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London Bridges
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My secondary DA account (where I post weapon and vehicle designs): Armory574
My discord username: Th3_Lo$t_Rese4r©her#9089
My Steam username: Harlos574
My Youtube channel (which I rarely upload to XD): 574Studios

My ask blog is also on Tumblr: ask-the-paradox-rogues.tumblr.…

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CURRENT QUOTE: Tolerating people is easy. The hard part is finding someone who is willing to tolerate you in return.


I don't know why, but I recently had (and still have) the urge to make Minecraft skins. 0_0

embedded_item1525110000209 by 574Studios
I swear, I have been doing art and stuff between college assignments. I will be getting at least some of it posted here before this weekend is over.
Um... DA? Could you maybe, I dunno... FIX YOUR APP?????? Its been MONTHS since the last update, and I REALLY want this app to be my main interface for DeviantArt

embedded_item1524887195854 by 574Studios
*tries to look through my DA gallery*
*notices that a bunch of stuff is missing*
Um... did the admins do some sort of purge while I was gone?

EDIT: Nope. My stuff is sll here. The "View All" option just isn't working properly.
Just one or two more weeks until spring break
then I will be free to do arts
... so, um...
yeah, a little oopsie happened in my machining class. The drill and the workpiece I was cutting are NOT coming apart (and even if they did, they can't be used anyways).

So.... yeah, just a funny lil accident that happened. XD

embedded_item1518131338537 by 574Studios
I have recently learned that I am (once again) causing people to feel highly uncomfortable. Therefore, I am going to make you all a promise that I should have made a LONG time ago: there will be no more vents coming from me. I shouldn't be unloading on you all like I have.

EDIT) I forgot to mention this earlier, so I'm adding it in now: I have also deleted all past vents I submitted in accordance to this promise.
Due to stress interfering with my ability and desire to work on art, I will not be accepting any requests or commissions for an unknown amount of time (art trades are still a possibility though). I am also dropping any owed art that I have not already started (please don't get upset if your request or commission gets cancelled ;_; I REALLY didn't want to resort to this either).

Thank you so much for understanding.
I recently got a portable scanner! :D I should be able to post art this weekend (I can't make any guaruntees though).
Due to technical difficulties involving my scanner, I will not be able to post art for an unknown amount of time.
I would like to apologize to people I owe art to for the delay.
Hey everyone. I need you all to legit scream at me to get my art done. I have a lot of owed art to do, yet I always end up wasting my spare time with videogames.
Sorry its taking so long.
me: *finally gets time to do art again*
me: *publicly announces that I am offering free sketch commissions*
college: *increases work load*
me: "but... I promised all these people..."

And I swear, I WILL get all the commissions done, as well as any I recieve later. Thank you for your patience. ;_;
Note to self: before asking how much a commission would cost, LOOK FOR THE ARTIST'S FAQ SECTION.

Now I feel kinda silly, if not outright dumb
Welp. I think I am finally able to (slowly) start making art and stuff again.
Ever since last spring this year, I have barely even felt like doing art.
My will, my motivation, my desire and passion for art... just plumetted.
I don't know why, but I haven't felt like doing anything art-related lately.
Almost 8 whole months and.... NOTHING

... I need help getting motivated again. So, starting sometime soon, I am going to open a journal where you can request free art sketches of whatever you want.
Help me by letting me serve you... I guess....
I'm thinking of doing a music video MAP (multiple artist project). Anyone interested? The song is "Dare to be Stupid"
My birthday is tomorrow.
Strange thing is tho, I don't really care about whether or not I get presents. :T

Also, I apologize for the lack of activity. College is hecking time consuming.


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I find many chibis to be adorable.
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