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300110 - old tablet PC

By 600v
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Apple Macintosh: Fallout edition!Fallout 3 Icon mini 
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Reminds me of my ol excalibur, my first mac, for some reason.
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Reminds me of Mac Computers in the future ;)
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Just plain cool.
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Huh.)) I love this pict )
t-wei's avatar
Real charming.
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if lcd wasnt possible this would be the future
YogurtPockets's avatar
Love your 3d computers! Somehow they're both retro and futuristic at once.
Kroc's avatar
I love the tactility of it. It urges to be touched.
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Very creative concept! : )
I like the style of your conceptual "tablet computer", which is a perfect mix of 70s' retro style and contemporary style.
Beautiful design~~ :iconjumpinglaplz:
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really fun, it reminds me the vectrex !
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потрясные работы. После взгляда на них. мне положительно стыдно за мои убожества, сделанные в SketchUp-е :)
Как Вы это делаете?!
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Realy nice work, love the Apple logo xD
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Wow! So this is a new Iphone touch! :iconheheplz:

I want it! haha lol
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This made me laugh out loud. Fantastic! :love:
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это ты после того как тебе пошутили на счет того что ты аппле уделал))
gerryfalke's avatar
way better than the iPad !!!
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I actually prefer this one. It has character compared to that joke that was announced a few days ago.
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Amazing work ))
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Why aren't you a product designer! Unless you are of course, then I need to buy things you've designed.
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That must have been the "Portable."
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