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Walk The Werewolf

#SuggestAnEmote suggestion from *jmillart! :la:

I suck at pixeling walking. Get over it. >:C

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CUTE! I want it!!!!! :la:
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Cool! I had no idea you took my suggestion!
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This is great! =D
It's cool that ~jmillart suggested this. :lol:
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That is awesome :D
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Finally got around to commenting xD

I love the general concept of this and overall its executed pretty well. The emotes bounce is smooth and i love the way the lead moves with the hand.

There's 2 things that slightly bug me about the emote.

1) where is the emotes 2nd hand? It kind of looks odd with just one. You could have it also holding the lead, or maybe swinging back and forward as the emote jumps
2) The werewolfs legs don't quite look right, The leg nearest us appears to step down at the front, pick up then step down in the middle again (almost like a hobble) or that leg on only places down in the middle where it should hit the floor infront of the body and stay on the floor till behind.

Other than that, its a nice bit of animation
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OH I must say, I love your emoticons. And I think you already know that :giggle: .
As for this emoticon, the shading, the animations are really great.I love the way the wereolf walks and the emoticon jumps, aswell as the fact the leash moves while making every move.

But ..Unluckily it reminds me too much f the emoticon with the stickmen walking. Maybe because of the werewolf. But it does!

But all in all It's another great emoticon !
Keep on making them :dummy: !
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REALLY? Thank you so much! 8D
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When I first saw this I wondered why the dog is walking on two feet until I mouse over the work. :XD:
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hehe, now you mention the walking, the werewolf does look like he's doing a rather cool dance. i like it ^^
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Hehe. You're right! Thanks! :giggle:
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haha thats hilarious!
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