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Earth doesn't have just one hero

Two Kara Zor-Els for the price of one: the Girl of Steel poses with the Maid of Might -- or is it the other way around..?  :)

Anyway, word on the (National City) street is that Warner Bros. have brought in these two women to find whoever leaked the pilot episode online.  Wouldn't like to be in that guy's shoes when they catch up with him..!

[EDIT (8th June) : a certain Supergirl actress fav'd this image when it was posted on Twitter.  Wow!  So kind of her. :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)]
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Love it, well done!
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Daughter and adoptive mother fight together against evil! :clap:
Can anyone explain why the cape brings aerodynamic advantages while flying? :?
Kara has saved the burning plane in her street clothes (= no cape)!
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Nicely done. A great way to compare and contrast. I always liked Slater. And it was good to find similar poses between them.

I think Benoists outfit could use some lightning up ... But maybe the Gold works more than bright yellow. I don't like the cutout S though.

Also, Benoist just seems to ooze powerful. Look
At her shoulders and arms!

Looking at his makes me thing the new girl will do just fine.
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Might just want to be that guy when caught.  The choice is obvious.  Both of them.
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30 years after, Helen still the best Supergirl !
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Yeah...they're both so hot...but I still think Helen was slightly hotter in her day - (Although I give kudos to Melissa's preparation for the role; in the show's costume search scene when she came out in the skirtless!  Her legs were so toned - yum! - she was so fit and sexy!) +fav Heart =P (Razz) 
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Melissa was the better actress than Helen.
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Agreed.  That's what I was trying to indicate in my comment above where I wrote: (Although I give kudos to Melissa's preparation for the role)
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Really awesome!
Wow both the new supergirl and the old one together side by side. I admit that  the Supergirl movie is one of my guilty preasures. Helen slater is from my neck of the woods in the DC area!(Rockville, Maryland)
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Hi, great job, where did you get Helen Slater picture, guide me to this picture the original , Please I'm a big fan of her !!  =P (Razz) 
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Cool do you have her without the watermark ?  and thanks !!!
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Nope, the watermarked version is the only one I know of.
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Two Super-Cuties for the price of one!  ;-)
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I was quite pleased with what I saw.
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Have no fear.The Supergirls are here!Nice work 5Red
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Mmm  one on the left
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