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Streamed Beast Duelled yesterday to celebrate the latest (and almost certainly last considering the amount of crap I had to do to get it to work) update. Quite a few fun facts (or facts anyway) in the chat. For example, since the comment isn't appearing, it now has 407 characters which breaks at least 2 Guinness World Records (not that they'll admit that).

Holy fuck I've done FIFTY ONE of these bloody things! Holy fuck!

51 Games On Ng by 53xy83457

Damian Versus is long dead and Beast Duelled isn't far behind. So please direct all requests, of people you'd like to see kill the shit out of eachother, to here.

Also didn't really mention that I released a new mobile game recently. One weekend I couldn't be arsed working on Beast Duelled so I made a whole new game instead because I'm a mad bastard like that.
Did you ever play these three multiplayer quickdraw games I made back in 2011/12 when developing a, now cancelled, multiplayer mini-game project?

Multiplayer Quickdraw GUN.5 by 53xy83457  Multiplayer Quickdraw Game 2 by 53xy83457  Character Customisation and Multiplayer QD Game by 53xy83457

A collection of multiplayer mini-games starting with a quickdraw one? Why does that sound familiar?
*cough* this-VVV *cough*

I always have been about six years ahead of the trend.
Beast Duelled now has 223 characters!!

It was meant to be 220. Then 222. But, you know, f u & ur "OCD".

Get it here-…
Demo here-

And with that, I'm finished for 2016 FOR REAL this time...
See you in a week or so when I decide to add another 20 characters.
I'm in the middle of updating Beast Duelled for the last time

...this year because I want to start working on something else for a while.

This update will mostly just fix performance issues but I've stuck a few characters in as usual. So if there's somebody you REALLY want to see in the game, now's the time to ask.

Beast Duelled-…
It's a bank holiday, I had a few hours free, this happened-->

Name what it's a homage to/ripoff of to win a free copy of Beast Duelled on Android-…

No idea? For more chances to win, see here-…
Right, enough of that. Back to everybody's favourite mobile game about collection characters...



Play it here-…

Get it here-…
Extended demo-…
Non-mobile version-…

Beast Pixels Pack Preview-…
Opposite Day Pack Preview-…

I'm also gonna stick this video here since my pictures keep fecking off!
Get it here-…
Extended demo-…
Non-mobile version-…

Spring Cleaning Pack Preview- [link]
Seven Sins Pack Preview- [link]

I'm also gonna stick this video here since my pictures keep fecking off!

With the Mashup March Pack and The Return of Zombie Jesus (AKA Easter) Pack, Beast Duelled now has 150 CHARACTERS!!

Get it here.

Alternatively, win a free copy. For details see the description of this video.

Everything from my first game to CH6.6 is now connected.

Find them all here. Be warned though, if you go back too far... you might not like what you find.


Better fatalities and 6 new characters care of CH6.6: Cyber Asylum.

More chances to win a free copy coming soon. Keep track in the description of this video.


I know it's Valentine's Day but get your priorities straight! Put her/him down for a while and unlock these new duellists.

There's also a few chances to win a free copy over on Facebook and Twitter. A full list of challenges can be found in the description of this video.


Do these costumes look familiar or is there just something wrong with your head?
A brain aneurysm perhaps?
January + aneurysm = a stretch for a feckin' update theme!


Also keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter over the next few days for chances to win a free copy. Or just buy it now while the price is still super low (too late but buy it now anyway- it only goes up from here).

53xy83457 Cyber Asylum Damian by 53xy83457