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Ever heard about the theory of six degrees where everyone knows someone who knows someone? Well, here is where we aim to get new or less well-known deviants to be known by other deviants.
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May 29, 2010


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1,354 Members
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Welcome to 6 Degrees Deviants (Still being written)

G e t - S t a r t e d - H e r e :

6-degrees-deviants.deviantart.… This Before Submitting)✔
Overall rules and etiquette of being in 6DD. This also contains information about us and how we run.

6-degrees-deviants.deviantart.… Administrative Team)✔
These are the people who made 6DD possible. See their profiles and their roles within 6DD

6-degrees-deviants.deviantart.… Frequently Asked Questions)✔
We witness many confusions over how certain things are done so if you are stuck with something, come here first. If you cannot find anything that helps, you can leave a comment on that journal and somebody from the administrative staff will answer your question.… Chatroom)✔ | 6-degrees-deviants.deviantart.… Rules)✔
The chatroom is currently waiting for an admin (we can't change privileges without one and the previous, the founder, was the only one who had full access) | View our chatroom rules

6-degrees-deviants.deviantart.… we Recommend)
(Postponed for now)

(Currently not written) If you are an obsessive collector of llamas, we can send you on your way to llama blingdom with information and links to llama groups… and Recommendations)✔
If you don't like us, hate the way we do some stuff or have a recommendation to make - follow this link to note one of the admins or, if you think your complaint is related to a certain subject discussed in our journals, comment there :)

Looking for a specific type of group? Don't just sit there, Grouple it!!!
Update (short, I hope :D) (only 3 red bullets):

:bulletred:There have been some changes in the aspect of the group, the widgets displayed and also some information.

:bulletred:I've also decided, upon realising some people might not be really serious about administrating a group, to offer a trial period by adding them to the Contributors first. This is not to prove I'm strong and almighty, but rather to eliminate people who are only interested in this because they want to add another medal to their chest whatsoever :laughing:. I've sent out invitations to three Contributors already; let's see how they manage it :D.

:bulletred:Since the founder didn't get the chance to give out all his rights before deactivating his account, I have sent a request to the HelpDesk and I am waiting for their response (the Co-founders don't have full rights).

:bulletred: (I lied about it being 3 bullets :evillaugh:) This group is still not accepting submissions. (will, as soon as there are enough admins to handle it; the limit will be 1 submission/member/week).

This group is not accepting any submission for now! Please read below!

Hi! I'm one of the two admins left in this group and I want to give you some insight on what's been going on around here.

:bulletgreen: Our founder left some time ago and has cancelled his account.
:bulletgreen: I haven't been on dA, nevermind active in this group, for months (I have messages in my inbox, unrelated to this, which are 2 to 3 years old)
:bulletgreen: The other admin (which hasn't left the group yet), Oceania-Bleu, hasn't been online for 80 weeks (that's more than a year)

I want to take the time and apologize to all of you who submitted artworks/wanted to be part of an active group. There used to be more people who took care of this group, but they all left the group or even dA (like me, but I'm back for now :D)

Since I'm the only one in the position to make a decision here, I'm going to ask you if you want to take over this group and love it and make it worth the trouble. :love: Since this group was not originally my idea and I signed in for the job just to gain experience, I'm not actually interested in taking care of it and helping it grow. :)

P.S.: I will try and answer all the messages which are currently in this group, but I cannot keep up with the submissions all by myself, so we won't be accepting any artworks for now. :)
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Thanks for adding me to your group :heart:
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We've Featured You in Allies in Art and Beyond 6
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thanks so much for accepting the dreaming fly no.4. I'm an artist sorely lacking confidence and sharing work is the best way to generate some self belief. Any constructive critiscism would be much appreciated, but please try not to wound my fledgling ego hahaha.
thanks for having me here.
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