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Kult of Zero

7 sided star: Mark of King Ghidorah

Salem: Think Kida's Queen Look but give her Emperor Palpatine's Robe that covers most of her body.Headdress made to resemble King Ghidorah's Horns. Mark of Ghidorah: Forehead. Role: Leader.

Watts: attire should be like that of a priest or monk. Mark of Ghidorah: Right Shoulder. Role: Scientist.

Cinder: Vol6 Chpt13 attire. Mark of Ghidorah: Eyepatch. Role: Elemental Mage.

Tyrian: His normal attire and has scorpion style whip wrapped around his waist. Mark of Ghidorah: Center of Chest. Role: Assassin.

Hazel: Dressed like a Greek solider but helmet doesn't cover his face. Mark of Ghidorah: Left Shoulder. Role: Tank.

Emerald: Kida's main attire but green and with a purple veil around her mouth. Mark of Ghidorah: Abdomen. Role: Thief.

Mercury: Dressed like a caravan traveler so attire should be similar to Boba Fett's but more archaic and no jet-pack or helmet. Bionic legs are designed to resemble a theropods and have a killing claw on them. Mark of Ghidorah: Back side. Role: Mercenary.

Following artwork is by @Daizua123:

. The other is by my surrogate Uncle Will.

RWBY: Age of Titans. Aliens
  1. Xiliens

  2. Name of Race: Xiliens

  3. Home-world: Planet X

  4. Habitat: Underground compounds

  5. Size: 1.8 meters tall & 200lbs

  6. Diet: Liquivore

  7. Sapient Level: Sapient

  8. Behavior: War-mongers

  9. Units:

  10. Basic Units: The basic design of your average Xilien is humanoid but still alien: Dark gray body with black blood-like veins that cover the whole form. The face is devoid of any normal features, aside for a pair of small red slits for “eyes” and a dark slit for a “mouth”. They all wear the same black & blue leather attire. Combat wise, they do have some basic martial arts, with both genders following similar styles as their Cmdrs. and use laser firearms of the pistol and rifle variety.

  11. X1: The male leader of the Xilien race. While his basic appearance is relatively same from the rest of the males of his race, he differs in having black metallic mohawk for “hair” and his black leather armor is more biker like with spiked shoulder pads. Combat wise, he uses advanced martial arts with extreme brutality and speed. and rarely shows mercy, even to his “peers”. Furthermore, he has managed to tap into Dark Mana, which he uses to further accentuate his strikes with the added effect of poisoning their souls. Voice Actor: Kazuki Kitamura.

  12. X2: The female leader of the Xilien race. Unlike her brother, she has a slenderer body plan, coupled with a figure that makes her a femme fatale. Her attire is a skintight black bodysuit and a red visor over her eyes and black veil over her mouth. Combat wise, she’s a lot more acrobatic and swifter than her brother, sacrificing brutality with lethalness, using bladed heels and clawed gloves to kill her victims. Voice Actress: Kumi Mizuno.

  13. Space-ships

  14. Fighter ships: Small diamond-shaped ships that are the same size as your average fighter plane; equipped with a laser cannon on the underside.

  15. Walkers: Based on the Xenomorphs from the Alien series, they are much bigger, the size of your average theropod and color is the same metallic black. The back appendages function like boosters, allowing them limited flight capabilities. While their melee weapons include sharp teeth/claws as well as the bladed tail, their ranged weapon is a laser cannon in the mouth that works like an acid, melting down targets.

  16. Carriers: These larger, cargo plane sized diamond-shaped ships are designed for transporting objects to and from places, whether it be kaiju or objects.

  17. Mothership: The massive 1000 meter tall mothership is not only the flagship for the Xiliens, but for the entire Syndicate. Equipped with a variety of laser batteries and powerful shields, this is the harbinger for Intergalactic evil.

  18. Kaiju under their “control” (Note: For information about said Kaiju, see their Datafile)

  19. Spylar

  20. Arrowok

  21. Glacies

  22. Bagorah

  23. Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah

  1. Kilaaks

  2. Name of Race: Kilaak

  3. Home-world: Kiraaku

  4. Habitat: Underground cities

  5. Size: 5 feet tall & 190lbs

  6. Diet: Carnivore

  7. Sapient Level: Sapient

  8. Behavior: Cold-hearted, Cunning, and Calculative

  9. Units:

  10. Basic Unit: A Basic Kilaak combines aspects of the Skekesis with Reptoid Aliens: Being upright humanoid repto-birds. Head is like a scaly bird with a beak on the top jaw but recurved teeth; some have unique head adornments, ranging from quills, horns, and spikes. Torso region is thin but moderately toned. Arms are long and end in human-like hands but have 5 monitor lizard claws, complete with a thumb for grasping. Legs are like a predatory dinosaurs with a dromaeosaur toe-claw. Tail drags on the ground and has crown of spikes at the end. Their attire is akin to that of Sith robe but reinforced with chainmail underneath for defense. Combat Wise, they prefer to tear foes apart with their beak, teeth, hand/foot claws, and tail for melee combat; however they do have plasma weapons, of pistol and rifle type for ranged combat.

