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DP: Introduction


Previous issue:…

The second issue is finally here! Took us long enough, but I'd say it was worth it, anyway, next issue will be even MORE exciting, as it will be the official title launch, these two issues were a bit of a pilot to the general plot :D

DP is a comic made by :iconhyakureiki: and me :D
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Very, very nice!
I love Felicia's design...and character... and everything about her overall.
Was the fact LL was working on this why he's not updating MintWhelp Saga as often?
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No, this project has only delayed his work on another of his projects, but not the MWS comic, the reason for the MWS delays... well, I'm not at the freedom to inform, heh, better ask him, but we have a strict schedule of only working on DP on weekends, the rest of the days are ours to do as we see fit :)
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Ah, I see. I will email him.
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New Issue! if you're interested.
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Crap, didn't mean to submit it!

Okay, so then there's the red-head who's pretty cool and calm considering she's the ass-kicker of the group.  I really liked that about her.

My favorite so far is the black and purple one, the Ranger!  She's got that cool, calmness about her, which really works with her design.  She's the dark, kinda small one and that really works for her.  Sorry to say, but she reminds me a little of Smiles.  Weird, huh?  But yeah, I also like her outfit best too.  Though the Alchemist is a close second.

So yeah, besides her outfit, the Alchemist is a cool character too!  I like how she acts too.  Her personality is really fun and she's got the best lines I think.  Really like her eyes too.

So yeah, the design work is really getting to be solid and I love that.  Funny characters that work together in their attitudes too.  Love it. 
And hey!  A nice little picture of you two dudes at the end too!  Going to have to try and do that more often.  I wanna see if Stef and I can do something like that too!

Great Stuff G.
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Thanks, B, I miss your comments so much :)

I also reckon you mentioned about Marinelo? ;P

Anyway, I also hope you and Stef make SOMETHING soon! Come on!
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Okay, first thing I have to say is that the armor on the red-head looks REALLY uncomfortable!  Ha!
Okay then, on to the main one.  This is really cool.  This one and the last one really show your comic chops.  I love seeing your full-quality work in a comic.

Now onto the girls. 
I love the design of the mage, not just because of "Those Udders", but you really managed to give her a soft, demure look (sorry, I don't know how else to say it, if you can't find a good translation).  The closest thing I can see that's been good like this was the nun from Skullgirls.… and…
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Heh, I think you mean the Priest? Not the mage? ;P

Skullgirls?? WTF dude :pissedoff:
Mizu-Kami-Kuusouka's avatar
Loved it!

Nice comic and I like the way you presented it, using what I'm going to assume is Flash to make the comic scroll between pages?

The priest would have to be my favorite in terms of character but the alchemist is definitely the cutest:)

That guy at the end he was human I take it?
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Yep, that be Flash.

And yes, he's human, the backstory to that can be found here:…

And thanks for the comment, man, always good to hear from you! :)
ChrisTheKitty's avatar
Looks amazing and cute. :meow:
610gonzalez's avatar
Thanks, man! Which catgirl did you like best? :D
ChrisTheKitty's avatar

Hehe your welcome. :meow:

And think my most favorite is the blacksmith catgirl. ahehe :meow:

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New Issue! If you're interested!
ChrisTheKitty's avatar
ahehe yay! thank you, And I'm loving it so far. aheh nyaan~:meow:
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Excellent comic collab from you guys, Mako. Can't wait for the next issue.
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Thanks MP! Which kitty did you like best? :meow:
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I like all of them. But, if I had to choose. Pristina.
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