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Job done

They thought she was weak.  They were wrong!  After a monumental battle ranging across National City the daughter of Alura Zor-El finally strides triumphant from the derelict building that is now the resting place of the massive battle-droid sent to annihilate her.  Its powerful weapons rendered harmless, its advanced tactical neural-net brain burnt to a crisp... the once mighty creature now reduced to nothing more than scrap metal.  They thought Kara Zor-El was weak -- she proved them wrong!!

Nothing to do now but go home and run a hot bath.
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is the terminator done
in the first move the arm would still be alive
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Awesome! I love it! Kara is so bad arse! Lol!
ORcaMAn001's avatar
very nice  that would be a neat Tv Show  Hell be Back or in this Case hell be in Pieces  lol
DahriAlGhul's avatar
Great picture!  I love the photomanipulation of the Melissa-Benoist-Supergirl to get her such a torn suit, and using the image with the confident stride to see her walk down the stairs.  Excellent job!
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Cool picture, like the story as well
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Just abou the only thing that could have made this better is some signs that the buildings were knocked to pieces. Here it just looks run down and things are a bit on fire.  Could use a nice shattered wall. ;-)

But I love the fires/soot stained Supegirl.  She's calming walking out after walking through a LOT of damage.  Sexy. ;-)
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nice job with he art and the writing.
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Job's a good 'un!
Mad-Man-with-a-Pen's avatar
I'm sure that will dry clean out Kara.

Great pic 5red :) 
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A T1000 would be a cakewalk for this Super Girl.  Love your work.  Only criticism is that it seems to be a bit smaller resolution than I am used to seeing from you.
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Trying to find a good sized resolution for the Melissa Benoist 'Variety' pics, but so far no luck.  Sadly everything has to be scaled down to her resolution, as I don't think up-scaling the main character in the pic is a good idea.

[Edit: and, of course, you know to use the [DOWNLOAD] button to get the full sized image?]
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I hit the + button on the image and it is always the same size as the download version in my experience. 
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Have you tried the [DOWNLOAD] button on the right hand column, above the thumbnails?

The final image should be 1500 x 844.  DA won't display images bigger than 1280; if you want the larger versions you need to use the download button at the side (assuming the artist makes it available.)
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This is a really good one.The art is great and the setting is perfect.And the narration is just icing on the cake.Great work!
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