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  1. Location: East of the Philippines

  2. Shape: Mothra’s symbol

  3. Size: Twice as big as Hawaii for the main cross-shape in the center, with the smaller fragments being large rocky spires rising from the depths that prevent entry to the island via boat.

  4. Geography/Flora/Fauna

  5. Waterways: saltwater reefs/coastal

  6. Rocky Spires are home to various seagoing bird colonies that nest there.

  7. Cross: the main island is a large tropical rainforest home to various species of animals native to the Philippines, brought over before the land-bridge that connected the two nations collapsed during an earthquake.

  8. Flora: the local flora of the island is tropical, with a variety of flowering plants. The one that is most noteworthy is the Vampire Tree, a carnivorous tree that has large purple vines that ensnare prey and drain them of their fluids.

  9. Fauna: (See Infant Island Fauna information sheet)

  10. Houtua: Living in large man-made ruins in the entrance to a vast cave network, the Houtua at first glance look like traditional Philippian islanders, complete with traditional attire. However, there are 3 differences that stand out: they are only a meter tall, feathered antennae for communications, and each of them sport a pair of wings with each individual sporting a different pair based on 5 types of flying insects: hunters have dragonfly wings, warriors have wasp wings, healers and non-combative male individuals have honeybee wings, and the twin priestesses and non-combative female individuals have butterfly or moth wings.

  11. Shobijin: the twin leaders of the Houtua are the Shobijin that are Mothra’s liaison to the rest of the human world, acting as the bridge between the Divine Moth and mankind. While both are twins and wear attire based on Mothra’s colors and have monarch butterfly wings, they can still be told apart by facial tattoo designs, hairstyles, and mannerisms. Molana is the more proactive one, hair up in a ponytail, and her facial tattoos are a light red. Liana is the more peaceful one, hair is down to her chest, and her facial tattoos are bright blue.

  12. Abilities: Mental telepathy, levitate objects/telekinesis, discharge light mana bolts from their palms, can sever dark mana mind control, proficient with a rapier, extraordinary jumping, can communicate with other kaiju, instill power into kaiju temporarily, seal kaiju away into mana-imbued objects, and create force fields.

Artwork is by Daizua123

So here's my version of Infant Island.
Location: I looked up religions that have butterflies & moths and the Philippines was the closest
Design of the Houtua: Since Mothra's people are often either depicted with heavy racism (Showa), the twin fairies (Heisei & Millennium), I thought I'd take the version from the Anime universe and simply my own spin on it. Think of these like Homo florensis crossed with fairies. The voice actress for the Shobijin is Lea Salonga, the singing voice for Jasmine & Mulan who is from the Philippines, to make it more authentic.
Almost forgot, the Fauna of the Island are animals native the to the Philippines.

Everything here belongs to Toho society.
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