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(Apparently I am not allowed to even use HTML now in my posts, thanks DA)

So this should be an eventful year!

New job back in Colorado, at home with benefits and steady work, amen to that in these difficult times.  My heart goes out to the others struggling, like my good friend Mr. Toadsmoothy and his family.  I am happy to be more healthy and well after so many years in pain and disabled.

I will be having a baby in a couple months, a baby girl.  So those with the gift of names, please lay some on me.  I am extremely excited, and prepared, although not ready. (Don't know if that is possible).  

I also need to get a new digital camera, and some subject to spark my interest again since back home.

To all my devious artist friends and to you a great year!

(Here is some thumbs you can't see anymore haha)

I'll throw in some of my favorite scapes from two of my favorite artists:
: kkart and stinkytofu :

:thumb36703959: :thumb56240521: A Late Summers Evening by kkart Mountain Thunder by kkart In The Evening by kkart Landscape of the Lord by kkart South Metro Sunrise by kkart :thumb33145241: :thumb88328350: :thumb94696032: :thumb63071928:
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Well I figure I should write something ingenious since it's been almost a year since I showed my text/face up on deviantART.  Time flies when you're back to a normal life in the states, does it not?  I feel far more normal than I did in the desert, I breathe easier and enjoy the smaller things in life.  

Since the last time we have spoke, I moved back to Colorado Springs, bought a car, a house, a white picket fence and fell in love.  That about sums it up. :D

Time to get back to the grind of work, so I set out with a bad back and no money to find my grind again.

I shall post some more photos that I have taken recently, although rare and far between.  My stock site should hopefully get flooded with some of these thousands of photos that are resting on my external HDD.

Great to see you and howdy.

first spring tree by werol :thumb56240521: The Wishkeeper by tonare Koi by Foxfires The Alps Landscapes 3 by mutrus color tour by Toadsmoothy2
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Hey Everybody!!
For those that may not know, I have left the land of sand and returned to the gorgeous United States of America.  I'm currently residing in Oregon for a bit to visit family and return to life as "normal".  Although I've never been normal myself, it's weird to get back to the consumeristic, hectic, populated world again.  Everybody is in a hurry, I'd forgotten how each person is running around like a turkey with it's head cutoff to try to make up for lost or limited time.
Well I'm here now, and will try to respond to messages and hopefully submit some more photos!

It's nice to be back, the green is overwhelming, the sky is bright, even the rain is refreshing.

<div align="center" :thumb14514737: Cambodia - Gate by wirelessnic Ren Fair 1 by mamamac Ghost Boy by cajunbaby :thumb38388019:
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Happy Father's Day to all you lucky fathers out there!

<div align="center" Giardino Del Piacere by Mr-Frenzy Food spoted by SeaWhisper The shot within by werol
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Hey all, just saying hi and putting up a new journal instead of the bland old ones.  Work has continued onto normal, although now that I work 12 hour shifts and work the daylight hours, it is a little odd.  My skin has gone from see-through (vampirish) to tan.  It's an amazing transformation for most people that see my face in recent photos.  After working 18 months or so on nights, and now going to early mornings has been refreshing for my mind and body.  My body appreciates the suns rays and my mind is more sharp.


I finally got a decent tripod that's not too bulky.  Due to the lack of movement compensation on my camera, it has been quite a blessing.  I took some photos just to test, and the results are super crisp.  I never realized how much of a difference it could make, I just always figured I was getting bad shots due to camera limits or light limits.

<div align="center":thumb34397041: Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep by kkart eyeTree by zilla774
The Alps by barns Romance in a Western Sky by osagelady Liberation by Mehrunnisa
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I'm back... been on Medical leave for 5 months, now back to Iraq.. sitting in the sand..  Photos need to come off the camera, things need to get done...  More to come soon.. Website back up on a reliable host, need to fix links..

