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The mystery explained

By 5red
Admit it, since the trailer hit the internet (closely followed by the leaked pilot) we've all been asking the same thing ... how the %$@* did Kara manage to get her ears pierced?  Young Kara, as seen departing Krypton by rocket ship, is clearly piercing free... yet grown-up Kara flaunts a pair of earring studs.  But... but... how?!  On Earth Kara is both invulnerable and has super rapid healing powers..!

Well, wonder no longer Supergirl fans.  Exclusively here, I can at last reveal the secret that has been keeping you all up at nights...

Enjoy... (and, as always, comments welcome.)
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Now *that* was funny!
Maybe her powers haven't fully been awakened when her ears were pierced.
Well this is pure fiction after all based on another fiction thing that are comics. So if in the origin ones they are able to make some strange things as if weas the most logical ones in the World others aren't goin to less the chance pass.

And must suppose that ain't gonna be the only funny failure we're goin to find along the series...
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Oh, sorry -- yeah, minor spoiler.  Apologies. :| (Blank Stare) 
Nvm, I'm not a DC fan.

My first thought was Carol Danvers, so ... yeah.
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to quote the great grant morrison: "who gives a shit? they just paper people."
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That's pretty much the attitude I take. :)

Still, never stop us from having a little subversive fun...  :D
They were clip-ons. She wants to blend in;)
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Maybe the earrings are made of super dense dwarf star material :P
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