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Mega Pixkill Day Special by 53xy83457 Mega Pixkill Day Special by 53xy83457
Characters as they appeared in
Project Pixkill…
The Mega Newgrounds Kill-Loop…
Mega Bet (if I ever do anything with it)
I'm sure…

Marvel: Ant-Man (WIP), Captain America, Deadpool, Scorpion (Spider-Man), Thanos, The Thing (Fantastic 4)
DC: The Atom, Bane, Batman, Batzarro, Bizarro, Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen), The Flash, Giganta, Reverse Flash, Superman
Movies: Ant-Man, Bane (Batman & Robin), Bane (The Dark Knight Rises), Billy the Puppet (Saw, Jigsaw), Chucky (Child's Play), Deadpool (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Hannibal Lecter (The Silence of the Lambs), Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th), Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Michael Myers (Halloween), Pinhead (Hellraiser), Martian (Mars Attacks!), Sonny (I, Robot)
TV: Bane (Batman: The Animated Series), Princess Bean (Disenchantment), Bender (Futurama), Brock Lesnar (WWE), Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory), Donatello (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Homer Simpson (The Simpsons), Leela (Futurama), Leonardo (TMNT), Mark "The Beast" Labbett (The Chase), Michelangelo (TMNT), Mills Lane (Celebrity Deathmatch / Referee), Peter Griffin (Family Guy), Randy Marsh (South Park), Raphael (TMNT), Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory), Stan Smith (American Dad!)
Games: Asriel Dreemurr (Undertale), Baldi (Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning), Castle Crashers, Chameleon (Mortal Kombat), Connor (Detroit: Become Human), Creeper (Minecraft), Crying Child (Five Nights at Freddy's), Ermac (MK), Flowey (Undertale), Jason Voorhees (NES), John Marston (Red Dead Redemption), Leatherface (Atari 2600), Medusa Head (Castlevania), Minecraft Steve, Monika (Doki Doki Literature Club), Noob Saibot (MK), Purple Guy (FNaF), Rain (MK), Reptile (MK), Ryu (Street Fighter), Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive), Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell), Sans (Undertale), Gaster Blaster (Undertale), Scorpion (MK), Old Snake (Metal Gear Solid 4), Sonic the Hedgehog, Smoke (MK), Sub-Zero (MK), Tommy Vercetti (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City), Tremor (MK)
Ng: Blockhead, Cuboy, Cuboy's Boss, Dad (Dad's Home), Darnell (Darnell Plays With Fire), Grunt (Madness Combat), Minion (Bunnykill 1), Nene (Nene Interactive Suicide), Otis (Pico's Cousin), Pico (Pico's School), Salad Fingers, Snake (Metal Gear Awesome), Snowball (Bunnykill), Tankman, Tom Fulp
Other internet stuff: Black-eyed child (Urban Legend), Elon (CatGhost), Herobrine, Jeff the Killer (Creepypasta), MLG Yerg, Naarah (CatGhost), Paul* (Petscop), SCP-173, Shadow person (Urban Legend), Sonic.EXE, Slender Man (Creepypasta), Weebl and Bob, Yang (RWBY)
OCs: Me, Ashley, The Beast, Blinky, Charles, Chubster, Cycmund, The Cyber Knight, Damian, Damian (Quickdraw), Demon Armour, Evil Incarnate, Face, Giant Worm, The Indestructorb, M.3.D.U.5.4., Mega B.L.I.N.K.i, The Nitromare Demon, Robo-53xy83457, RoboJesus, Sicmund, Toast, Wanko, Zombie Jesus

Will be updated every week (that I can be arsed).
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