Great to be back, great to see everybody, talk to ya soon..

weeeeeeeeeee.  :bounce:

P.S.  I'm looking to buy a house ( Colorado Springs) , please recommend websites for listings.. Thanks..
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Happy Turkeyday American Peoples.  I hope everybody has a great day today and enjoys some time with loved ones.  Make sure you wear the stretchy pants or sweats.  Food shall be shoveled in large amounts later.  I am currently stateside visiting family for the holidays, it's great to be here.  Everybody be good, or good at it.  

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My heart still goes out to those affected by Katrina and Rita hurricanes.  I hope the recovery is going better than expected and may you be strong during these times of rebuilding/relocation.

I did finally get my polarized filter a while back, just haven't been able to test it out recently due to the lack of any moisture, clouds, shrubbery etc, out here.  It should be great for the upcoming trip though.

Getting ready for another vacation stateside, getting pumped and looking forward to it.  Will be great to share some time with many friends, family, and loved ones.  I am also looking forward to some much needed relaxation.  Only visiting two states this time and also hosting a party to see a lot of close friends.  Of course traveling during this time means I'll also get some winter photos which will be quite beautiful in Colorado, if I decide to go outside at all.  It will take a little for me since my body is acclimated to the desert at sealevel. :)

I've seen some incredible work recently, a lot of people posting the fall colors and beautiful weather patterns.  Here's a few of most recent favorites.

:thumb23094012: :thumb22497743: :thumb22658403: Coast Sidelight by stevenjo :thumb19822500:

-- Clubs I'm In --

:iconcolorado: :iconlandscapes: :iconnature-club:

What's your honest opinion on this? ;)
I am looking for constructive criticism, tips, tricks on the following scrap PS piece:
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All our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the wrath of Katrina.  Know that all of us out here in Iraq that can, are glued to the TV and hope you are reconnected with your families and loved ones with godspeed.  Words cannot explain what is being felt.  Please know that we are there for you in anyway we can.


Please give some love and positive thoughts to survivors like these great people:

cajunbaby : Journal Entry

hansepe : Journal Entry
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Season Two

Sun Aug 21, 2005, 4:50 PM
. .. ...My second year in Iraq has commenced... .. .
I'm open to any questions or comments related to my work and location. Don't be shy... like me..


--- Blargh ---

I hate sand flies, they cause welts and bumps that don't disappear or stop itching for weeks.  Now that I got that out of the way, my sciatica problems have retired for a while. Now it's time to start strengthening the back, preventing future issues.  I had some serious inflamed sciatica issues due to frequent hummv convoy traveling.

--- Local News ---

The weather here is far more mild than it was last year, about 10 degrees cooler.  Highest it has gotten so far this year is about 124 degrees F versus last years 135+. It's nice to be able to breathe when traveling outside during the midhours.  :)

--- DA ---

I've enjoyed the flood of deviations that have popped up lately. I'm happy to see new and fresh artwork, even if it doesn't last for some.  I hope the current issues are resolved in a manner that satisfies the community, since that's what this place is all about.

--- Upcoming ---

Vacation stateside is targeted for November. I'm going to pre-order a couple jackets and space-heater pants before heading to Colorado. If I freeze to death within the first day back, I won't be too pleased.  I've rented out a place for a party, so I can visit with everybody, flyer should be coming soon.

--- Question ---

If you could visit the set of one movie, what movie would it be and where?

--- Recent Favorites ---
Broken Dawn by arcipello A k i r a by tonare Waves by l0veinthetime :thumb19872684:

Edit: August 27th

I am looking for constructive criticism, tips, tricks on the following PS piece:

Thank you for your assistance in helping me improve.

. .. ...Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings... .. .
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I have returned from my vacation and now safe and sound in my tent once again.  New laptop keeps impressing me, but since I rarely upgrade, anything new would thrill me.  Backing up on DVDs is joyous to me and the larger storage capacity is wonderful.  Anyways, I'll try to sort through photos and post some here but most on my website.  Falling back into work life and getting comfortable again.  Hope all has gone well in your life lately.  Talk to ya soon.
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Welp I'll be taking off soon for vacation to see family and friends.  Soooo, I won't be around for a bit, but I'll try to stop in here and there.  For those that have it, my cell will be activated when I step back into the US and I'll be phoning around.  If ya want to have lunch or go out for a beer, please let me know via email, or ring me at the end of this month.  

