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Tesla Cybertruck

By 600v
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A gallant effort by Our Host. I mean, refreshing retro-futurists design is kind of what he does.

But no. Cybertruck still looks dumb.

killerhunter's avatar

Amazing, love it!

PurpleGuyCraftYT77's avatar

Bruh, this Cybertruck must be added to Fallout 5!!!

Simidae's avatar
Woo this is now the best Cybertruck model I have. Not the most accurate but my favorite.
Scifiwarships's avatar
Ballproof hahahahahaha!
SuperBoomTurbo's avatar
Tesla would have been so much better off just making an off-road version of Inspector Gadget's car. 
polarbeardog2's avatar
The windows are the best!
dailymemes2's avatar

good job this is where it belongs THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTURE

TeslaLover7908's avatar

This is beautiful

steel-fang's avatar
As soon as I saw that thing I thought of you and your designs lol
Hyenax's avatar
Ball proof. Good one hahaha
locopoco99's avatar
I thot this said cyberpunk
daveradman's avatar
I can help but love something that dumb looking.
TCFan25's avatar

What a fugly contraption

ZeldaTheSwordsman's avatar
I dunno, this render looks a bit low-poly ;)
FH7publishing's avatar
Blade Runner car!
TheAtomicDog's avatar
Poor Man's Damnation Alley
vidgamer123's avatar
hahahahaha those ball-proof windows are perfect!
AustralianMarcus's avatar
Looks like a stealth humvee
Arqueid's avatar
it needs square wheels for better performance...
Wolfstande's avatar
"Ball Proof"

Perfect :lol:
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