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Currently setting up a new website which will focus a lot more on my free sourcefiles. I honestly doubt anyone gives a flying f--duck about my portfolio, all they wan't is the free sourcefiles, so... I am now spending hours upon hours uploading and inserting my downloads again.

I do, however have a question for you who are interested. Would it be wrong of me to put a price of $1-5 for a file - or create a "premium" page with the files I've spend extra long time on?

I have always had this goal to have a website where everything was completly free of charge, you know one of those website that just have all sort of graphic files - for free! But, I thought about adding a few files with a small price, would that be wrong? If not - what would a fair price be?

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Hi Mike
I saw this and thought I would reply to you,since I see no one has
I do not think there is anything wrong with you wanting to charge a fee for some of your work
You are the creator and what you create takes time and you should be able to profit from your work
So, I say ,go for it :)
If some people do not like it,do not let that bring you down,stand firm and be proud of the wonderful work you do :)
I got your reply to me too and I will send you a reply latter tonight, we are heading to dinner
Hope all is good your way