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Every hero needs a mentor to train them so they can achieve victory on their quest. Famous examples include Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid, Master Splinter of TMNT fame, & Master Yoda of Star Wars.

And the Kaiju Warriors have one.

Enter Tyluan, a highly intelligent Stilt-Owl from Cuba that has been around for 2,000 years. His mentor before him was the one known as “The Mountain that Moves”. However what he lacks in size & defense, he more than makes up for with his speed, wisdom, and his connection with Mana.

While the Voices of Mothra will assist the Kaiju Warriors when they are human size, Tyluan will spar with them when they enter Kaiju Mode and is strong enough to Judo-Flip Godzilla!

Following artwork is by @Daizua123

  1. Tyluan, Silent Sensei

  2. Appearance: Take an Ornimegalonyx, give it proportions more like a Crane, beak of a Terror Bird, color of a Barn Owl, and Yoda hair.

  3. Origin: Cuba

  4. Species: Stilt-Owl

  5. Quote: “Yes, Sensei.”- The response his pupils give when Tyluan gives them an order or he scolds them for insubordination.

  6. Roar: Often silent but Owl calls made to sound more haunting.

  7. Voice Actor: Frank Oz

  8. Faction: Earth Defender

  9. Category: 3

  10. Height: 60 meters

  11. Wingspan: 80 meters

  12. Weight: 20,000 tons

  13. Flight Speed: Mach 1

  14. Land Speed: Moderate

  15. Melee Attacks: Talons & Beak

  16. Damage Type: Sonic, Mystic, Beam, Edged, & Impact

  17. Abilities: Superb Eyesight & Hearing, can fly silently due to how Owls fly, highly intelligent; very wise, knowledgeable in Judo, strong enough to flip larger Kaiju over him ,attuned with the use of Mana, albeit more focused on defense, illusions, and stealth than offense, and is immune to Conventional weaponry (But has NEVER been targeted by the GDF.)

  18. Superpowers: Sonic Shriek- Sensei can release a short-range concussive shriek from his beak that is powerful enough to disorient large kaiju, messing up their hearing and sense of balance while Mecha will find their systems are short-circuited. Illusions- Due to his pool of Mana, Tyluan’s main use of it is creating illusions. This takes the form of him being in multiple places at once or not there at all; this allows him to either sneak-attack/or tactfully retreat. Mana Shield- Tyluan’s secondary use of Mana is creating dark green shields in front of him. These shields are used to block physical attacks and deflect energy projectiles; additionally, they can be used for offense via repulsing opponents away from him. Spirit Slash- Tyluan’s trump card is one he uses for a last resort. His wings will glow a vibrate bright green, he will beat them towards his opponent, releasing a green, vertically-oriented, energy slash which will then bisect his opponent.

  19. Weaknesses: His small size means he can’t take much damage & Unable to focus on more than a handful of opponents at one time.

Here's the mentor figure for the Kaiju Warriors.
I was originally going to use Khyranax from the now defunct Colossal Kaiju Combat but with the website that has the information about said kaiju no longer available, I had to create my own kaiju in his place.
I chose owls due to the old trope of Wise Old Owl and my Dad collects Owl-related stuff, like small figures, pottery/statues, even mugs.
Basically imagine him fighting sort-of like Yoda or Master Splinter and could easily dominate any strong kaiju one-on-one; speaking of Yoda, imagine all of his lines in Yoda's voice.
Oh almost forgot the origin of his name: I looked for what Owl was in other languages and Tyluan's came from the Welsh word but with slight changes.

See if you can guess who "The Mountain that Moves" is.

Tyluan belongs to me.
© 2020 - 2021 54godamora
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Ah, the wise old owl.

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See if you can guess who the Mountain that Moves is. . .

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