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Godzilla’s rogue gallery has a wide variety of kaiju that are related to him in some extent. Some are simply Godzilla with giant shoulder crystals and a slew of powers, to ones that only superficially resemble him but are not him at all. Then there’s Godzuki. A type of Troodont from Alberta, he’s often called “Godzilla’s Nephew” though since Godzilla is a highly mutated, semi-aquatic Abelisaur, the only thing both have in common is that they are Theropods.

In 1978, an expedition was launched, headed by Monarch, to head for the badlands of the Alberta in Dinosaur Provincial Park after reports of an unknown bird-like animal were reported, with one report of the animal running across a street and nearly causing a traffic accident and another of some campers being spooked by the animal and exaggerating their tale. The expedition crew consisted of Capt. Carl Majors, paleobiologist Dr. Quinn Darius, African-Frenchman geologist Brock Pierre, and 13 year old boy-scout/ budding paleontologist Pete Darian who had stowed away on the research vessel, the Calico, albeit he would soon prove his worth.

The creature was found to be a type of Troodont that was far bigger than any Dromaeosaur described at the time and also had feathers covering nearly the entire body, minus the tip of his pseudo-beak, fingers, and toes, as well as extensive wing feathers on the arms.

At first, the Troodont was very cautious around the team though it didn’t overtly attack them. It was only when Pete Darian, nephew of Dr. Quinn Darius, interacted with the dinosaur that they were able to study and humanely analyze him.

Over time, the creature was nicknamed Godzuki and he displayed various traits that make him stand out. While he often feeds on fruit and small animals, his stomach is akin to a Tiger Shark where he has often regurgitated inedible objects, like cameras, soda cans, recorders, and magnets.

Another is his behavior as he often acts like an immature 10-year old mixed with the mischievous nature of the Kea as he often accidentally vandalizes equipment in the search of food. This has led to the Calico to often needing repairs. Om the other hand, Godzuki is shown to be highly territorial and protective of those he considers to be his flock. For example, a pair of poachers and a corrupt paleontologist, who was cast out from the scientific community for claiming the work of a fellow colleague as his own, attempted to apprehend the dinosaur for sport and inhumane efforts, Godzuki showcased that although he is “TAME”, he is still a wild animal and a miniature kaiju. The result was the poachers being disintegrated by Godzuki shooting a bolt of lightning from his pseudo-beak, the rogue paleontologist being made deaf thanks to a high-frequency sonic shriek, and then arrested.

Lastly, is his intelligence. Godzuki is one of the first, quite possibly the only kaiju, to undergo an IQ test. This test wasn’t something like answering a series of questions but more like that of a marble drop to acquire food. He had to pull levers, flip switches, push buttons, and tow a small cart to get various food items. The entire process took him less than a minute to complete each time.

He also displays some very human-like behavior. Although he has gone through trial and error into making tools out of stick, rocks, and bones. . . and subsequently given up on trying, he is able to manipulate objects with his body, from pseudo-beak to tail. Additionally, he is also capable of speech to some extent, mainly mimicking sounds and voices of others like a parrot.

Sadly, Capt. Carl Majors passed away in 2008 and Godzuki, sensing an unknown anomaly, urged to travel to Monster Island. When the crew arrived there, Godzuki immediately took to the abandoned base that was left there in 1968 and claimed the basement as his own. Since then, Godzuki has taken to his new home well, with various items in his room, ranging from a couch, a snack/drink machine that he can operate without needing money, a tire swing, and even a TV.

Following the advent of the Kaiju Warriors, Godzuki has become their mascot and scout, often traveling with them to new areas and helping them out when he can in combat against a new monster.

Following artwork is @Daizua123

  1. Godzuki, Feathered Friend

  2. Appearance: Take a Stenonychosaurus, give it the pseudo-beak of a Kea parrot, extensive green feathery coating with blue horizontal stripes that covers everything except the pseudo-beak, fingers, and toes, feathers on arms like that of a Microraptor’s, and blown up to be as big as Utahraptor.

  3. Origin: Badlands of Alberta, Canada

  4. Species: Semi-Sapient Troodont

  5. Quote: “Godzuki!” -Someone complaining whenever he engages into some antics.

  6. Roar: Troodon from 2011 Jurassic Park game mixed with parrot squawks and bird of prey screeches.

  7. Voice Actor: Vin Diesel

  8. Faction: Earth Defender

  9. Category: 2

  10. Height: 2 meters tall

  11. Length: 5 meters long

  12. Wingspan: 4 meters long

  13. Weight: 450lbs

  14. Flight Speed: Average

  15. Land Speed: Fast

  16. Melee Attacks: Pseudo-beak & Claws

  17. Damage Type: Electric, Sonic, Beam, Edged, & Impact

  18. Abilities: Superb eyesight, especially at night, Able to digest any organic and inorganic material, one moment can behave like an immature 10-year old/mischievous parrot; the next, he has your back and willing to protect you, very smart and able to problem solve and notice certain aspects of the behavior of others that most people don’t realize, like how two people clearly want to be together even though they keep beating around the bush, can manipulate objects with mainly his pseudo-beak, hands, & feet, able to speak English, albeit mainly able to repeat words he has heard, like a parrot.

  19. Superpowers: Sonic Screech- When very agitated, Godzuki can release a high-frequency sonic shriek at close range that can make a person deaf and seriously disorient them. Lightning Bolt- For more persistent attackers, Godzuki can shoot a white/blue bolt of electricity from his beak. At full power, this can easily disintegrate a person. However, repeated use seems to drain him of energy, and he will pass out after prolonged use.

20. Weaknesses: Lightweight frame means that while he is strong, a severe enough energy can cripple him & his small size means he is no more than a nuisance to the standard kaiju.

So here he is: Godzuki. Rather than have him be akin to Scrappy Doo (though you can blame Hanna-Barbara for the way the show was done), he's more like a mix between a police dog and bird of prey. 
I wanted him to be different from other versions that make him be a large kaiju with a gliding membrane. I took a lot of inspiration from Transapient's version of Godzuki.
The plot of his backstory is akin to DinoSapien, complete with the evil poachers and corrupt paleontologist. The death of the poachers is me showcasing my hatred for them. Out of all the villains in the world, the ones I hate the most are Poachers. If I had the power, I'd make them extinct. I apologize for venting. . . 
I gave him the voice of Vin Diesel since that's who imagine voicing him.

Godzuki belongs to Hanna-Barbara
© 2020 - 2021 54godamora
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