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Soul Eater: Continuity Chapter 4
Soul Eater: Continuity
:::Chapter 4:::
AN: So this one's going to be from Brynhild's perspective, rather than Freya's, hope you enjoy!
"... This concludes the orientation." The weapon, Soul, said as he and his meister left the podium and returned to meet with their other friends.
Not two seconds later, Freya looked over at me and grinned. "So do you want to be my partner?" She asked without missing a beat.
I would love to be my sister's partner. Really, I would. Nothing would make me happier. And I want to tell her that. But... I just can't.
"Well, I mean... I know we'd probably be more comfortable if we had each other as a partner, but... I was... I was thinking... What if we teamed up with other people instead? We might be able to make more friends faster this way." I asked my sister nervously. I'm not wrong, really, we probably would be able to make more friends if we partner with people we don't know, but that's not really my motive for not partnering with her.
You see, I wa
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Soul Eater: Continuity Chapter 3
Soul Eater: Continuity
:::Chapter 3:::
The meister chuckled and helped me up. "You obviously haven't changed, Frey. Still clumsy as ever."
I froze. How did this meister know my... "Morrigan?!" I shrieked as I looked up at the meister who had helped me up.
"Hello, Frey. Long time, no see." My sister smiled at me.
"Wha-? How-? I mean... What are you doing here?!" I asked her while throwing my arms around her to hug her.
Morrigan chuckled and pushed me back to look at me. "What do you think? It's a new day, Frey. Witches are allowed in now. I kinda figured you'd be here, too, seeing as you're a weapon."
I frown. "How did you-?"
"I saw what happened to your leg the day Grand Witch Maba took me. When that meister showed up, you tried to stop her and her weapon, but your leg turned into a blade. I was too caught up in the moment to really realize what everything meant, but after a few days had gone by, and I calmed down, I realized that it meant you were a weapon. And the only place you coul
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Soul Eater: Continuity Chapter 2
Soul Eater: Continuity
:::Chapter 2:::
:::Two Years Later:::
I looked to my right and smiled at my sister, Brynhild. It's been two years since that day. Two years since our sister, Morrigan, was taken from us by the witch known as Maba. Two years since we swore to each other that we would do whatever it took to get our sister back.
I've spend endless hours in the back pasture of our homestead, practicing with my powers. I'd get up, first thing in the morning, and rush to get my chores done. Make sure all the horses had fresh straw in their stables while my sister feeds them. Make sure the hens in the henhouse were fed, the floors clean, the eggs colllected. Make bread for the day, do the dishes.
Ever since that day, since my leg turned into a blade, my father had gone easy on me with the chores, so I could get enough time each day to practice. So, every day, as soon as my chores were finished, I'd head out to the empty pasture, and I'd practice until I was completely exhausted. Within
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Soul Eater: Continuity Chapter 1
Soul Eater: Continuity
:::Chapter 1:::
The DWMA. The Death Weapon Meister Academy. At least, that's what it used to be called. Three years ago. Back then, the academy was a school and an organization designed to hunt and eliminate Kishin eggs and evil witches.
Meisters wielded demon weapons, special beings who could shapeshift and take the form of powerful weapons in order to combat the forces of evil. Their mission was to kill ninety-nine evil humans whose evil deeds had caused their souls to become Kishin eggs. Then, by feeding those souls to the weapon, along with the soul of one witch, the demon weapon would become a Death Scythe, a demon weapon powerful enough to be wielded by the Grim Reaper himself, Lord Death.
Back then, witches were the sworn enemy of the DWMA, and the hatred went both ways.
But things are different now. In the final battle agaist the Kishin, Ashura, the witches, lead by Grand Witch Maba, allied with the DWMA, and worked with them to take down the Kishin's arm
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