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2nd Gen

My Batman Oc's ^^

Unmasked version: [link]

From Left to right:

1. Rose Isley - A human/plant hybrid created by Posion Ivy, after realising that she couldn't have kids.

2. Lillian 'Black Lilly' Isley - A second hybrid created by Posion Ivy, from the DNA of Harly-Quinn.

3. Isabella 'The Chemist' Young - A child genius who helps create chemical based weapons, and 'potions' that alter peoples appearance/DNA making it impossible to use DNA evidence against them.

4. Jessica Starlyn 'Jess-Star' Qinzell - The daughter of the Joker and Harley-Quinn

5. Kirsty 'Giggles' Jenkins - Childhood friend of Jess-Star, she works as a henchgirl.

6. Richard 'Enigma' Grayson - Youngest son of Richard & Myrissa (The Riddler's Sister) Grayson. Works to continue his (retired) uncles legacy.

7. & 8. Sian & Sean 'Gemini' Grayson - Identical twins of Richard & Myrissa Grayson. Using their acrobatic skills both Twins masquerade as a male superhero called 'Gemini', never letting their enemies realise that there are two of them.

Base: [link]
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