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DP: Prologue


So, this is what I have been working on, my latest comic, and this is not any comic, this is a COLLAB comic, with my dear friend, :iconhyakureiki:

If it seem to be a little vague, well, it's because it IS ;P heheh, keep in mind that this is just the prologue! The tip of the iceberg, if you may, ~Hyakureiki and me have been planning the story like crazy, and it gets really good, I promise, as for how soon will be seeing the continuation of this? Well, I REALLY wanna have it by next month, and I'm gonna do all that's possible to make it happen, so stay tuned! :)

Anyway, be sure to visit my bud at his page :iconhyakureiki: and tell him your opinion about the comic :)

This comic is property of :iconhyakureiki: and me :D
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Mizu-Kami-Kuusouka's avatar
Interesting back-story.
It's a refreshing origin story, I thought for sure it was going to be a typical nerdy guy gets picked on, some weird magic happens, he's transported to a strange world and learns to be a man cliché. Was pleasantly surprised when the main character ended up being the bully, I don't think I ever seen it done that way, my hats off to you sir:)

I love each characters reactions to him in the end, especially the mage, she sounds like she wants to use him for some kind of perverted experiments :P
610gonzalez's avatar
Thanks, man, good hearing from you again :)

And ooh yeah, Mage is gonna have a lot of fun with him ;P
SCTYA's avatar
Ohhhhh, bully gonna ggggeeetttt iiiitttttt!
Verridion's avatar

He made fun of a nerds fantasy, now he is stuck in a fantasy game. Oh sweet delicious irony!
UltraMatt's avatar
Really enjoyed it! I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!
Agx2300's avatar
cuando vas a traducirlo?
Agx2300's avatar
eres un troll master
Agx2300's avatar
es lo que dijiste del proximo comic de nevula
610gonzalez's avatar
No, en ese dije que este año ;P
light-chameleon's avatar
Que he visto una Nev, una Nev!!!!
light-chameleon's avatar
pues si, solo vi una, si habia mas no las vi :meow:
610gonzalez's avatar
Son dos paneles con ella ;P
light-chameleon's avatar
pues el otro no la ubique, ya la ubicare :P
mistypine01's avatar
Excellent comic you two created together, Mako. Great twist with who ended up going to the fantasy world.
610gonzalez's avatar
Thanks, MP! Nice to hear from you again! :D
mistypine01's avatar
You're welcome. Sorry, had too many images and not enough time to reply to them all.
tumbleweed-ghosttown's avatar
My my, gee! This was definitely a treat to read! :D you and hyakureiki have a good thing goin! I actually didn't expect the bully to get warped in, t'was quite the surprise o_o and I do believe I saw a certain purple-haired heroine as one of the background characters! 8D
All in all, VERY nice work, gentlemen! You guys are making quite the team, can't wait to see what else is in store for Douchey McAsshat!
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