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Quick things to improve your art
Hi everyone, today I will talk about art, how to improve your art, what I think and what I do. I've heard someone said, when people start to learn something, they will need at least 10000 hours to master , or at least get used to it. But if you know how to learn it in the right way and efficiently , you will save a lot of time and get better in no time. I must say I'm not a master or anything, and I'm still learning to improve myself. I've never enrolled any digital painting class and no one taught me but myself. Here are how I do things References photography, analyze colors and light When becoming an artist or illustrator you need to ha
Improve Your Art - Quick Tips
The Danger of Urgency
Journal time!! I apologize for the length of this post, but I think it's important for artists, especially newer artists, to consider. Hopefully it will be of some use to you in your artistic journey. :) SO... ConceptArt has been sending out emails to promo their study programs with little snippets of advice, some of them are good but one of them that came the other day really irks me. The first thing on their list is, "Study with a sense of urgency" Now... this is my opinion, but I've heard similar sentiments from many other artists and creators who I would consider, "successful" in their field. And, in my opinion, "Study with a sense of u
Advice about Softwares and Wacom, read
First of all , hope you had excellent days in past holidays an new year, this is going to be a great year for me, at least in my work flow, because i just discovered something. So let me tell you my nightmare story for the past  4 years. The hidden bug.... I used to have a cintiq 21 ux that had 1024 levels of pressure and was an incredible device, and i was like its time to move for a cintiq 22hd to try new pressure, i was like "yeah i will be able to control more my lines", but after  getting a faulty device, and talking to wacom, took them like 8 months to send me a new one, because repairs didnt went that great, im greatful for them to s
Quick way to make perfect perspective grids.
Hey everyone, I just put up a new video on how to create physically accurate perspective grids in 2 minutes or less. A lot of people, including myself, tend to just eyeball it or make a best guess, but with these methods you can make them accurate to camera with very little effort. Enjoy!
Fast and easy way to create a reference sheet...
Just the other day, I discovered a super quick and easy way to create reference sheets for digital painting. So, instead of having a ton of documents open all at once, slowing down your Photoshop, or spending a half hour to create your own sheet, you can use Picasa to create one for you in just seconds. Below is a video I made to show you how. There are some other tips in there as well, so take a look if you're interested! Take care!
Establishing a Process for Better Art
Many of you are likely to have at least a general grasp on what I'm going to talk about, but for just as many, if not more people, this is going to be new and very beneficial to your progress and success as an artist. The topic of discussion today is process. We all have a process for our work, some of us are very meticulous, while others are more sporadic, but there's generally a few basic steps that any successful artist is likely to employ. LACK OF PLANNING The main problem I see, and that most art instructors are likely to see, is lack of planning in people's work. People get too excited for their idea, and they jump right into their f
How to get Better at Drawing: Redefining How To's
Several times people have given me compliments on how fast I have improved compared to others, when I barely ever draw at all. I never actually thought I was ready to give advice, but let's do this. There are many things that are said, but even more so that are unsaid. I'll be correcting what's said with the unsaid to help you get a better understanding of how to improve. RESOLVING MISUNDERSTANDINGS "Having better equipment doesn't make you a better artist" Believe it or not, this is not entirely true. This statement is right to a degree, but if it truly didn't make you a better artist then there would be no actual reason for high-grade equ
A Plan to Study Drawing (Using Vilppu Book)
WHAT'S THIS? An One Week Study Plan/Schedule for learning a way of figure drawing (the constructional way). Of course this is not THE way. It's just one way. I'm using Glenn Vilppu's "Drawing Manual" book here that illustrates the whole procedure very nicely. He likes to say "There are no rules, just tools". His learning-to-draw procedure is one such tool. What I write here is just a very short, condensed form of the excellent explanations in this book. TIME: 1 hour/week. I know this isn't much but it works for me -  I've done all of these steps sometimes before, though not in a structured, methodical manner. Also, I'm still a fulltime art
The 101 Guide To Marketing For Artists
Slowly I get to catch up with deviations on here, now I just need to make use of the journals more often:) There are some things I would be glad, someone would have told me earlier... Marketing is such a thing - since I´m freelancing 5 years now it is save to say that is no accident that I´m happily blessed with the "just right" clients and it all boils down to be due to authentic marketing. Honestly- I embrace everything that has to do with it, below you find my write up to get a better understanding of what it is all about. I always found interest in psychology and marketing but when I jumped on the freelancing train 5 years
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Thankyou Kindly For The Watch :D
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Your welcome!
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Thank you for adding my 'Find your way around DA' journals to your collection.
I hope you will find them useful :)

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Thank you for making such extensive resource lists. As a self-taught artist, it is especially useful to have so many resources compiled in one place.
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Being a self-taught artist too, I can only hope to help others like myself ^^
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