  11. Grand Priest Xif: Xif is the Grand Priest of his race and therefore, their leader. Take the Emperor Skekesis but his robe is dark gold as is the crescent moon-shaped crown on his head. Due to remaining in direct telepathic contact with King Ghidorah for so long, he often has bloodshot eyes with golden veins around them, which glow whenever his Master speaks. Combat wise, he is similar to the rest of his race but rather than using plasma-based weaponry, he uses a beam sword that is powered by a crystal imbued with King Ghidorah’s power. Voice Actor: Jason Isaacs.

  12. Space-ships:

  13. Flying craft: Wanting to craft creations in the Ghidorah’s image, they built Mecha Wyverns, robotic wyverns with 40-foot wingspans that only have one Ghidorah head and same golden color scheme. For weapons they have sharp teeth, talons, and whip-like tail for melee and electrical tesla cannons housed inside the mouth.

  14. Land Craft: Continuing the trend, their ground craft follow the same concept: Classical European Dragons that are golden and have serpentine Ghidorah head but lack wings and instead have four legs. Same weapons as before.

  15. Kaiju under their “control”. (Note: For information about said Kaiju, see their Data File.)

  16. GaruGaru

  17. Gyaos (Note: Due to their origins, their control is somewhat divided)

  18. Desghidorah

  19. King Ghidorah

  1. Yog

  2. Name of Race: Yog

  3. Home-world: Unknown

  4. Habitat: Unknown

  5. Size: Varies

  6. Diet: Liquivore

  7. Sapient Level: Sapient

  8. Behavior: Parasitic

  9. Description: Unlike most aliens part of the IGS3, Yog is the collective consciousness of its entire race. They have two notable attributes: Able to change shape into the following: a gaseous blue fog/mist, a large number of Will-O-Wisp’s like entities, or its main “human” form looking like Thrax from Osmosis Jones but blue with two purple sickle claws. The other attribute is their virulent/parasitic/mutagenic properties. They can enter a creature, ranging from a simple animal, a kaiju, to even a humanoid. Once inside, they can infect the host with a virus that will cause them to mutate into a kaiju and/or mutate even further. It is even speculated that they can take on a kaiju size of their own in the form colossal jellyfish-like monster. Voice Actor: Tim Curry.

  10. Kaiju under their control. (Note: For information about said Kaiju, see their Data File.)

  11. Kamoebas

  12. Gezora

  13. Ganimes

  14. Chaos

  15. Onibaba

  16. Knifehead

  17. Raiju

  18. EVA-03

  19. Dogora

  1. Nebulans

  2. Name of Race: Nebulans

  3. Home-world: Nebulus

  4. Habitat: Heavily Polluted cities

  5. Size: 8 feet tall & 200lbs

  6. Diet: Omnivore

  7. Sapient Level: Semi-Sapient

  8. Behavior: Invasive & Ravenous

  9. Units:

  10. Basic Units: The Nebulans are everything that an entomophobe is scared of with their general appearance being humanoid arthropods. However their appearances vary, with the most common being roaches, ants, centipedes, beetles, etc. Combat wise, they mainly rely on their large mandibles, pincers, stingers (if they apply) for melee combat and all can spit a bile that is both flammable and acidic.

  11. Binsento: The leader of the Nebulans, Binsento only cares about two things: his next meal and making sure his race is well-fed. As such, he will often join his army in combat and scout ahead for their next meal and alert his army of said meal with vibrations caused by his wings flapping at high speeds which are picked up by their antennae. Similar combat capabilities as the rest of his race but thanks to having wings, he is also capable of flight. Finally, he also bears some resemblance to Gigan, having a red visor, hook arms, and a mouth similar to his cybernetic war machine. Voice Actor: Vincent Donofrio.

  12. Space-craft:

  13. Flying Craft: Made to resemble dragonflies/bubble helicopters, these fighter jet sized ships can fly much like a normal dragonfly, being able to go in multiple directions and the electrical shockwaves they leave in their wake can short-circuit electrical equipment and cause glass to shatter and ears to bleed. Additionally, their firepower consists of high-powered lasers from the “eyes” of the craft and tail lasers for defense.

  14. Land Craft: Their land craft resemble Mantids and are about the size of an elephant. While frail, they are often used in en-mass and can decimate foes with scythe-like claws, or the machine guns located on the arms. They also have wings for limited flight.

  15. Kaiju under their control. (Note: For information about said kaiju, see their Data File)

  16. Wargilar

  17. Gigan

  18. Trilopod

  19. Magita

  1. Subterrans

  2. Name of Race: Subterrans

  3. Home-world: Earth

  4. Habitat: Underground Easter Island

  5. Size: 4 feet tall & 100lbs

  6. Diet: Omnivores

  7. Sapient Level: Sapient

  8. Behavior: Territorial

  9. Units:

  10. Basic Units: Being the only “alien” from Earth, you’d assume they’d look human. . . and you’d be right. . . mostly. You see, since they live underground, they’ve had to adapt over several thousand years. Their skin is very pale, and they have large eyes to see in the low-light conditions of their underground home. They are also short and heavyset, but with muscle as they live like dwarves, mining for materials. Their attire is also like a dwarf, being very medieval and armored. Combat wise, they use war variants of pickaxes, saws, and drills for melee combat. For ranged combat, they use mana crossbows, spears, and throwing knives.

