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While the Shobijin are capable of powered flight thanks to their Monarch Butterfly wings, they can only fly over short distances. As such, Infant Island offers a solution: Fairy Mothra, a variant of Mothra that largely resemble her, but with two extreme differences: Fairy Mothra’s lack a majority of Mothra’s Mana abilities, but most notable is size. While Mothra is an EXTREME case of insular gigantism, Fairy Mothra is the opposite case of insular dwarfism, being no smaller than a human. The Houtua people use Fairy Mothra as steeds for transportation, primarily the Shobijin. In fact, Molana and Liana nicknamed her Napakaliit na Diwata, which translated from Filipino to Tiny Mothra. To date, Tiny Mothra has been seen by human eyes ever since Infant Island was discovered in 1961. However, it was only during the 90s that Tiny Mothra saw prominent action in the field of battle against GaruGaru, the similarly-sized dragon that was the steed of Belvera, the Priestess of Battra and the younger sister of the Shobijin.

The three would clash a total of three times:

  1. 1996. New Delhi.

  2. 1997. Caribbean.

  3. 1998. Kyoto.

Today, Tiny Mothra continues to be in service, and is still in good health, despite being over 50 years old, thanks to the use Mana to prolong her lifespan.

Following artwork is by @Daizua123

  1. Tiny Mothra, Steed of the Shobijin

  2. Appearance: Mothra’s appearance (GMK body plan, Legendary wing shape, Heisei/Showa wing color) but with the wings being more heart-shaped and overall appearance of her form being chibi yet fierce.

  3. Origin: Infant Island.

  4. Species: Divine Moth

  5. Quote: “She may be a lot smaller than Mothra, but she can still deliver a beating!” Molana defending Tiny Mothra whenever people make fun of her small size.

  6. Roar: Mothra’s classic chirp but higher and faster pitch.

  7. Category: 1

  8. Length: 2 meters long

  9. Wingspan: 4 meters

  10. Mass: 200lbs.

  11. Flight Speed: 33 mph

  12. Damage Type: Electric, Sonic, Beam, & Mystic.

  13. Abilities:

  14. Able to telepathically communicate with the Shobijin.

  15. Can carry up to two people.

  16. Deeply loyal to the Shobijin, willing to defend them right to the very end.

  17. Superpowers:

  18. Antennae Bolts: Tiny Mothra can shoot multi-colored, short, range bolts of Mana from her Antennae. While not as strong as Mothra’s or Leo’s, these bolts can at worst deliver 2nd degree burns and moderate electric shocks to organic matter.

  19. Spiritual Shield: Tiny Mothra is also capable of generating a pink heart-shaped Mana shield around her and any allies that are in her line of sight. The shield can last for up to 3 minutes before Tiny Mothra runs out of Mana for it and/or she is attacked or loses concentration. This shield can’t be broken with physical projectiles like bullets as they instantly disintegrate. It can be damaged by laser/plasma fire and can be canceled out completely by Dark Mana.

  20. Spiritual Surge: In dire circumstances, Tiny Mothra can create a moderate size purple surge of Mana/Telepathic energy. This surge has a radius comparable to your average grenade and give anyone with a weak mind at the very least a serious concussion, temporary blindness, headache, seizure, a sense of vertigo, and nausea. At worst, the person will be either knocked out/coma, or brain dead. Full power can vaporize anything/anyone that is evil.

  21. Weaknesses:

  22. Small size means she can’t take much damage.

  23. Dark Mana cancels out her shield.

  24. Frail wings can be easily torn.

  25. Prefers to attack at a distance and not a melee fighter.

As you can tell, Tiny Mothra is my version of Fairy Mothra, and I chose Tiny Mothra for her name as that translated easier from Filipino. 
Think of this design serving as foreshadowing for how my version of Mothra will look. . . albeit much larger
And yes her powers are OP (like the spiritual surge) but this is my story and I should be free to express my. . . short temper in a way that isn't going to hurt anybody in real life.
Also see if you can guess which kaiju appeared from 96-98.

Character belongs to Toho Kingdom
© 2020 - 2021 54godamora
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That is powerful. An idea to keep that OP-ness at a minimu is to have her full power unleashed when she truly needs to, basically a last resort.

54godamora's avatar

Hence why she only uses it if ABSOLUTELY necessary, and the fully power of that Spiritual Surge is only reserved for those that are pure evil and can never be turned to the side of good. Though against big kaiju, like say King Ghidorah, he'd only get a 1st degree burn.

54godamora's avatar

Also see if you can guess the 96-98 dates as well as the kaiju that appeared

Daizua123's avatar

The Rebirth trilogy. Desghidorah, Dagahra, Grand Ghidorah.

54godamora's avatar

Correct. Rather than have Japan suffer countless Kaiju attacks throughout the decades, I've basically made it more apparent that the Kaiju are a global threat.

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