249, the former using 7.62x51mm NATO as a replacement of the M240 and the latter a short barreled Mk. 48 using 5.56x45mm NATO), L86A2, and Ultimax 100 Mark 5, all with bipods, M145 scopes, and laser sights.
Secondary weapons: M3 Super 90 with full choke and M26 MASS standalone with Trijicon SRS.
Sidearms: MP-412 REX and Marlin Model 1894 Mare's Leg.

Primary weapons: Desert Tech SRS Covert with suppressor, RSASS, VSS Vintorez, and M39 EMR, all with picatinny-mounted PKS-07 or ACOG scopes.
Secondary weapon: RPG-7V2 with various rocket-propelled grenades.
Sidearm: MP9 with suppressor.

Primary weapons: ACR chambered for 6.8, 5.56A-91, AS Val, and L85A2.
Secondary weapons: XM25, M320, and Metal Storm 3GL.
Sidearm: Skorpion vz. 61.

Primary weapon: CM901 with M26 MASS mounted under the barrel and ACOF scope with MRS.
Secondary weapons: FGM-148 Javelin, Mk 153 Mod 0 SMAW, and FIM-92 Stinger.
Sidearms: PP-2000 with a 40-round mag used as a stock and Taurus Model 44.

Primary weapon: MP9 with laser sight.
Secondary weapon: Ballistic shield in conjunction with the MP9 or sidearms.
Sidearms: M1911A1, G18, and 93R, all with laser sights.
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There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people on my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends".


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Shen the Snake AXG (c) me

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