  11. Sisar: The ruler of the Subterrans, he only allied himself with the IGS3 for fear of being targeted when Earth would be attacked; at times, he almost regrets his actions but he believes he’s doing this to ensure the survival of his race and was promised that he and his race would be spared in the 2nd Kaiju War. Physically, he’s very healthy for his race: well-built with a long brown beard and hair in a braid to the side. To showcase his devotion to Megalon, he dresses himself with several pieces: a helmet made to resemble Megalon, complete with the trident shaped horn that he uses for goring foes, gauntlets that can turn into drills, and a bandoleer of incendiary grenades on his chest over his cuirass. Voice Actor: Djimon Hounsou.

  12. Vehicles

  13. Flying Craft: To help them travel underground, they built large flying craft in the form of bats with a 40-foot wingspan. The large ears and sound cannon in the mouth are mainly for echolocation but can also be used for combat, jamming frequencies and also pure concussive force that can penetrate concrete.

  14. Ground Craft: Giant mechanical moles the size of tanks. Equipped with large claws for digging and combat, a drill for a nose, and superb sensory equipment, these units can really cause some demolition.

  15. Kaiju under their control. (Note: For information about said Kaiju, see their Data File.)

  16. Mogera

  17. Megalon

  18. Magular

  19. El Gusano Gigante

  20. Pagos

  21. Telesodon

  22. Zandora

  23. Nega-Gomora

  1. Simians

  2. Name of Race: Simians

  3. Home-world: Wakadia

  4. Habitat: Large Industrial Cities

  5. Size: 9 feet tall & 250lbs

  6. Diet: Omnivore

  7. Sapient: Sapient

  8. Behavior: Imperial & Militaristic

  9. Units:

  10. Basic unit: The second most human-like of the IGS3, the Simians are humanoid primates of mainly chimps, orangutans, gorillas, mandrills, and Golden Lion Tamarins. Most of them have some form of cybernetic implant surgically grafted onto their body, from something to be a metal implant to having a full life support suit to just keep them alive. Their attire is that of German WWII military clothing. Combat wise, they mainly rely on brute strength with their powerful arms and occasional sharp teeth for those without cybernetic implants; those with cybernetic implants use them, ranging from bladed weapons to arm cannons.

  11. Saludo: The ruler of their race, he is characterized with his dark black fur, green skin, and having a cybernetic red right eye and robotic claw-like right arm. He’s often seen holding a cigar in his left hand. Very proud of his race and will showcase that strength whenever possible but knows to hold back his anger and release it, especially when he argues with his fellow leaders of the IGS3.

  12. Space-Craft:

  13. Flying Craft: Their flying craft resemble the air drones from the Alien Planet documentary but size of a zeppelin and weaponized with laser cannons on their underside.

  14. Land Craft: They are made to resemble NASA Mars probes but weaponized via plasma cutting beams on each arm and size of tanks.

  15. Kaiju under their control (Note: for information about said Kaiju, see their Data File)

  16. Robo-Fly

  17. Lizard Slayers

  18. Mechani Kong

  19. Cyber Zilla

  20. Dinosaur Tank

  21. Mechagodzilla

  22. Mechagomora

  23. King Joe/King Joe Black

  24. Obsidian Fury

  25. Levytitan

  1. Martians

  2. Name of Race: Martians

  3. Home-world: Mars

  4. Habitat: Underground

  5. Size: 1.5 meters tall, 9 meter tentacle span, & 200lbs

  6. Diet: Hematophage

  7. Sapient Level: Semi-Sapient

  8. Behavior: Vampiric

  9. Units:

  10. Basic Units: They are practically the descriptions of the OG aliens from War of the Worlds: Vaguely octopus-like with 8 tentacles, two large black eyes, an octopus like beak under the eyes. Grayish-green skin. To move about on land, they crawl about with their tentacles. Combat wise, have long tentacles that are used for draining blood and telekinetic abilities.

  11. Vorticia: Queen Vorticia is distinguished from the rest of her kind by her third “eye” that is used for focusing her telekinetic powers. Voice Actress: Eleanor Audley.

  12. Space-Craft:

  13. Flying Craft: Classic circular-shaped UFO, complete with tractor beams and death ray. Size of a fighter ship.

  14. Walker: Classic tripod with 3 legs but with a twist: eye lights, force field, and drop-down laser cannons based on Droideka. Size: 10 meters tall.

  15. Kaiju under their “control” (Note: For information about said Kaiju, see their Data file.)

  16. Trixenus

Here is the full Info for the aliens of my RWBY/Multi-Kaiju story. Note: There are big spoilers on which faction has what monster under their control. I'd like to thank my surrogate uncle Will for creating the artwork that you see for the preview image.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or send me a note.

Salem & her cronies are the property of Roosterteeth, all these aliens belong to Toho Kingdom/Atari & their kaiju also belong to their respective owners.

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