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May 23, 2024
Storm Elves by 5MARTIST
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Storm Elves


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With sky blue skin tones, the Nagatori are an Elven subrace that emerged roughly around the same time the Sun and Moon Elves did. Landing on the isles of Ne’Wale, what would become the Storm Elves faced a hostile jungle environment, and the waters surrounding the islands are festering with gargantuan monsters that have only gotten worse over the centuries. The Nagatori base much of their culture on these beasts, using every bit they can from their hunts to create clothing, weapons, ornaments, and even furniture. The Storm Elves are not fond of their Elven-kin, thinking them fragile and physically weak, which has led them to name themselves the Nagatori, breaking typical Elven naming conventions. The Nagatori worship a deep sea entity known as Nagakulutu, which they believe to be a deity that remains trapped at the darkest reaches of the sea.Whether or not Nagakulutu is a true deity or not is irrelevant to the Nagatori, as many believe it to be the source of the unusually savage creatures that swarm around Ne’Wale.

Commissioned by "Zima Blue". Thank you
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This is a lovely concept! Really enjoy all the intricate details!