I'll be heading to Oregon, NorCal and Colo during the trip.  I'll try to capture a couple of my favorite places and people.  Have a great spring folks.

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Welp the 22nd of March has rolled around and it's my birthday.. again.. ;)  I got lucky and my day off fell on my birthday this year.. I'm gonna sit around, smoke a couple cuban cigars, and reflect on.. something.  :bounce:

Oh hey, if you can, help out mirrorkills get to the summit!  It's a good cause.
Unfortunately, my computer decided to die yesterday.  Some power issue I believe, some fluctuation that caused damage to the MBD or other silicon related components.  Needless to say, the warranty ran out 3 months ago, the HDD is still good, if I can find another exact model laptop with the same MBD.  Everything was backed up a week ago onto my external HDD, unfortunately that thing died out about 6 days ago.  Heh.. it's been amusing to say the least, but i'm personal computerless and dataless for a bit.  Luckily most of my pictures are still on my SD cards for my camera from my trip and a lot are on my website.  I'll be back up and running soon, hopefully.. :)


[Update] Ordered a 2.5" Laptop HDD to USB 2.0 converter case to see if I can salvage my info and continue on with organized life.  (I don't keep anything in hardcopy out here, everything is digital)
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Well, I managed to get the photos to put on my website down to a little more than 400 or so.  Shrunk them down to a manageable size (800x600) and uploaded them all.  They can be seen at under "Greece Links".  I've been playing around with Picasa2 and am thoroughly enjoying it to sort and manage my extensive collection of photos now.  So this is a shameless plug to support google and their software under their wing.  A lot of people use Photoshop's picture explorer also, although I never learned how to use it.

For those wanting prints, I may add a couple good photos to my print account considering I have one and never used it.  Rambling complete. =)
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I'm back from my glorious vacation in Greece and diving into work headfirst.  It's good to be stationary after many days of traveling and sleeping in airports/cots/planes/bunkbeds.  I took over 1200 pictures during my vacation, over a gigs worth of pictures that I'll be sorting through in the next week.  The majority will go up on my website for friends and family to view, but i'll try to find a couple dozen special ones to display on DA.  
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Okay, so I was a little down yesterday.  I managed to get to eat breakfast and get to bed early, so I slept ALL day.  With some rest for my weary bones I feel much better and ready to take on the world.  Other than that, not much is going on. =)
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Anxiety sets in as I eagerly await my release from these gray walls to enjoy something softer on the eyes and soul.   Sleep is short and inbetween nowadays, I can't seem to shut off my brain from repetitive thoughts.  I've tried sleeping pills, exercising, boring books, and meditation...  Nothing can seem to shutoff the enduring thoughts that keep me from sleeping a full continuous 8 hours.  Waking endless times during the normal REM cycle to finish a thought and roll over once again.  I look forward to hot water (in any form) to soak my bones and brain in.  Soon.. soon..

On a lighter note, I hope that everybody is trying their best to break their new years resolutions.  If it has already come true, it wasn't that difficult a task. =)
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:holly: Happy Holidays Everybody :holly:

I hope everybody gets a chance to enjoy time with the ones that they love. =)

Looks like i'll be going to Athens and the roaming the greek islands for a bit on an upcoming vacation, no computers allowed (We're two computer geeks promising not to bring computers)

I'll have my camera with a 512 meg flashcard and battery charger though.  I'll make sure to definately bring back something good to share. =)
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I just wanted to post a journal, cause I never have.. so uh.. here it is..

Posted.. journalized.. it's all history from here :confused: ..

I'm tired, not enough sleep, been watching too many Soprano episodes :pc: ..  

Thinking of working on some php to bloggerize my website, but can't find the :yawn: energy..

Oh, I'm probably going to the greek islands for vacation :sprint: , please let me know if you have any recommendations, advice etc.  

Thanks :bow:
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